Top 10 Six Sigma Certification Online Courses

Six Sigma is a complete set of techniques and tools which helps to improve your process. Six Sigma is a methodology by an American engineer named Bill Smith when working at Motorola in 1986.

Implementing the Six Sigma strategy is one of the most effective strategies that help improve your manufacturing quality by identifying the loopholes and determining the defect Behind every other manufacturing. You can simultaneously reduce your variability in the manufacturing process and business. Six Sigma is by statistical analysis, and this strategy ultimately requires highly qualified six Sigma experts to analyse and solve the problem.

Every six sigma project has its own to follow with the specified target and is majorly eco-friendly and helps enhance customer satisfaction.

Where can we practice six Sigma?

Six Sigma measurably practices in the large organisation like minimum should have 500 employees to use the practice of Six Sigma because it contains a large number of techniques and tools which work well in large organisations.

Manufacturing industry

When six Sigma took place, people realised that people could save a lot of steer savings after applying the practice of six Sigma.

Construction and engineering line

Now the company takes into consideration the quality and the process for improving their strategies. However, still, there are few things which is a glorification on all the various factors to make their clients satisfied. A company also requires a proper analysis of controls or elements affecting concrete track slippage.

As for the races, that constructor sent time and construction waste by 26.2% to 67% after applying the strategy of Six Sigma.

The analysis by engineers and construction companies in the world invested 30$ million dollars in the Six Sigma program helps identify and prevent rework and defects.

Finance management

Six Sigma also plays a major role in the finance sector. It improves the accuracy of the cash collection. It reduces additional bank charges, and we can also make automatic payments. You can improve credit defence reporting and documentaries, reducing the check collection and reducing various cash issues in an organisation.

Supply chain

Supply is all about delivering the products to clients promptly along with high-quality standards.

Once you apply the practice of six Sigma, it will help improve your supply chain’s schematic diagram. It will help ensure your quality control on the product and ensure your clients get their effect on the delivered time.


Six Sigma helps in the doctorate line for many years because healthcare is all about medical billing and other things, so everything should go smoothly and error-free. So, Six Sigma helps reduce the inventory cost by alternating the process of delivering health care methods, which will help get proper reimbursement.

Now we have come to know about what is Six Sigma and how six Sigma works. Now let’s understand various top universities or online platforms that help you properly guide and learn Six Sigma.

There are different six sigma certifications online. The best 10 Six Sigma certification courses are-

1. Henry Harvin and Education

Henry Harvin and Education

Henry Harvin and Education provides you with the best training in Six Sigma Learning. It is the top course in terms of knowledge-driven methods. Henry Harvin training is always result-oriented, and you can see the best result if you ultimately learn and understand Six Sigma.

Henry Harvin is an ISO Certified organisation with highly qualified professionals and masters in their area of learning and teaching. It is one-stop for all your education in soft skill learning, training, assessments, content services and higher education, which is an audit from UK, UKAF, Cert and MSME.

Till Now, Henry Harvin and Education have trained more than 23,000+ learners with more than 1,100 batches; it also has tie-ups with more than 150 colleges. The course will provide you with complete guidance from trainers, lifetime access to the LMS login portal, practical and video recorded sessions.

For the learning of Six Sigma, We recommend Henry Harvin and Education.

There are two types of courses included in the Six Sigma Certification course:-

Green belt course of Six Sigma

Green Belt Six Sigma Course helps you to analyse the problem and find a solution out of it. It also helps in making your analytical thinking strong. It practices the learning of DMAIC technique which is Define, Measures, Analyse, Improve and Control.

You can improve your statistical analysis by using the Green Belt course. It also helps you in evolving with customer-centric skills.

It has 28 hours of training with various live projects and case studies.

Black belt Course of Six Sigma

Sigma Black Belt course gives you a complete briefing of and various aspects of six Sigma. You will become highly professional in Six Sigma.

Benefits of Six Sigma Black belt Course:-

  • 36 hours of live sessions and training
  • Provides you with projects in DMAIC, Lean and Six Sigma, hypothetical test and many other
  • Internship assistance and growth acceleration
  • Job Opportunities

Cities where Henry Harvin and Education provides Six Sigma Course

Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Patna, Kolkata, Chennai, Lucknow, Chandigarh

2) ASQ – Six Sigma Course

The American society for quality, ASQ is one of the best six Sigma certification providers, which helps you give a global reputation with proper exam preparation and training. Its primary focus is a subject mastery and certificate registry.

ASQ launch their course in 1946, which has members of over 130 countries apart from six Sigma. It also offers various certification and training management courses, but among them, the best is six Sigma certification because it helps you give global recognition.

They provide with:-

  • Training materials like a handbook
  • Study guide
  • Question bank
  • Preparation for certification
  • Classroom and virtual training

Training age of minimum to 2 to 6 weeks depending on how easily you grasp.

ASQ offers various belt courses naming yellow belt, green belt black belt, for the cost of the system where it depends upon the bells you choose for learning six Sigma.

Every course comes with its cost along with its requirements for the students.

You need to pass the exam for the complete certification of 6 sigma courses. ASQ also offers you future growth opportunities from their organisation itself.

3) Villanova University

Villanova University is an online platform that provides you with various courses where. Six sigma learning is one of their courses that helps keep your proper projects with advanced imagination and prepare you with real-life experience.

The courses are entirely online.

It includes the exam fee in the complete course fee. There are various bills, training and courses available you can choose based on your preference.

Villanova University launch in 1842. It is a private institution that offers business schools in the nation. It has many credibilities when it comes to six Sigma learning and Leans Six Sigma certificate.

They have overall 30 years of experience. Professor Marv Meissner is highly skilled fennel who helps in potential problem analysis, decision analysis problem-solving tools and process mapping.

Age classes come with various duration; for example, it takes 16 weeks for the Lean Sigma black belt, where the Lean six Sigma Master Black belt course takes 12 weeks.

They also include your exam fee in the courses.

The courses materials which include are:-

  • Live online weekly classes
  • Various online learning tools
  • Practical projects
  • Classroom project
  • Certification exam by Vilanova.

4) Grey Campus

Grey campus is a certified training provider by IASSC. Grey campus comes with its six Sigma course, which has a total length of practice exams. The course divides into various models; the maximum rate of passing is 96.3 % rate overall.

Grey campus six Sigma training was founded in 2014 in addition to a certification of six Sigma. It also helps you in the professional development units by providing various project management credits. You can also access multiple exams and receive your performance to see your progress and see where you lack six Sigma.

The certification and training six Sigma course of grey campus includes:-

Lean Six Sigma green belt – $270 – $880 along with the Bootcamp

Lean Six Sigma Black belt – $360 – #1210 along with the Bootcamp

Lean Six Sigma yellow belt training – $180 with optional exam

Combo of Lean Six Sigma of green and black belt – $590 – $1770

Six Sigma yellow belt- $180

Six Sigma green belt – $270

Six Sigma black belt – $360

You can learn about the course according to your pace, which takes approximately 110 hours. You can give your exams right just by sitting at your home. You must take exams within one year of the registration of the course.

Some of the courses are on the axis of 6 months, but you need to take that to complete the course work within the given time frame.

If you have any queries regarding the technical server or ratio, student support is available 24 by 7 to you.

5) Intelligence Quality

Intelligence quality is a business management consultant located in Chennai. They specialise in lean and Six Sigma strategies that help improve your problem-solving methods with the approach of Six Sigma.

It is a friendly organisation that helps you learn and make your actions into your words while walking into a competitive advantage.

The trending courses of Six Sigma that offer intelligence quality are the yellow belt, Black belt lean workshop managerial statistics and statistical process control.

Six Sigma belt is the level of s which helps to learn and execute your level of improvements. In a project, you can collect data and develop it into your map.

You can enhance their progress by analysing, qualifying and collecting the data. Once you know how to execute proper Six Sigma methodology, you can work with more confidence and make sure you gain your process.

Intelligence quality benefits you with:-

  • Significance of Six Sigma methodology
  • Improving your team players skills
  • Proper implementation of Six Sigma
  • The clarity in various concepts of identifying and prioritising projects
  • Introduction to different statistical tools and techniques
  • Excellence in project management

6) Path Maker.360

Parth maker again training company and business consultancy and improving your business improvements and process improvements.

The core duration of the program is ten days which includes four days of training and six days project work free course of 12000 INR.

Students who attend the course of Six Sigma will benefit from improving their productivity and has their sales be more in a waiter improve your training and development process knowledge and management knowledge inventory management and controlling the direction.

7) Manipal Pro learn

Manipal pro learns it is one of the best professional training course platforms. A Manipal pro knows it is the division of Manipal global education services (MaGE).

They have various programs for professionals in data science, digital marketing finance project market and technologies.

Where Six Sigma is one of their professional training, the course is for youth, which helps with the working professional and improves students’ skills and advances their careers.

Manipal pro learns it collaborates with various industries like a chartered institute of management accountants ( CIMA), Sandbox, Google and people to provide the quality course.

8) Six Sigma Us, Course in India

Six Sigma provides you with a virtual training program for six sigma learning. They have their various lean events, and they also come with the certification training course for six sigma learning.

Lean focuses on the Six Sigma green belt. One of the first training providers to offer every candidate two weeks of Six Sigma green belt Six Sigma Black belt certification.

The course is conducted online on the official website with the training of essential to advanced level.

The Six Sigma green belt program gives you a better understanding of statistical methods required to complete the Six Sigma roadmap where class timing is received prior, and it has two classes in a week. They will be providing you with various tasks, and you will have to improve their processes. It is all about green belt certification. Six Sigma offers an internationally recognised Six Sigma green belt certification along with its training.

The benefits of the Six Sigma course are:-

  • Master Black belt instructor
  • Real-world knowledge and life project
  • Valuable data file and sample templates
  • Certification projects

Students receive certification for completing the training, and another one is for life

Six Sigma has its trending course, Lean focus green Belt webinar, and Lean root causes analysis training.

9) Benchmark Six Sigma

Benchmark Six Sigma learning provides you with training on Six Sigma. They are the pioneers of the Six Sigma program.

Benchmark Six Sigma is also a global member of the ASQ family.

They help in utilising proper methodologies, which help to give your scope for improvements and to measure a formal business report.

Benchmark learning of Six Sigma learning started in the year 2001. The program offers both corporate and public training.

The program has a master of Six Sigma, which also does corporate coaches and consulting. They have significant experience in six Sigma learning as well as providing services. The course duration is 32 hours of classroom training; it contains two projects with 36 PDU for DMI credentials.

There are various online training programs for six Sigma:-

  • Business modelling
  • Master Black belt certification
  • Business analytics practitioner
  • Design thinking practitioner
  • Business value analyst
  • Lean practitioner and lean guide

10) ITech Gurus

ITech Guru is one of the professional training solution providers and which majorly focuses on project-based organisation. Six Sigma course of ITech Guru provides various knowledge regarding practical and theoretical.

It includes:-

DMIC approach and DFSS tools

Study material will four days of class and hands-on training with

Content alignment to ASQ, IASSC and application assistance

LSSGB certificate with exam

Learning of mini tab

The course fee is 11,999 for the classroom and online training, and the duration is four days.

Importance of Six Sigma certificate for your career

Six Sigma learning has a lot of importance in the growing sector of the digital world. The certified professionals for six Sigma are eligible for applying for various jobs depending upon their background. It also helps enhance your CV and give an add-on benefit as a globally recognised certification.

It will help to build your capabilities of statistical data decision making and problem-solving techniques. It will also help everyone explore more things about six Sigma to analyse and solve the management problems with various tools available on the internet. 

Career growth in Six Sigma learning

Six Sigma learning along with certification has a significant impact on your future. When you apply in various big industries, having a six sigma certification gives you a hike in your salary. It also helps to improve your overall business growth by understanding and to analyse its abilities to improve.

Certification always makes you professional and stand different apart from others, and you can even become a leader of your organisation.

Level of Certification by Six Sigma

Master black belt- once you master The black belt, you can train the coaches of black belts and green belts individually. Master Black belt people usually help in developing the matrix and strategies. Their role is to work as a consultant and technologist.

Black Belt – a professional in six Sigma which helps and majorly focuses on problem-solving projects and coaching the project teams

Green Belt – they work as a measuring assistant collecting data and analysing them. They can also lead green belts and the team.

Yellow belt – reviewing the process improvement

White Belt – majorly worked as a local problem solver.

Why choose a training organisation in the learning of Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is something that professionals should always get training. You will get many things available on the internet free of cost, but you won’t get the certification. It would help if you always were careful when it comes to your career path to select the right institute for your proper education, which enables you to give appropriate guidance, adequate training and adequate placement assistance.

The best Sigma certification will help you shape a career in process management and quality control. There are various courses available; look at the different institutes above. Depending upon your cost factor, you can decide on any of the methods which have certification.

Who are eligible for six sigma certification?

A candidate with a minimum of 3 years of full-time experience in the required field is eligible for the Six Sigma Certificate. It is not necessary to have a Six Sigma Green Belt certification, but naturally, you should have at least a background that includes one or two projects in it.

Principles of Six Sigma:-

Understand and identify how to get things done

Improving and managing the smooth flow of process

Majorly focuses on the customers

Containing the fats and reduce variations

Involvement of people in the process

The undertaking of improvement activity

Scope of Six Sigma

Nowadays, Six Sigma certification is applicable across various sectors for aerospace it healthcare telecom, HR banking, marketing, electronic services, and numerous others. Six Sigma is one of the most demanding areas because a company can stand firm with its recruitment over defined answers with its marketing with sales. Still, the primary focus is to analyse your organisation, and there Six Sigma takes place. You can also open up your consultant services or work as a trainer in various institutes available.


Six Sigma is one of the most demanding areas where people can go on and on from it. All you need to have proper certification in any belt because everybody has their professional and every belt gets an appropriate assistant into their careers and growth. The top 10 certificate of Six Sigma course is one of the best courses available on the internet, which also provides you with a model of practical training rather than a theoretical one. But all the institutes make sure to clear out your basics at the very start to make your base strong and help you cope with future applications easily.

For choosing the correct course for your Six Sigma certification, you can first look for the various methods available, look for the things the institute offers, then look for the pricing strategy and the course duration. If it matches your requirement and your expenses, then you are all good to go. But always make sure you choose the course that provides you with the certification because your diploma is one of the significant pieces of proof you have learned Six Sigma.

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