SHINE COIN: An authentic Indian crypto currency offering


Good news recently came for the Indian crypto currency investors hinting about its legality in India, when the finance minister introduced a 30% tax on profits arising out of crypto currency investment and recognised it as an asset class.

Most of the Indian population earlier didn’t participate in crypto investment even though the global market cap for crypto was good. The current market cap stands at an astounding 3 trillion USD. India’s crypto market is growing steadily and is valued at about $15 billion. Shine Projects is making its mark in the crypto market by issuing its own cryptocurrency known as SHINECOIN. Its initial coin offering (ICO) has started in their website. An interested person can participate in this ICO from the Shine Projects’ website by signing up and buying them. The purchased SHINECOINS will reflect in the digital wallet linked with the buyer’s account. SHINECOIN is a cryptocurrency based on Binance Smart Chain technology (BEP 2.0 standard), and each SHINECOIN is worth Rs 10 in the ICO phase. The trading shall begin in the cryptocurrency exchanges like WazirX, CoinswitchKuber, CoinDcx, etc, once the ICO gets over. The relationship manager from the company will contact the buyers on their registered contact number to guide them with the allotment process & by giving them a demo on how to trade in the crypto exchanges- which is a great value add. This guidance/tutoring isn’t a surprise as the ICO comes from an education company.The buyers will also be sent an SMS, an email, and a WhatsApp notification once the trading begins.

With the potential for massive returns from passionate investors, ICOs are perfect crowdfunding vehicles. There are various benefits of investing in crypto currencies during ICO like:

  • Anyone eligible can buy thetokens
  • They can be flipped for a good listing gain
  • Ease of purchase when compared to an IPO
  • No chances of lottery system/rejections
  • Long term utility and capital appreciation

Speaking of utility, SHINECOINS can be used by the buyers to purchase any course/workshop on Shine Projects’ website. This counters the downside risk associated with traditional cryptocurrencies because a holder can buy products for a fixed SHINECOIN price no matter what its market value is. Using this ICO, Shine Projects would further strengthen its education business for a worldwide reach and start its own Crypto Exchange and an NFT marketplace. The director of Shine Projects also wants to start Crypto and NFT hedge fund services in the near future. One may participate in this ICO by visiting

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