SEDIBUZ CONSULTING LLP: A Prestigious Company with a Relentless Zeal for Progress

The digital era has witnessed a remarkable surge of brands that have ushered in a horizon-shift through their innovative ideas and business services. Despite the troughs and crests of the market, this company, has consistently honed their services to encompass all elements of holistic customer experience.
In the past few years, this trend is conspicuously visible with the success of some stellar brands in the consulting space. The space for today’s story is of Sedibuz Consulting LLP, one of the pioneers in public sector consultancy.
Sedibuz has not only achieved significant growth over the years, but also galvanized transformation in public sector consulting. Its remarkable record has inspired many budding entrepreneurs to pursue their dream of a value-driven business.

The Evolution/Birth Of Sedibuz

The seed for the company can be traced back to some pivotal defining experiences that spurred Kiran Deolalkar to pursue his entrepreneurial passion. As the Founder & CEO of Sedibuz, he has 25+ years experience in providing strategic advice, IT and eGovernment solutions to State/Central govt. and PSUs.
With a strong network developed during his professional tenure, the “enterprenurial bug” got the better of him. Loaded with his professional experiences and an array of network, was born Sedibuz Consulting LLP, with a goal to spearhead technology based changes and applications into the public sector domain.
Kiran wanted to give back to the family and society, at large , what he achieved through the years- a sustainable organisation providing opportunities for deserving candidates, reducing the stress of unemployment in the society. He has been supportive and have backed a many Indian start-ups, who have unique and innovative services or products for the public sector at large.

Overcoming Initial Challenges

With a strong plan and international expansion programs, April 2019 was when Sedibuz was officially on board.
A successful 2019 ,anticipating a more stronger 2020, Sedibuz was roaring to go. Covid-19 in 2020,hit the business, but did not dampen the enthusiasm and spirit of Kiran and his team. Strategies and planning were adjusted to present business ideas to clients via online meetings and presentations.
Changed persceptive and adaptability brought in business and Sedibuz is looking to close its second financial year successfully. Kiran is grateful and attributes the company’s success to commitment and staunch belief of the Vision and Mission , with which Sedibuz was evolved, along with the backing of his team, family and friends .
Growth in the coming years is just going to be unprecedented as Sedibuz has marked major plans and areas for its expansion.

The Vision & Mission of The Company

Being a value-oriented brand, Sedibuz strives for some powerful ideals through its endeavours. This is remarkably evident in its vision and mission statement:

Vision: To be an internationally acclaimed consultancy organisation in the public sector

Mission: To be a catalyst for Public Sector Organizations in their Technology Transformation Journey

Motto : “Commit what you can deliver and Deliver what you have committed”.

It is due to this level of integrity & honesty that customers, partners, and OEMs unequivocally trust the company.
Sedibuz furthermore boasts of a versatile service portfolio that has contributed immensely towards its reputation.

Sedibuz’s Extensive Services

There has been a considerable increase in government investing in recent times, particularly in citizen-centric solutions, digital technologies, and innovative solutions. In the coming decade, this trend will only grow stronger as public sector investments will increase manifold.
Although challenging, Sedibuz aims to optimally harness the latent potential in this sector by partnering with the government.

It focuses on serving 3 key areas, viz;

  1. Technology companies who want to get into Public Sector Business. The company helps & guides them in the entire cycle of Demand Generation to Contract Closures.
  2. Public Sector/Government organisations/ Departments who need expert advice in preparing Detailed Project Report (DPR), RFP, Program/Project Management. Sedibuz supports them in the entire cycle in both IT & OT.
  3. Product Companies (International as well as Indian Start-ups) who want to penetrate into Public Sector. Here, the company helps them with creating Go-To Market Strategy.

With a broad range of competencies and know-how, Sedibuz provides end-to-end assistance to find the best fit for organisations exploring business opportunities in the Public Sector.
Apart from the above services, Sedibuz,through its group company, Sedibuz Global Technologies LLP, aims to focus on Systems Integrations of the public sector undertakings.

The Company’s Illustrious Clientele

An understanding of the public sector along with technology based applications, Sedibuz has been able to effectively penetrate the very challenging public sector undertakings .
Currently Sedibuz is the go-to company for any public sector company, requiring to change to technology based , user friendly application, keeping in mind the motive of the government to enhance the lifestyle of every citizen.
Sedibuz clientele extends beyond boundaries, walking each step,holding hands to ensure that it supports every individual/company to be part of a larger national growth, by showcasing the potienial and go-to-market strategies.

Vision For the Future

Going forward, Kiran will continue to maintain his company’s focus of attracting start-ups & international brands who don’t have presence in India. This year, his team has been especially focused on consolidating their existing relationships. They have also invested in manpower and will continue to do so for quite some time.
Some noteworthy financial milestones have also been set by the company for the coming years. By March 2022, the company group wants to reach a cumulative revenue of $1 Million. By March 2024, it envisions hitting a target of $3 Million.
Speaking of his holistic vision of the future, Kiran elucidates that while the use of tech dominates our current lifestyle, at the same time, it’s a double-edged sword. On one hand, Technological/Digital Inclusion is looked upon as a powerful tool, while on the other, it is feared as well. If there is unequal access to the latest technology, it may end up creating a new digital divide.
Kiran’s unfaltering efforts, thus, would be to always advocate the prudent use of technology both through his company and personal front. His thoughtful insights serve as a timely reminder for all entrepreneurs who envisage ethical success in the future.


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