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An Unbeatable Luminary Catering People with Illustrative Litigation and Legal Services

Sakshar Law Associates

The ongoing era of business enterprises and startups is blooming with vibrancy. Firms are always in search of promising litigation and legal services that can help them enhance their profitability and efficiency. Legal service firms extend a lucrative hand in facing a variety of legal issues and reduce liabilities at the same time. With that being highlighted, it also saves precious time for the owners without having to worry about legal obligations. Our Prime Insights team is back with another inspiring story of a classic and exemplary women entrepreneur Adv. Sakshi Shairwal – Founder of Sakshar Law Associates. An advocate by profession, Sakshi is strongly vocal about women’s empowerment. Let’s know more about her entrepreneurial journey so far and learn major facts about professionalism from her!

Prime Insights: Can you please tell us what kind of law services Sakshar Law Associates is providing so that our readers get to know about it?

Adv. Sakshi Shairwal: While creating Sakshar Law Associates it was an idea to create a comprehensive legal space that could provide streamlined legal help to anyone coming to our door. That compelled us to provide avant-garde legal help in both litigation and corporate legal affairs. Saying that, our USP lies in Startup Law, litigation and Intellectual property to name a few. Our team comprises Advocates that have calibrated their work for over a span of 40 years in making and representing matters regularly before the Supreme Court, High Courts, and different legal forums. Our team aims to deliver the best possible solutions for our clients, supported by knowledge, tremendous experience, and excellence. Our expertise across diverse practice areas and sectors covers diverse and nuanced needs. We believe in delivering the result to the best of our client’s satisfaction as our motto is “Protecting your origin story”.

Prime Insights: Can you tell us about the initiation story of Sakshar Law Associates?

Adv. Sakshi Shairwal: Sakshar Law Associates is a full-service law firm based in New Delhi, India. We are passionate about empowering our clients with the best possible legal services. The team at Sakshar shares a common belief that “No two clients are the same”. Integrity, discretion, and sensitivity underpin everything and are our quintessential qualities. At Sakshar’s, we thoroughly listen to understand how and where we can be most effective, without compromising our integrity. We like to learn from all and welcome opportunities to get educated. This in return acts as bedrock through which we can get knowledge of our client’s business and the market they operate in. We understand that everyone has a story that is backed by a rich tapestry of deep history and purpose. Our goal is to help you express a unique message without worrying about legal pitfalls.

Prime Insights: Please tell us which area of law interests you the most.

Adv. Sakshi Shairwal: My legal academic journey has been unique and interesting to me. I pursued my Master’s (LLM) from the prestigious University of Manchester in Intellectual Property Rights. It was such a magnificent learning experience and I got to understand the nuances of the subject in such an intricate manner. After graduation, I came back to India and began my litigation journey. I was fortunate enough to start my career under a female lawyer who actively represented Delhi Government and other government organs before Delhi High Court and other courts in Delhi. I was also entrusted with handling Service litigation matters which was parallel to what I had studied in my Master’s. I started to gather interest in Service Law and studied extensively about it. When I started my litigation practice, I started getting cases on various subjects. I started actively helping startups who were looking for Legal Assistance. At present, because of my vast and distinct clientele, I like to keep abreast of all the latest legal happenings.

Prime Insights: What is your vision for the coming years?

Adv. Sakshi Shairwal: Quite an interesting question! When I started Sakshar Law way back in January 2020 (before the advent of the pandemic) my hope and aspiration were to make Legal services understandable and fluidly navigated. The pandemic was an incredible challenge that threw our traditional vision into flux. With the world at peril, it was a time to rethink and re-picture our firm’s vision and align with the demands of present times. Our firm’s motto ‘Protecting your origin story’ was birthed from such conceptualization. Our vision is to create a confluence of Legal services and support that if a client approaches us, we never look at it as a legal hurdle; we see it as a challenge and opportunity.

Prime Insights: Witnessing your story of success which you have achieved at such a young age, we would like to know that, according to you, what are the things that make a person successful?

Adv. Sakshi Shairwal: I think behind any successful business or venture, hard work and patience turn out to be the major factor in contributing to success. Since, success is a relative term and it comes and goes, it is extremely important to keep grinding and give your best at all times. Even if there is a situation that is giving unfavorable outcomes, it still gives a teachable moment for you where the second virtue of patience walks in. As a young lawyer, my story is yet to reach its final chapter but hard work and patience are the two guideposts which, according to me, help you stand apart and will reward you in the long run.

Prime Insights: Please share with us the things you learned during the days of struggle so that everyone can prepare themselves for the challenges that are to come.

Adv. Sakshi Shairwal: For me, no two days are the same. Some days you win and some days are to educate you. When the day is latter then it is a day of self-learning and introspection. Ponder on what you can do to better yourself in the future, rather than sitting and dwelling on the negatives of the situation. I try to keep a sense of calm for myself as well as for my team which inadvertently results in a better outcome for us collectively. My advice would be to re-collect and re-access the situation and the solution will present itself before. The struggle is a part of growth, as uncomfortable it may be – it hones, polishes, and prepares you for a brighter future to which you are entitled.

Prime Insights: How challenging is it to remain relevant in this competitive world? How do you keep yourself motivated during tough times?

Adv. Sakshi Shairwal: Like all industries, the pandemic created a crater of oblivion that none of us anticipated. During that time, remaining relevant and motivated was a mountain to scale. With the advancement of technology and Digital space, it proved to be a blessing in disguise for us. Our aim first and foremost is to educate the general mass about common legal issues. Since in India we are in a unique position concerning advertising and soliciting our services, we here at Sakshar Law Associates came up with something called “Sakshar Speaks”. Sakshar Speaks is a comprehensive bundle of informative articles which can be accessed free of cost and provides information from simple legal matters to the more complex legal guidelines which may be required by corporates or young startups or anyone who is looking for one-stop legal solutions at a single click.

Prime Insights: You are running a female employee business that describes women empowerment, what would you like to say about diversity leadership for women?

Adv. Sakshi Shairwal: Diversity in leadership for women is something I am passionate about. In our legal sector, for instance, things are slowly but surely changing for the better. However, there are miles to go before we rest in this regard. At Sakshar, we champion and celebrate this cause and encourage women’s legal talents. It is our endeavor for the future that we continue on the aforesaid path.

Prime Insights: How do you involve yourself in the wider legal community?

Adv. Sakshi Shairwal: At Sakshar Law, we believe in not only providing and giving legal solutions but also giving them back to society at large. Since the inception of Sakshar Law, I can proudly speak that we are part of the world’s largest Pro Bono platform which helps NGOs in providing Legal Services at minimum cost for free nature. From our end, by creating Sakshar Speaks we provide relevant knowledge and guidance to the public at large. Stating that, the reception we have received for our efforts has always been lauded and humbling. This pushes us more to give the best we can.


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