Is Safety in Public Spaces Impacting Women’s Workforce Participation?

Women’s Workforce Participation?

Is Safety in Public Spaces Impacting Women’s Workforce Participation?

  • The safety and job access establishes a direct connection that requires all female participants to revive their thinking after consideration covering the space. This what women do after making several adjustments against their hopes and desire. 
  • Every woman might have gone through such feelings while standing among the people in crowd. The place can be any-public metro, market and bus as well, a feeling of walking alone, outside home, always threatens them, especially at the time of late working hours. 
  • The tendency for a woman to adjust into a smaller space just to avoid getting highlighted for any reason, from masculinity to prejudice, women’s personal space is always threatened due to fear of wrong exposure. Not doing what is needed to be done seems better than doing what we need to do, just to avoid any more threatening circumstances. 

Outrageous Downfall of Women Workforce at Public Places

  • While having a deliberation on India’s plummeting figures of female workforce and connexion, shortfall of safety at public places is frequently emphasized topic that interests the women while approaching women accessing jobs. 
  • There always exists a threat of gender-based brutality that can be seen in any form, from shameless comments to physical mugging at public places is becoming common. Women move across such terrorizations on an everyday basis. 
  • Most women try to combat with such fear after facing physical and emotional contusions at their home. Still, many women are controlled by their families and lack the power to choose where and how to go at a place. They even fight for taking small decisions on an everyday basis. Majorly, women are forcefully imposed on other’s decisions and taken out control over their life dominantly. 
  • Safety at public spaces has become a major worry for a woman nowadays, especially for working ones. Two main concerns are needed to be focused upon-first, if public places are unsafe, a home is still a safe place today. Last, but not the least, issues that get ignored among safety discussions for women are women’s endeavors and women’s sovereignty. 

Are Private Spaces Safer than Public Spaces in Reality?

  • COVID-19 crisis spreading worldwide is also spreading concern for domestic violence. WHO told about its estimations that around ‘one in third’ women all over the world have passed through either physical or sexual violence in their lifetime?
  •  The world is currently facing lockdowns and restrictions on people’s travel. Few social activists are working on domestic violence have declared that home is no safer than the outside world. It has been seen that violence outside the home is just magnification of domestic violence. 
  • Studies reveal that typical absurdity regarding emerging trends of women being independent and working, even just for safety concerns for outside criminal activity, still inside a home they are facing issues for upholding their individualities and their participation are proved irrelevant. 
  • Places outside home attract women for adoring manifestation of sovereignty and authority allowing them to live influentially and relish their rights. Thus, home is avowed as an unsafe place, still, society compels women to stay at home for the sake of safety. 
  • Public space is always full of opportunities, at the same time, access to the opportunities is the dominant factor that hinders their free flow of work at the public spaces. Women customarily go on adjusting with the risks, surviving at the threats just for having access to their work. Many surrender their opportunities just for safety concerns in public spaces. 
  • Due to a lack of efficient public transport system, everyday women need to tolerate the crowded buses, travel in shared auto-rickshaws that seems disgraceful. The government will have to take more dynamic actions like embedding CCTV cameras at public places and separate compartments for women in public transport for uplifting the women’s courage to join the workforce powerfully equivalent to men. 

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