With technology venturing deeper into the finance sector everybody today wishes to enjoy hassle-free and trustworthy financial services. The amalgamation of finance and technology is unlocking new horizons of growth for the country. Rupee Catalyst intends to make the challenges and risks associated with financial transactions decimate straightway. The company under the leadership of Mr. Rahul Kapoor- Founder and Managing Director of Rupee Catalyst is marching towards the vision of technology-driven financial solutions and wealth management. Rupee Catalyst has the vision to optimize the distribution processes in the financial space via leveraging technology such as AI and Machine Learning. Our editorial team was extremely delighted to have the dignitary on board with us to share some lesser-known facts about his company’s adept team, subtle work culture, and a lot more.

On the Boat of Challenges

Mr. Rahul asserts that the main motive behind the inception of Rupee Catalyst was to provide smooth, hassle-free transaction experiences. As it is said that entrepreneurship is not a cakewalk, Mr. Rahul says that one has to accept all the failures and learn from them to keep the hustle alive. The company had its roller-coaster ride with GST, and RERA, surviving amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and NBFC Liquidity Crisis.

Distinctive Offerings

  • Financial Products and Accusations
  • Loans
  • Investment Sales and Accusations
  • Designing a Product Program that comprises secured and unsecured loans
  • Designing of Risk Policy
  • Underwriting Support
  • Insurance
  • Private Equity
  • Fixed deposits
  • Mutual Funds

Synergy with Brewing Market Trends

When customers trust a brand and its services, they come back for the same value and that is what defines trust. A customer would only collaborate with a company unless the services promise growth and value addition to their lives. Rupee Catalyst has been doing the same over these years and boasts an 80% repeat customer rate for solving diverse financial needs. The qualified team members make sure to approach the customers over and over again to address their issues and demands at the earliest.

Made to Lead the curve of Customer Trust

Rupee Catalyst has recently come up with a special application that promises to revolutionize the Indian financial landscape. This application is a one-stop destination for investments, mutual funds, factsheets, SIP, news, and recommended funds amongst others. It comes with an e-locker facility to safeguard personal documents and insurance policy copies. Most companies are focusing on selling a single hero product of theirs and that is disintegrating the opportunity to sell more products to the customers. To counter this, Rupee Catalyst has partnered with 300+ wealth partners across India who meticulously trust their platform for loans, mutual funds, insurance, and other value-added financial services. Such dense interactions have coalesced work ethics like integrity, transparency, and equality into the entire ecosystem.

The mark that they have created in the industry as well as in the heart of consumers is all because of their experience and acumen. The entire team personally understands the challenges faced by the consumers. Mr. Rahul knew that his business venture can bring the wave of revolution through a digital approach where everything could be done with a touch of the finger judiciously. Such ideology has helped Rupee Catalyst to make their customer’s life easier and expedite investments/loans in general. Mr. Rahul further speaks about a quote by Ken Blanchard “Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you want a blooming business, you have to create raving fans.” The same is incorporated in the work culture of Rupee Catalyst which makes it stand par excellence.

Mantra for Practical and Strategic Marketing

In the marketing segment, the company has implemented initiatives in all aspects, from having their apps available on both Android and iOS, to having wealth partners in touch. They have adopted a combination of traditional and digital ways of marketing.

Future Outlook of Rupee Catalyst

The company’s near plan is to scale its business across various regions and locations in the country. For this, they will also be increasing the team size. The team has plans for increasing the profitability of the business for the stakeholders. Many advanced and lucrative financial products are in the process of making which will diversify their footprints in the local market. Mr. Rahul says that they are looking forward to a franchise model to expand their reach. Additionally, the company will now be anchoring its services in mutual funds and insurance for its clients. Offering services in all products will help them to level up their business and create value in all directions. Mr. Rahul explains that if the company can achieve all the milestones mentioned above then perhaps they could multiply the numbers five times in the coming year and emerge as a strong player in the market.

A Note from the Leader

Mr. Rahul Kapoor addresses that – “The world scenario has changed drastically after the COVID-19 pandemic. Clouds of recession are showing up and navigating through them is a challenge in itself. Businesses also have to survive the wave of today’s uncertainties regarding market trends. Most of the startups which are spending money like water on these trends are now laying off their employees to do cost-cutting. Although what’s coming up tomorrow is unknown to us, our company has made tough decisions to gear up for the future. Following a lean cost structure, a cohesive team, and productive work culture will remain our USPs. With these values, our company will survive through all thick and thins. Moreover, for the new-edge entrepreneurs, having control over the eternal factors affecting the business is not an easy nut to crack. One has to keep up with perseverance and dedication to catch all the better chances to succeed.”

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