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REGO Techno Solutions

The modern era has witnessed a plethora of unprecedented developments in the business sphere. A series of powerful market shifts, along with transitory changes in consumer behavior have sparked a whole new paradigm of operation for companies.
Given the dynamic nature of the market, there’s an unequivocally strong need for inventive and avant-garde concepts across all product & service categories. This demand is all the more conspicuous in the IT space, which is prone to rapid and incessant developments in today’s digital era.
Rego Techno Solutions, a vision of Sagar Pawashe, is a company that is striving to fulfill this need of the market through its breakthrough web solutions. As a strong evangelist of prototyping, it works alongside clients to conceive next-gen concepts based on a specific technology stack.
Since its establishment in 2016, Rego has achieved umpteen technological as well as business milestones in a relatively short time frame. In this article, we’ll be covering the key defining factors that’ve shaped its success thus far.

The Versatile Offerings of Rego

In its 5 years of existence, Rego has proliferated from a team of 5 to over 120 members. In the process, it has also expanded its service portfolio to encompass all holistic IT needs of clients. Its key areas of emphasis include:

  • Web Application Development: Comprises effective web design and development facilitations that cover business-specific requirements.
  • Mobile Application Development: Entails extensive developmental services that cater to all unique app demands of clients, as well as emphasize features like cross-platform presence.
  • CRM Software Development: Features effective software Development principles and strategies so as to optimize Customer Relationship Management.
  • Business Process Consulting: Entails a holistic approach and the configuration of process systems to achieve targeted business objectives.
  • Digital Marketing: Covers a multitude of different platforms and approaches, including marketing on channels like search engines, websites, social media marketing, email and mobile apps.

As with all its services, Rego effectively fulfills clients’ requirements by offering an integrated flexible solution into their existing ecosystem. Thanks to its dedicated approach, the company has immensely grown from 5 clients in 2016 to over 1000+ clients today.

REGO Techno Solutions
Mr. Sagar V Pawashe | CTO & Director | REGO Techno Solutions

A Multifaceted & Synergistic Emphasis

Rego’s vast clientele is primarily characterized by businesses who wish to establish a strong brand identity in the market. To cater to their demands, it emphasizes a multifaceted approach that encompasses a variety of strategies and developmental styles.
The company’s team majorly focuses on improving the process performance of clients. For this, it meticulously designs process optimization strategies as per their unique business goals. On the marketing front, the company holistically bolsters the digital presence of clients through strategic campaigns and design layouts. It furthermore helps them develop apps for smartphones across functions like GPS, social media, news, weather forecast, online shopping, etc.
The company’s services are furthermore characterized by a host of salient features that’ve helped it stand out among competitors.

The Salient Features of Rego’s Services

There are certain unequivocal aspects that Rego ensures throughout its services. These are:

  • Need-Specific Resources: The company assures highest quality results within a specified time frame owing to the optimal harnessing of resources.
  • Timely Delivery: It prioritizes timely execution of its services to the utmost in all its client undertakings.
  • Holistic Online Support: It provides holistic & proactive support to all doubts/queries from its website through efficient digital assistants.
  • SEO-Optimized Approach: All important phrases and keywords relevant to client services are effectively highlighted to promote top search results.
  • Optimized Code: Well-organized and strategized piece of programmed content is devised to ensure perfect positioning. The stacking time window is also effectively quite low.
  • Interactive Layout: The company’s responsive layouts foster strong online representation across a variety of devices, whether on a website or an app.

Ingenuity aside, Rego’s services also place a paramount focus on creating ‘win-win’ situations for clients. This can be largely attributed to the deliberation & meticulosity of its Founder, Mr. Sagar.

The Pivotal Contributions of the Founder

Boasting of a rich industrial experience of over 8 years, the Founder and CTO of Rego Techno Solutions, Sagar Pawashe, is impeccably adept at various facets on the technological front. It is this strong background that has helped him effectively manoeuvre the company through various stages of evolution.
Sagar’s technical expertise was initially substantiated by his career stint as a developer in a start-up firm. With time, he acquired greater mastery of the field through a plethora of learning experiences. During the course of his career, he was also able to foster strong client relations in the industry as well as garner strong knowledge of the market. This cumulatively spurred him to start his own venture with Rego.
The major defining factor that has shaped Sagar’s success thus far is his affinity for innovation & strategic execution. He has constantly displayed a zeal to ideate novel concepts on both technological and business fronts. In addition to this, Sagar makes it a special point to personally inspect every project and scrutinize its details. He also goes the extra mile in training new IT professionals.
Complementing Sagar’s efforts, there are few other key players who have been largely instrumental in shaping Rego’s current success.

REGO Techno Solutions
Kiran Deshpande | Technical Head REGO Techno Solutions

Other Key Members at Rego

A major contributor on the company’s tech front is Mr. Kiran Deshpande. An astute professional, Kiran handles the project delivery and planning aspects at Rego. His immense understanding of Project Development and modern technologies can largely be attributed to his rich professional & educational background. Holding a Master’s in Computer Science, he constantly works on new projects and technologies to spur organizational growth and optimize services per current tech demands.
On the Sales & Planning front, Mrs. Swapna Pawashe strategically manoeuvres Rego’s operations. She is a young entrepreneur with an intuitive understanding of market patterns and entailing opportunities. Holding a Master’s degree in Marketing, Swapna strives to bolster Rego’s Business Development by focusing on new projects with technical potential.
In the formative stages of the company, these team members had to overcome umpteen challenges that’ve helped shape their entrepreneurial mettle.

Overcoming Initial Market Challenges

Sagar and his team underwent an arduous trial of resilience whilst laying the foundational blocks of Rego. For starters, it took them months to tactfully plan their business idea. During the course of this they really needed a project to work and build their portfolio upon.
Over 3 months and 50 meetings afterwards, the company was finally able to land their first project. Sagar and his team are immensely thankful to the client for trusting them to deliver results therein.
In terms of recruitment as well, the team faced daunting problems concerning work overload. The founding team of five employees had to work 18 hours a day to deliver the project on time.

Creating a Global Impact

The persistent efforts and bravado of Sagar and team have gone a long way in creating a palpable market stronghold for Rego. In just one year since its existence, Rego managed to develop two domestic and one global office. It furthermore established itself as an unequivocal leader in tech-led innovative and integrated solutions & services.
Going forward, Rego aims to continue offering all-round value services at the lowest possible cost. It also strives to foster long-term connections with clients, instead of merely emphasizing momentary sales & figures. A strong emphasis of the brand would also be on scalability, which serves as an integral part of its identity.
In terms of its global impact, Rego has already expanded its client base across regions in India, as well as key territories like New York, California, Florida, and Canada. It has fostered ties with more than 20 distinct businesses in the aforesaid markets.
The coming years hold immense optimism & promise for the company’s plans, with Sagar aiming to open 5 new offices globally. His ultimate vision is to usher a palpable paradigm-shift in his industry through novel & scalable solutions.

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