Impacting Businesses with the Revolutionary Concept of Comprehensive Human Experience

Red Baton

Being a corporate leader in today’s world is full of new chapters, challenging circumstances, trailblazing leadership, moments of breakdown, and a lot more! Keeping that as our motivation for the day, the Prime Insights team has brought yet another inspiring story of a young, thriving, and exemplary entrepreneur Mr. Ronak Daga: Founder, CEO, and Managing Director of Red Baton. He wishes to take his company to meritorious heights of success. His brand Red Baton is emerging as a magnificent market leader in the domain of “Holistic Human Experience”. The team of Red Baton works relentlessly in designing brands and curating user experiences that exhibit continuous growth. There is more to unveil about the creativity and innovation of Red Baton which we are about to do so. Let’s see what all Mr. Ronak Daga has to share about his entrepreneurial journey and success story.

The Motivation Behind Company’s Inception

Mr. Ronak Daga: During my college days, I started working on my college festival posters, videos, and websites that got me interested in the field of design. I started my first company in college, where my friend and I came up with the idea of designing notebooks for other brands and introducing Ads in them to generate more revenue for the manufacturers and improve the quality of the product. We sold over 2 million notebooks and got featured in multiple places. After relocating to Bangalore, I tried a couple of things only to realize that User Experience is where my heart lies. I wanted to build something great in the field of User Experience, and eventually, that transformed into a holistic Human Experience Company. That’s where we’re at!

Facing Challenges with Robust Audacity

Mr. Ronak Daga: With zero money in hand, starting a company and quitting a full-time, high-paying job was difficult. I kept saving money I made from my night job and freelance work to ensure that I utilize it for Red Baton’s future. Also, I was 23 when I started, and it was difficult to make decisions without any guidance. Getting our first retainer customers who would work with us month-on-month was another challenge. One-time projects were not enough for us, and there were times when I did not have money for food or to pay our house rent.

Defining Market Trust and Establishing the Mark

Mr. Ronak Daga: There are a few parameters we consider as a sign of trust. Delivering high-quality work and value every time, delivering on time, and ensuring we understand our customers’ business goals and build value for them. We are unique as we provide a complete Human Experience and consult around product road-mapping, design, research, and engineering execution, keeping in mind that we have the business goals and ROI aligned with the work we deliver.”
As the space gets crowded, clients have doubts about various service companies based on their prior experience. In our domain, consumers start trusting the brand post working with them on projects. When starting, they do look at the kind of projects delivered; brands worked with, awards won, etc.

Serving Customers with Authenticity and Perseverance

Mr. Ronak Daga: We focus on high standards and quality of work, with on-time delivery. We work as product consultants rather than a service company. Our consultative approach to delivery and our work is what wins over customers. There are a few parameters that we use to segregate our potential clients.
Product ideas that they are trying to build, we like solving interesting problems.

  • Award-winning solutions and a partnership rather than being a vendor.
  • If it can add value to our portfolio and the customer.
  • If the product or the business will survive in the longer run.

We generally try to take a testimonial from our customers and an NPS score (Net Promoter score) to measure the scale of customer trust. Also, we look at if the customer is giving us a referral or not. If the customer is giving us a new brand to work with, it is a huge demarcation of trust. When customers come to us, they look at the reliability and work quality that connects with people across the globe. Whether they come to us with an idea or want us to overhaul the product, they trust us like consultants rather than an IT company.

Introducing New Paradigms in the UX Industry

Mr. Ronak Daga: We have always tried to work a little more horizontally to complete our offerings, enabling us to offer our vision of a “Holistic Human Experience”. To deliver a comprehensive holistic experience, we have invested a lot more in our research division. We have also increased our brand team, which essentially increases our scale on the brand positioning, identity, and marketing front. Most importantly, we have scaled our engineering team; now we can start from market research to Brand Identity and product design to engineering and from launch to the growth of the product. We’re also trying to bring in a few levers to ensure that this holistic circle is being met and customers derive maximum value from our services.
This year, we are going international. We are opening a center in the US and many centers across India. We are also trying to integrate many niche skills like creative developers, NLP, data scientists, and more. We are investing heavily in our research department and building internal IPs, which will enable us to become a market leader.

Dedication Speaking for Success

Mr. Ronak Daga: During the initial phases of our journey we didn’t perform any marketing or sales. Our business leads came from customer referrals and word of mouth. The trust our customers had in our services motivated us to deliver services par excellence. Well, that was the only way of stamping our name in the UX industry. The clientele comes to us with a demand for reliable and gilt-edge services that can connect with people across the globe. Whether they have the idea in their minds or want us to take command, clients trust us like consultants rather than an IT company

Professional and Personal Milestones for Future

Mr. Ronak Daga: From a personal point of view, I aspire to be a better leader. I want to lead teams better, and I want to align people better. I always ensure that people around me grow along with me. I have also started investing in interesting business ideas. From a business perspective, I want Red Baton to become one of the market leaders in the space of Human experience. I think we’re reaching the scale where we start competing with our leaders and inspiration that we used to look up to.

Enlightening the Readers with Motivation

Mr. Ronak Daga: As an entrepreneur, there are three things that I would like to convey to all the young entrepreneurs and readers reading this,

  • Start younger, fail faster. So that you still have time to try something else.
  • Learn to let go. Acknowledge the fact that something is not working out for you.
  • Consistency! Keep trying and be consistent in what you do.


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