Metro Investor’s Buddy: Mr. Mrigank Kumar’s Vision to Reform India’s Real Estate Dealings

Metro Investor’s Buddy
Buying or selling property in such trying times can prove to be exceptionally difficult for the common man. With soaring prices, innumerable legal formalities, and various other property-related confusions, it’s easy for one to feel overwhelmed.
Metro Investor’s Buddy ( is one of India’s leading professionally managed start-ups that offers transparent real-estate solutions. A brainchild of Mr. Mrigank Kumar, the company offers a wide range of solutions like RERA compliances, Vastu Analysis, Legal Checks, Construction Quality & Livability, Background Checks, etc.
Metro Investor’s Buddy mainly focuses on selling residential and commercial properties to B2C clients, with a quarterly target of 20+ bookings.

Mr. Mrigank Kumar’s Ingenious Modus Operandi

Mr. Mrigank believes in offering transparent and reliable real estate services to his customers. He ensures this by adopting a holistic approach towards operations that covers 6 parameters, namely:
Property Identification: The highly qualified team at MIB conducts frequent advanced research on all the existing and prospective projects in the Noida NCR region. After a thorough background check, the team assesses these projects on three factors- Quality of Construction, Level of legal clarity, and Future sustainability of the project. This helps the team assist its clients better with the available options that match their requirements.
Assisted Site Visits: Each client is assigned an account manager that schedules their site visits and helps them pick the best suitable option.
Negotiating the best possible prices: Through bulk booking, the company compares project prices within the client’s budget range and ensures that they choose the one with the best market price and additional perks.
Quality Inspection: Before consigning a flat, the team of engineers at MIB conducts a rigorous quality check throughout the unit to ensure that there is no discrepancy whatsoever. The keys to the flat are handed over to the client only after consulting the engineers.
Post Booking services: MIB also provides doorstep services for post-booking activities such as documentation, home loans, and other legal formalities to ensure maximum customer convenience.
BBA Inspection: BBA, in any legal transaction, holds great importance. To ensure that there are no hidden clauses in the BBA, the legal experts at MIB scan through the BBA to save its clients from hidden/ ambiguous clauses that might cause legal issues in the future.
By incorporating the latest technologies with social media strategies, Mr. Kumar aims at modernizing the experience of buying and selling real estate. He strongly believes in building a relationship of trust, integrity, and transparency with its clients, and isn’t as focused on monetary targets.
Furthermore, MIB envisions itself to be more of a lifestyle company that focuses on integrating global communities than a mere real estate brokerage.

What Makes MIB Stand Out from its Competitors

According to Mr. Kumar, MIB is very different from its competitors in that it has a purely customer-centric approach and an almost obsessive-compulsive focus on acquiring a relationship of trust with customers. The brand is more concerned about their satisfaction than earning profits. Its primary focus is on fostering values such as integrity, humility, accountability, innovation, and service.
To attract the right kind of clients, the company uses the latest digital marketing tools. It also features a “transparency policy” that allows the customers to be open about their opinions about projects, quality of services, etc. This helps the company rectify any loopholes and select the right projects in a more precise manner.

MIB’s Latest Projects, Noteworthy Achievements , and Future Plans

MIB’s website provides a complete list of all the best commercial and residential properties available according to their location and requirements. All the information available on the website is arranged in a simplified, easy-to-access manner to avoid any form of confusion. Some of the company’s latest projects include- The Rise Palm Street located in Sector-1 in Greater Noida West, the Eros Sampoornam project in Sector-2 Greater Noida, Sports City in Greater Noida West, etc.
According to Mr. Kumar, the company shall also include hotels, resorts, and corporate offices to its list of projects shortly. Despite achieving huge monetary profits over the years, the brand still believes that its greatest achievement is the trust and loyalty of its clients.

How Mr. Kumar Ensures Maximum Employee Satisfaction

MIB’s value-oriented approach does not only apply to its customers but also its employees. The company ensures that its employees aren’t overloaded with work and have ample amount of time to enjoy their personal lives. Mr. Kumar says, “We ensure that our employees’ creativity does not die by allowing them to express their ideas. After discussing their ideas in team meetings, we implement them if they are thoughtful.”
Here are a few measures the company takes to ensure that the employees feel wanted and understood:
  • Delegation of equal responsibility to each employee.
  • Creation of a safe working environment where ideas and opinions are considered.
  • Giving employees incentives.
  • Work- from- home allowances (when necessary).

How MIB Alleviated Risks during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The current pandemic has gravely affected numerous businesses. During such uncertain times, MIB has managed to stay consistent in terms of offering top-notch solutions while taking all the precautionary steps to combat the virus. The company has completely digitalized all of its offerings. “We are adapting to the new normal, that is the digital world. Portraying projects to our clients via video conferencing by informing them about the prices, quality of the projects, legal clarity, etc,” said Mr. Kumar.

Mr. Mrigank Kumar’s Inspiring Words for Young Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur has to face several ups and downs during his/her career. Having been in the industry for several years, Mr. Mrigank has acquired some timeless wisdom which he’d like to impart to young entrepreneurs. Here’s what he has to say:
“The first thing important for any business is R&D. Without proper research it’s very hard to identify or develop the right product. Once the proper R&D is done, then the first four basic modules of any startup are- Content/product, Marketing, Sales, and Operations. If we miss any of these modules then we aren’t going anywhere. Missing on any of these four pillars is the reason why 90% of startups fail in India. Once you’ve worked on all these aspects, believe in yourself and avoid the ‘naysayers’ and you will see positive growth in your business.”

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