RADIANCE FACILITY MANAGEMENT: Bringing Excellence to Indian FM Services

Radiance Facility Management has been a part of the Radiance Realty Group since 2016. The company began with just two security guards with a vision to expand big. As a first employee of the company and COO, Mr. Srivathsan has seen the company from a small startup to a large enterprise employing over 3000 employees. The company now plans to achieve an INR 100 crore turnover and scaling up to over 5000 in the next few years. Let’s look at this iconic brand’s journey and what business gems based on the experience acquired by Mr. Srivathsan.

A Plan to Bank On

Radiance began with a simple and effective approach that has stayed at the center of its business practices since inception. According to Mr. Srivathsan, the Indian FM market is still obsessed with IPC’s and this has remained a reason for lack of trust among the local players. A lot of business operators are still apprehensive about trusting new companies or companies they have not worked previously with.
Radiance, on the other hand, has always been driven by plan-based action and clarity. This has earned it a strong reputation in the market. They are well-known for executing plans of action perfectly and keeping clients apprised of all proceedings at all key points. This makes them highly reliable and has given them a reputation for excellence in the market. The company is also known for complying with government’s regulations which has made them a hallmark of reliability in the Indian FM market.

Addressing the Human Element

Aside from being a force for delivering quality and value to the market, Radiance FM has also been a trendsetter in many other areas. The company is known for providing employment opportunities to migrant workers after their contracted project is over. Most companies hire these workers on an ad-hoc basis and they relieve them once the project is over.
Seeing this as a problem, the company went ahead and ensured these workers would have more options than just packing up and leaving the project site once the project was done. Mr. Srivathsan describes this as their social responsibility and also company’s obligation to give back to the migrant worker community.

Smart Operations for FM’s Future

Aside from building a strong benchmark for trust and reliability in the market, Radiance is also well-known for its efficient business operations. The company’s facility wing provides a wide range of building and premises maintenance services. These services are hallmarked by the company’s high-quality expertise which ensures clients get the best out of their investments. The company offers maintenance and management services for both commercial and private buildings.
Another key aspect of Radiance facility management services involves cost mitigation. The company uses state-of-the-art technologies and field experts to understand and provide alternatives to facility management processes. The idea here is to enable clients to get the most out of their facilities and deliver more value through every service contract Radiance acquires and retains. This also allows workspace installation upgrades and an increase in office setups which increase productivity flows

Getting That Personal Touch

Radiance and its employees are well-known to the broader market for the company’s client-centric approach. They have a penchant for understanding client needs because they follow Gandhi’s quote “A Customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us, and we are dependent on him.”
Another reason why Radiance retains such a large client base and strong reputation in the market has to do with its word-of-mouth reputation. The company has a lot of standing in the market from sheer word-of-mouth value. The simple logic of “better services bring more business” seems to work wonders for Radiance despite the all-encompassing presence of digital media and online marketing.

A Look Into What’s to Come

Like every other company, Radiance and its operations has been affected by COVID. However, the company has not lost its core volume and it’s planning for a massive push into multiple domains. At present, the company is looking forward to getting more business from the automobile and manufacturing sectors. While the company still retains a primarily IT sector clientele, it is going to expand further its foothold on the PAN India market.
Further, the company wants to explore other market opportunities on the online platform. With the growing international investment in the Indian market, there are many other opportunities which are in high demand. Mr Srivasthan hopes to generate more interest in Radiance’s services through a combined digital promotion and word-of-mouth approach. This will be a major part of the company’s agenda for 2022 and beyond.

Advice for New Entrepreneurs

Mr. Srivathsan has had a very exciting and rewarding journey as the head of Radiance Facility Management Services. He believes that the company’s client centric approach has allowed him to excel. He also believes in keeping a holistic approach when seeking business opportunities in the market. This means giving to the market more than what is usually expected. This creates a strong and positive feedback and goodwill which is important for a business to sail across hurdles and grow. He advises every entrepreneur to chase their dreams but do so with a passion with a spirit to serve the market as best as possible.






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