Qualitas Global – Achieving new standards and quality of Machine Learning Data

Everything in today’s world is in some way or the other, related to data.

With gazillions of data available with us, choosing the correct data is of as importance as to structuring the data.

Data annotation is the categorization and labelling of data so that it can be put to optimum use by data scientists.

One such leading brand working of out Pune, India and Utrecht, Netherlands is  Qualitas Global. Today considered one of the premium Data Annotation Services companies in the world, Qualitas Global provides services to major tech companies and start-ups in the field of annotation, tagging, tracking, OCR, NLP as well as data collection.

About the brand

What started as a game testing company in 2014, Qualitas Global has stupendously grown into one of the few Annotation companies in the world with annotation expertise in almost all industries that need Machine Learning.

A whole world of industries with classified projects ranging from Automotive, Agriculture, Health-Tech, Retail to Sports, Construction, Geo-Spatial, Fashion, Drones, Security and Surveillance, Airport Baggage Systems and some of the more confidential projects depends on Qualitas Global to deliver accurate results in data annotation.

With a large team of only full-time employees and absolutely no crowd-sourcing, Qualitas Global has completed over 90 million Annotations for clients ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. They also help sports team owners, coaches and managers in Athletes Performance Analysis; Security for Retail as well as Government agencies in Facial Recognition, License Plate Recognition, Monitoring Vehicles and Traffic Regulations.

The flexibility and scalability of teams allow them to adapt to changing customer needs. Even the last-minute requests do not hamper the deadlines and accuracy rates. 

The inspiration to start

In the early 2000s Gaming had started to boom in India and Qualitas Global

started as a Mobile Game Testing company with their first customer, Walt Disney, India.

Within a year, they had multiple global customers not just in Game Testing but also for Game Development Services.

By early 2015, they had participated in multiple European industry conferences which helped Mr. Neville Patel the CEO of Qualitas Global, to quickly analyse that along with Gaming, the next big thing would be Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The end of 2015 saw Qualitas Global working in the Data Annotation industry for a group of astute German Data Scientists and a renowned Fortune 3 company as well. The rest, as they say, is history.

Facing challenges while climbing up the ladder

Qualitas Global was one of the first companies in India to work on Data Annotation in early 2015.

A challenging task was to find engineers with the right mind-set to work on the annotation projects. Most engineers did not understand the future of this technology and termed these tasks mundane, making the attrition rate high.

Neville Patel realised that the need of the hour for this industry in India was to find a way to make this work glamorous, enjoyable and high paying as well as draw out a great career enhancement plan for the employees. Employees needed to understand that they were working for the greater good of science. That their work helped save thousands of lives monthly in technologies like ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles by reducing the number of accidents worldwide.

Since this was a fairly new industry, Qualitas Global also doubled down on their investment in training the large team of annotation experts to understand not just their job profile but also work in different industries and verticals and also ensured that the employees could communicate their thoughts and suggestions with the customers and data scientists.

Building trust in the market

Trust is earned when actions meet words. Qualitas Global is highly committed to it’s customer’s data confidentiality. Being established on the pillars of six sigma and with great emphasis on quality and processes, they identify, adopt and implement industry-wide best practices to improve test effectiveness and productivity. They are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 Certified while also following the best GDPR practices. Honesty and transparency in the rates, work ethics, as well as operational productivity, make them the favourites of their clients’.

Qualitas Global has been creating a paradigm shift In solving complex data annotation problems.

Reflections on how clients connect with the brand

One will be amazed to see the numbers that have been achieved by Qualitas Global with 95% of their customers becoming a repeat and almost 50% of the customers referring them to their friends. The highest compliment for them is the fact that customers have complete faith and trust in them and the services of the brand.

The first thought that comes across the customer’s mind

Neville Patel, the CEO of Qualitas Global feels that he can only hope that the first thing that comes to their customer’s mind when they hear “Qualitas Global” should be a large smile on their face.

He loves interacting with customers and building relations by having an honest communication channel open throughout all time zones.

Future plans

The company believes that the future is in investing in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence start-ups. The visionary leader and CEO of Qualitas Global, Neville Patel also shares the same thought on a personal level.

The basic understanding from the lens of the company is that human beings are controlled by automation, much beyond our imagination. Qualitas Global envisions and wants to make sure that it’s name is added to the list of companies trying to change the Machine Learning industry for the better.

Neville Patel is keen to invest in as well as acquire other data annotation services companies not just in India but throughout the world to ensure it grows as a truly global company.




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