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PSCS Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

PSCS-People Solutions Consultancy Services is an esteemed HR consulting company established by Mr. Paul James, a seasoned HR professional. The company specializes in providing organizational diagnostic services that evaluate employee satisfaction and the industrial relations climate. At PSCS, the team curates’ strategic partnerships with organizations, working hand-in-hand, to create and implement tailored solutions aimed at enhancing organizational capabilities. The company’s mission is to empower businesses to meet and conquer the challenges of today’s dynamic landscape through comprehensive human capital and organizational development interventions.

Since the onset of his professional career, Mr. Paul James has always wanted to start a consulting firm that aims to satisfy specific market needs. On February 9, 2005, this dream became a reality, and the foundation of PSCS Analytics was born. Mr. Paul James developed an employee satisfaction survey based on his experiences in the field, which he wanted to present to the market as a powerful diagnostic tool. This is unique because it draws upon the Indian context. The product quickly garnered high-profile clients across sectors: Delphi-TVS, Vedanta Group, L&T, etc.

For its enticing edition, “The Best Companies to Work for 2023”, we caught up with Mr. Paul James, who is the Director of this firm, to get magnificent insights into the present HR consulting landscape and what vision he is carrying forward to change the paradigms of this domain.

The Man at the Helm

Mr. Paul James completed his graduation from the Madras Christian College, his Master of Social Work (MSW) from Loyola College, Chennai, and his M.Phil. in HR from the Madras School of Social Work. The professional is also a qualified MBTI practitioner from the Association for Psychological Type International (APTi), Chicago, USA. He holds a whopping 35 years of experience in the HR field, including 16 years of experience in manufacturing as Head HR at Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd., UCAL Fuel Systems Ltd., and MRF Ltd. During the initial years of founding PSCS Analytics, PJ found it quite challenging to position himself as a trustworthy consultant and garner the attention of potential customers. However, the dignitary was passionately dedicated to building the organization and poured in consistent efforts for years.

His years of fervent hard work have positioned PSCS Analytics where it is standing today. PJ has taken the road less traveled by undertaking survey research to arrive at interesting conclusions instead of working on assumptions. He ardently talks about organizational behavior and the human mind, making connections between the workforce, and rewarding the workforce with intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. In his book, “Decoding People’s Pulse,” he speaks about the direct proportionality of the influence of family with the satisfaction (fulfillment) an employee feels at the workplace. Work-life balance matters, as without engagement at home, one cannot expect an employee to be engaged at work.

A Glimpse of the Service Portfolio

Employee Satisfaction Survey

The Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS) is a simple and effective tool to understand people’s pulse based upon the Porter & Lawler model. It seeks to understand employees’ opinions on work context, work content, moderators, engagement, commitment, and any other dimensions required by the client. The survey can be used to identify people’s issues based on their mandate. Those critical issues that cause employee dissatisfaction and ultimately attrition will be measured, determined, and tackled.

Conducting the survey creates an avenue for employees to express their grievances, and thus PSCS’s team can resolve problems before they become extreme. PSCS-ESS surveys have been carried out at reputed companies such as Delphi-TVS Diesel Systems Ltd., Siemens Building Technologies, Vedanta Aluminium Plant at Lanjigarh, L&T (RPM) JSW Salem, Apollo Tyres, Siemens Gamesa, ATC Tires, Sharda Motors, Omax Auto, Reynolds Pens, Rane Group, etc.

This survey was also carried out at Thirumalai Mission Hospital and Thirumalai Charity Trust. PSCS not only takes up PSCS-ESS, which is its main plank, but also undertakes Compensation Surveys, conducts surveys for review of CSR projects. The Company has the wherewithal to undertake any type of related studies in industries

Industrial Relations Climate Assessment Index

The need to understand and measure the Industrial Relations (IR) Climate has grown with the rise of new companies, especially MNCs. The need to support MNCs with an index to proactively identify problem areas and provide the requisite support is crucial to Mr. Paul James before more drastic action becomes necessary. Amidst the increasing number of industrial disputes in India, the auto majors need an assessment to evaluate the IR Climate not only of their own companies but also of their suppliers, with Tier-1 suppliers foremost in the scope. PSCS has also undertaken a study in a particular district for checking the Industrial Relations scenario to ascertain the suitability of putting a labour intensive factory there.

Organizational Development

PSCS specializes in providing focused, research-based solutions that are time-tested and have been developed by Mr. PJ after a lot of deliberation and reflection on the varying organizational issues. He had developed a unique style of Process Consulting (OD) which he offered to certain clients to bring about long-term changes to adapt to the challenges faced in the business world.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

PSCS proudly presents an intervention that initiates positive changes in people through a process of clarification and restructuring of behavior patterns. The model can also be used in organizations for implementing or administering change management and for improving teamwork through the use of MBTI. The other unique product offered is coaching for ethical usage of MBTI.

Words from PJ’s Desk

Prime Insights is filled with anticipation to witness PSCS Analytics forge ahead to broaden their horizons and strive continuously to improve their customized solutions as per the client’s needs. It was a delightful opportunity for us to have Mr. Paul James on board, and we expressed our sincere attitude toward him for sharing his valuable knowledge. At last, we requested the revered industry-maven to share a few words for our readers reading this narrative, to which he quoted,

“In the journey of growing along with people, one of the fundamental pillars for nurturing long-term alliances is the commitment to ensure each other’s well-being. These enduring relationships will support your journey to excellence, bringing you closer to your dreams. Just as a tree’s roots must run deep to withstand the fiercest of storms, the relationships we make should have the same resilience. By doing so, you not only ensure the security of your loved ones but also create a foundation from which you can flourish and prosper. In times of uncertainty, remember that your partnership is a source of strength, and with the potential of these partnerships, you can weather any challenge that comes your way.”

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