ProSol: An Exemplary Conglomerate with a Bounteous Grip in IT Sector


In the contemporary corporate world, maintaining the continuous flow of confinement and collaboration in the workspace is essential. Providing IT Infrastructure solutions that manage clients across different segments and develop comprehensive alliances have become important. This is what ProSol has been doing over the past two decades. Today we had the opportunity to interact with the Managing Partners of ProSol- Mr. Anil Kumar and Mr. Amit Rakhecha to know about their entrepreneurial journey and ProSol’s niche-targeted business network across the nation.

A Brisk Audit of ProSol

Talking about their brand ProSol, Mr. Kumar and Mr. Rakhecha say that their brand is a conglomerate with more than two decades of industry experience in transforming the Information Technology Infrastructure with their products and solutions. Further, the directors also discussed the upper distinction of services provided by their firm which includes

  • System Integration Services
  • Data Center Transformation Services
  • Infrastructure Management Services
  • X-a-a-S (Anything as a Service)

Over the years, the brand has built ardent and fruitful collaborations with market-leading brands to provide workspace solutions carved out of intensive technology. ProSol was founded in the year 2013 to help brands revolutionize their business models by leveraging technology. Stakeholders from OEM World and IT distribution joined hands with the firm. They are serving a concoction of industries like those of Manufacturing, IT/ITES, FMCGs, Ed-Tech, Startup ecosystem, Global Industries, Education, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment etc. Their team also created a customized sales and supply chain ecosystem to level up the target industry.

Bridge of Balance between Professional and Personal Fronts

Mr. Kumar and Mr. Rakhecha talk about balancing the line between professional and personal lives as an integral quality of an entrepreneur. They ensure that the work environment at ProSol practices the mantras of work-life balance and delivers quality services. They further say that balancing the work pressure can be done by planning the tasks. One must also spend leisure time with friends and families. Pursuing hobbies and indulging in activities like traveling and fitness are excellent ways to keep up a healthy mindset and lucrative lifestyle. On the professional grounds, many team-building workshops, regular family events, and CSR activities are also conducted to maintain those chords of stability.

The Entrepreneurial Story of Mr. Anil Kumar and Mr. Amit Rakhecha

Just like other CEOs, their journey also took major ups and downs. Every success story faces multiple obstacles. Likewise, they also faced challenging situations when they started their platform as a Reseller partner. With dedicated efforts, they have now established an evolving system Integrator company. Being a leader in today’s era means overcoming hurdles centric on technology, wavering market trends, operations rising inflation, and unstable global markets amongst others. But both Mr. Kumar and Mr. Rakhecha always welcome challenges by preparing themselves every single day. Constant innovations and interaction with different industry leaders pave a path for them to evolve their nutshell. Moreover, the changing market trends are tackled by innovations and technology upgrades, say the founders.
The consulting and solution team is meticulously walking on the roads of discovery and evaluating problem statements. The well-certified design and deployment services are their differentiating factor, as said by both the directors.

Importance of Research and Development

R&D influences every business out there! Any company’s growth significantly depends on the efforts devoted to it. The structure of R&D must adhere to the industry segment one is working with. Being a system integrator, R&D helps them to enhance their hold on technologies and develop avant-garde services to stay ahead of the competition, says Mr. Kumar and Mr. Rakhecha.

Anticipating the Proposals of Future

The global market is always hungry for futuristic ideas and the energy to beat the competition. To solve the customer’s problems, the team at ProSol works towards innovating the best suitable solutions for them, explains Mr. Kumar and Mr. Rakhecha. They are themselves engaging with different technologies to provide extensive pillars of support to their clients. Now they are planning to extend their solution-giving areas and enhance the strength of customer Elite.

Barometer of Employee Contentment

The directors believe that maintaining a proper work-life balance is crucial for every employee working for their organization. They frequently engage with their employees and understand their concerns. It helps the team to grow together and bring progressive results to the organization. The directors continue to say that communication and exchange of thoughts are always encouraged in their work culture. The new ideas of creativity and the introduction of reforming processes in their internal ecosystem can only be achieved if the employees are working with ease and positivity. Oftentimes group lunches, talent-oriented activities, and group discussions are conducted for the aforesaid.

A Guiding Message for the Burgeoning Entrepreneurs

Both Mr. Kumar and Mr. Rakhecha have seen what it takes to be an entrepreneur in this ever-changing era. So going down on motivation and thoughts of giving up becomes indispensable. But with a strategic mindset and robust spirit can decimate those thoughts. The leaders quote that- “Never give up because great things take time”. Every idea is seen as a new opportunity for a startup and because of this India has the most startups brewing. Every organization begins with an agenda and gets more challenges along the way in terms of finding the right resources goes on. So every CEO and entrepreneur must keep a track of their problems and have the correct set of problem-solving skills to continue the journey with smoothness. Work on aspects like team-building, decision making, helming strategies of growth, and audacity to witness failures. The person, who has the resilience to endure failure and learn from them, polishes themselves with every moment passing by.

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