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PROBOX’s growth is a testimony to our successful management style and it is an important milestone in our journey. Under the leadership of our Founder & Executive Director Dr.Rajesh Kutty, PROBOX has grown leaps and bounds. RK as his peer knows him is a Technology Industry professional with almost 3 decades of experience in Europe, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and India.
His leadership experience includes Corporate Governance, Customer Relationship Management and Organization Strategy. Prior to his current role he has also served with various other IT companies in various technology innovation and business roles.
To sum up a visionary who always believes in handling the most complex situation with a sense of humour ever enthusiastic and passionate about everything he does.

Financial performance: PROBOX witnessed financial growth in almost all verticals last year. With PROBOX experiencing double-digit growth “across markets, industries and services”, it has raised its revenue growth projections for the year.
By helping companies to ascend the acme of excellence through exceptional IT and Outsourcing services, PROBOX. carved a niche in the business world. Headquartered in Mumbai, PROBOX is one of India’s 10 Most Trusted Brands and the Fastest Growing Fast Forward Technology, Consulting and Outsourcing Company.
PROBOX is a Proactive, Progressive and Forward-looking Organisation with a clear vision and sound philosophy to equip itself to meet all the challenges, follow the contemporary approaches and bring excellence in customer services. Covering PAN India, it occupies almost 58 locations of support.
We deliver this Technology expertise through a full life cycle model of professional, managed, and support services, including strategy, consulting, implementation and design. By taking the time to deeply understand how their clients define success, they help them harness technology advances, simplify IT complexity and optimize their environment while enabling future applications, user experiences and revenue models.
The company was founded with a clear focus on providing Enterprise Support Services to its clients. Year by year, the organization grew stronger and each passing year, is a testimony to its success.
The trust and branding develop over a period of time, is a testimony to our successful management style, and it is an important milestone in our journey.
Durability, reliability and trust are the values that make an organization successful. As the age of an organization increases, the responsibility of the Organization also increases, as people expect nothing but excellence in service delivery.
“The company has created a Best Place for Work for all PROBOXian (as we call our Employees) by excelling on the 5 dimensions of a TRUST, RESPECT, FAIRNESS, PRIDE & CAMARADERIE” – said Neelam Kutty Co-founder & Chief Strategic Officer (CSO)
PROBOX has created an appreciative and celebratory workspace, where every PROBOXian feel valued for their performance, efforts and contribution. Overall, the company reflects a people pro culture.

PRO-CULTURE – To create a platform where every PROBOXian would get to know their leaders from a personal and professional standpoint. To empower PROBOXian to own their careers & encourage them to continuously learn, develop, & grow their capabilities through varied experiences. Various sessions were conducted during lockdown. These sessions shared a sneak peek into a leaders’ childhood, personal life & journey in their professional careers. These sessions outlined the fact that success is not just about what you accomplish in your life alone, but also how you inspire others to do so.
“There are so many things which help an employee at PROBOX learn, grow and make a career with the required support. But what makes us say we are proud to be PROBOXian is the way the world looks at us. Our leadership team is transparent and fair and strong. We don’t just talk about what is happening within our org, but the community we’re in. Be there a pandemic, a natural calamity, or a socio-political issue- we talk about the right thing, in the right way to benefit all equally”. Sheetal Mahadik – Finance


PROBOX works on the following principles:

Exceeding Customer Expectations
In businesses, it is not just enough to meet the customer’s expectations. The fact that these expectations are constantly changing, companies must then be always a step ahead. It is also noteworthy to know that oftentimes, the expectations of customers are set by the competitors. Hence, they stay ahead of the competition by being updated with new initiatives and suggestions based on customers’ feedback and current industry trends.

Consistency in its deliverables

Consistency is probably the most difficult challenge to achieve. Great customer service must be delivered to all customers, across all business channels, 24/7. Each and every experience of each and every customer must be equally good. In research conducted they found that customers do not care much about singular touchpoints. What affects customer satisfaction are cumulative experiences across multiple touchpoints across multiple channels over time. Consistency can be achieved by having clear-cut policies on delivering great customer service. All employees must be made aware of these policies and strict implementation of these policies must be adhered to.

Employing Skilled Customer Services Professionals

As more businesses focus on customer service, the demand for skilled customer service professionals is on the rise. Hiring such employees is one thing, but retaining them is another. PROBOX has a structured program to teach and train newly hired employees about the company’s policies, values, culture and practices in dealing with customers. Additionally, considering that customer service is one of the most stressful jobs, PROBOX also provides benefits that offer work-life balance and support lifestyle activities that can reduce stress and boost productivity.

Creating a Customer-First Culture

The long-term solution to achieving consistency across all business channels is to install a customer-first company culture. A customer-driven culture can be described as having a distinct appreciation for customer service, understanding the impact of their service and are willing to go out of their way to meet customer needs. In order to cultivate this culture, PROBOX emphasizes on the hiring and training process. The employees must able to see the company’s vision, fit into the culture and work with the PROBOX to achieving the PROBOX’s goals. Employee retention is also a key factor to success. Staff turnover not only affects the internal aspects of the business, but it is also not good for the customers. Dealing with the same person develops trust and is a good way to build long-lasting relationships.
It is difficult to thrive, much less stay ahead of the competition, in today’s market. But having exceptional customer service makes this possible. The good starting point is to focus first on the employees. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers.
“Ever since I started in this company over 2 years back, I have been given an opportunity to work on projects which appeal most to me. There is enough respect irrespective of grade. Given the size of the company, people have a chance to move around different job roles, so you never feel stuck. Even before the pandemic, tools and process have been in place to allow flexible working options which help significantly”. Anandi Panigrahi – Practise Lead

PROBOX Way Forwar

Keeping in mind Vision 2025, the company’s Business Growth Objectives are extremely well-defined. Additionally, maintaining a Simple, Realistic, Feasible, and Attainable Business Strategy with a Strong Commitment Goal said Neelam Kutty and added by stating the Founder Rajesh Kutty’s advice to all the new business leaders that one must adhere to the 3D principles of Determination, Discipline, and Dedication. She continues: “Believe in your Idea. Set tiny goals. Grow naturally. Create value for all parties involved and focus on your patience. It is one factor that will keep you pushing forward through difficult circumstances. Stick to the fundamentals. Keep things simple.”


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