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Larger brands can forgo social media activism. Consumers, social followers, and employees expect the brand to take a stand. Social media activism promotes social justice concerns and shows unity through posts, campaigns, and hashtags. Mr. Akassh Ashok Gupta, Peepoye Network’s founder, explained how social activism works and how the brand advances it with new talent. Many experts recommend listening to reliable voices like Akaash striving for change. We asked Mr. Akassh audience-requested questions in the interview below. It can encourage content creators to join Mr. Akassh’s Social Activism campaign.

Prime Insights: How can one succeed like you?

Mr. Akassh: People talk about hard effort, tactics, vision, goals, etc., when it comes to success, but I feel the most basic necessity is “Passion.” Passionate people work hard, have a clear vision, and develop goals. All successful individuals breathe PASSION, and so do I. Everyone else should do it, too, if they want to be successful here. We have major expansion plans for 2023, and everyone who loves what they do and is committed will grow with us.

Prime Insights: What staff accomplishments are recognized at Peepoye?

Mr. Akassh: Peepoye Network honors little and major employee achievements. We value learning from one other and giving feedback as needed. “Performance Incentives” align and motivate our staff with corporate goals. During my 20-year corporate career, I’ve learned the importance of removing subjectivity and creating objective frameworks that give employees a measurement yardstick and clarity. Everything we do is measured for tangible outcomes and rewarded with monetary incentives and physical/virtual pats on the back.

Prime Insights: What’s the working environment?

Mr. Akassh: Peepoye Network is a dedicated and small crew. We have a team code of honor and every team member sticks to the same with a full heart which makes the working environment peaceful and comfortable for all. We have a 2-hour weekly stand-up when team members catch up, connect their work to business goals, track progress, and have fun with their coworkers. These sessions are held to update status, report progress, and develop ways to improve the status quo.

Prime Insights: How does the company assist employee growth?

Mr. Akassh: Peepoye Network promotes staff growth. Each employee has a learning plan in addition to pay, bonuses, and reimbursements. All employees must spend 4 hours a week on their learning program during working hours. Learning and staying up with technology and tools is crucial for growth.

Prime Insights: What’s the company’s management style?

Mr. Akassh: Peepoye Network uses collaborative management. All managers, employees, and freelancers are responsible for it. All team members know how their contributions relate to company goals, and open communication lines make the workflow smoother. We use Telegram and Slack to communicate instead of email. Messaging speeds up communication, implementation, and execution.

Prime Insights: How does your company build teams and careers?

Mr. Akassh: Our company’s collaborative management style makes teamwork more crucial. Our team-building method is straightforward and effective. We set goals first. All team members help define individual, corporate goals and teams. It keeps people motivated and clarifies how their goals fit the company. Responsibilities and roles are established within teams so everyone can focus on their task and know who to contact for an update. Our weekly team stand-up reviews each employee’s progress and works to improve processes and plans. It improves team interactions and harmony. During these meetings, we consider each employee’s long-term career goals. These opportunities allow them to analyze and validate a role’s skill gap. It validates what you’re doing vs. long-term career goals, which are more realistic.

Prime Insights: How does your company handle setbacks?

Mr. Akassh: Peepoye Network welcomes failures like accomplishments. Failures help us grow. When we have a small or large failure, we hold a team meeting to discuss the causes and brainstorm potential solutions.

Prime Insights: How are employees rewarded?

Mr. Akassh: The weekly stand-up motivates employees to work hard since they discuss it there. In weekly meetings, we applaud one other’s efforts and recommend improvements. Our 2 EXTERNAL employees earn a monthly performance bonus, as indicated.

Prime Insights: What is the personal and professional live balance here?

Mr. Akassh: Working from home and flexible hours give our employees an outstanding work-life balance. The clarity in responsibility and communication is a core principle, so everyone is accountable for their activities and projects. No regular working hours are required, although project monitoring is.

Prime Insights: Does the company host staff outings?

Mr. Akassh: Peepoye Network is arranging a quarterly trip. Our team formed after Covid. Thus we could only conduct such activities in 2023.

Prime Insights: What are your ideal team members’ personalities?

Mr. Akassh: Peepoye Network looks for four personality factors when hiring. First, a growth mindset. Fresh and young talent are welcome. Only a learning and adaptable mindset will lead to the company’s growth. The second is teamwork. We look for team-oriented applicants who are ready to learn. We value collaboration above individual success—last, passion. “I breathe passion” is the tagline. Peepoye Network wants all employees to be passionate about their profession. Last and most important is our dedication to ‘Build Value via Awareness and Education.’

Prime Insights: Do processes or results drive the company’s strategy?
Mr. Akassh: Processes motivate us. We create processes to get results. If we fail someplace, we focus on the improvisation and process.

Prime Insights: Do all your departments work together?

Mr. Akassh: Our small crew always collaborates, as mentioned. Best done with clear, downstream/upstream linkages apparent to the team and integrated process architecture in 3 EXTERNAL places. Thus, collaboration is fluid at the company.

Prime Insights: What are the company’s milestones?

Mr. Akassh: We want to help 1,00,000 people establish multiple revenue streams by doing what they love, pursuing their passion, and reaching their potential. Our flagship program, ‘Youtubeneur,’ will open in January 2023 and provide a strategy and approach for anyone who wants to increase their authority and influence online by utilizing Youtube.

Prime Insights: What are your road map and plans?

Mr. Akassh: We’re helping 1,00,000 people live their passion. I’m ready to share our “Youtubeneur” formula with the world. We provide an interactive community and live events for this flagship product to monitor and coach their journey. In a community, they can collaborate on their trip. On the content creation side, we’re focusing on a short content program and expanding our team. Next year, we want to partner with leading influencers in our area to improve our social environment, which affects human psychology the most. We’ve also developed a developing, evolving community, and we’ll also start implementing projects offline. In 5 years, Peepoye network wants to launch a reality show based on an essential principle of human psychology in various ill circumstances and how to control anger, fear, and guilt and replace them with a high-vibration state of ultimate happiness. We also want to build our learning communities and change, which will thrive in 2025.

Prime Insights: What inspired you to start Peepoye, please tell us your story?

Mr. Akassh: Before founding Peepoye Network, I spent two decades in corporate leadership roles. During this journey, I realised that among the skills I use as a process transformation consultant is the ability to solve problems associated with large houses. Nonetheless, I have learned that the value I am creating for the companies is immense, but what about all those struggling with problems in their social environment or personal space? It is when the seed of creating content about social awareness begins to germinate. I have always been opinionated and had a strong personal perspective followed by a logical rationale. It was not always the popular view but carried merit due to its unique analysing skills.

What if I created a platform through which I could share opinions with a larger audience, the support it would provide to many in our community would be immeasurable. I started with a few videos, and the feedback made me realise that I can affect positive change in companies and in the social environment. In 2016, while working in corporate companies, I launched a YouTube channel called “Peepoye” to expose the hidden. I started uploading my opinions on this channel about various incidents, social events, and trending topics. Over time, I observed the impact of our efforts on the ground as a result of my efforts to raise awareness about sensitive issues.
Peepoye began receiving messages across our social media channels. Our videos on two topics garnered almost 100 million impressions on social media platforms. The phrase “ab kuch nahi chupega” was coined at this time because I believed that now we have the responsibility and the community to discuss more issues about the general population. This mission was challenging alongside a high-stakes leadership position, so I quit my job and began working full-time on YouTube last year. Since then, our YouTube channel has grown from 300K to 970K+ subscribers.

Prime Insights: How can people learn from your Corporate Experience?

Mr. Akassh: I have started a weekly mentoring program where I send emails talking about different concepts, methods, data, YouTube, and many more to help people learn from my years of experience in minutes. Anyone with a learning desire is welcome to the program as it only intends to share knowledge and information. It is absolutely free of cost. One just needs to subscribe to the program through this link- Https:// for FREE!

Prime Insights: What services you are offering to the market?

Mr. Akassh: We have a YouTubeneur Flagship Education Program in which we help talents, experts, and working professionals across industries to build online influence using YouTube through an accelerated method & create multiple revenue streams that scale exponentially with automation. Under this program, we also provide access to our “YouTubeneur Skool Community” which is a new-age learning platform that combines courses & community in one place powered by Gamification that encourages collaboration & keeps members engaged. More information about our YouTubeneur Program can be found on our website



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