Optiminastic Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. – A “Go Getter” In India’s Digital Marketing Space

Akshae Golekar, Founder of Optiminastic Infomedia Pvt. Ltd.
Optiminastic Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. – A “Go Getter” In India’s Digital Marketing Space
  • Digital marketing plays a pivotal role in expanding any business, especially when considering the fact that at present, over 95% of the world has access to digital technology. It helps any business acquire a global reach, personalise their services according to their client base, and gain social capital. Despite the evident benefits, there has been a major decline in various business verticals including digital marketing due to the global pandemic. Digital expenses by companies have reduced substantially, creating chaos and panic amongst professionals across the globe.
  • In spite of the hindrances, many businesses are optimistic of the current situation and are carrying out their activities by introducing work-from-home opportunities.  Optiminastic is one such technology-based firms with a “come what may” attitude.
  • A vision of Mr. Akshae Golekar, Mr Ashitosh Wadkar and Mr. Delzad Doctor, Optiminastic is a data-driven digital marketing agency founded in 2018. The company specializes in offering services like Social Media Marketing, Digital PR, Online Reputation Management (ORM), Influencer Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), SEO, etc.
  • Optiminastic aims at helping organizations reach their maximum potential as a business.   
How Optiminastic Has Expanded Its Clientele Over The Years
  • Despite being established fairly recently, Optiminastic has managed to expand its network by garnering services to renowned companies like AVIVA Life Insurance, Nykaa, Resso App, Helo App, Parivar Chai, etc.
  • The company believes in offering services which generate value whilst helping their clients stay a step ahead of their competitors. Due to such a relentless commitment towards value-creation, Optiminastic has managed to be at the top of its game for a while now.
Optiminastic’s Inspiring Entrepreneurship Journey
  • Optiminastic was established by Mr. Akshae Golekar and Mr. Ashitosh Wadkar. Though Mr. Akshae’s family hailed from a service-oriented background, he wanted to start a business of his own. With this goal in mind, he moved to Dubai and spent three years working and learning various aspects of the marketing industry.
  • Even after gaining a substantial amount of knowledge and experience in the field, Mr. Akshae and his childhood friend Mr. Ashitosh had to face many hardships while setting up their business. After overcoming numerous hurdles, they finally managed to conceptualize a  idea into something tangible. They ventured out with the startup from a co-operating workspace. In due course they joined hands with their third business partner, Mr. Delzad Doctor.
  • Due to financial constraints, the trio wasn’t initially able to afford a co-working space. They had to temporarily make do with Mr. Akshae’s living room as their workspace. In the first year, they managed to gain only 1 client, which resulted in capital exhaustion. They waited for their first payment for months. Things were looking grim but the trio was optimistic that the company would flourish soon.
  • With persistent efforts, the company started to flourish. It gradually attracted new clients and gained more recognition in the market. As the company witnessed a booming phase, it garnered projects from reputable brands, acquired a permanent employee base, and most importantly, a workplace to call their own.
  • Today, amid the global pandemic, Optiminastic is consistently providing top-notch services through over communicative and over delivering tactics. Even during such trying times, the company has managed to help numerous start-ups and SMEs with their businesses. The company has also joined hands with the renowned brand ATIV and VARATAN Designs, a luxury brand owned by the Mittal’s, along with other notable ones.
  • At present, the company is transitioning into a
  • third-phase expansion, especially after moving into their new office just before the lockdown.
Staying Afloat During The Coronavirus Pandemic
  • This year has been exceptionally hard for many businesses across the globe. In spite of losing many brands in the initial days of the lockdown, Optiminastic has maintained its stance in the forefront by maintaining quality service standards. In the past few months, it has inculcated some renowned brands on board.
  • Throughout the lockdown, the company’s zealous team has worked extremely hard to stay consistent with the company’s promise of delivering top-notch digital solutions. The efficient employees at Optiminastic have kept a systematic track of day-to-day operations, co-ordinated the company’s framework, and maintained a daily follow-up for the ongoing activities.
  • The trio truly believes that the company wouldn’t have been able to survive the current crisis if it weren’t for his hardworking and dedicated team.
Optiminastic’s Vision For The Future
  • Headquartered in Mumbai, Optiminastic has grown exponentially in terms of performance as well as acquiring clients since 2018. The company was also recently featured on the “Top 10 Advertising start-ups in 2020” by Silicon India Magazine and has also been regarded as one among the “Top 500 start-ups in 2019” and was recognised by The CEO Story as “Companies Booming despite the Lockdown” recently.
  • Optiminastic is positive that their company will continue to expand, despite the global pandemic. Their aim is to garner 100+ clients by the end of 2020 and further expand their network by providing
  • digital solutions to companies across the globe.
A Message From The Founder of Optiminastic Pvt. Ltd
  • Being a relentless optimist, Akshae is enthusiastic about helping businesses get back on track after enduring the impact of COVID-19. Here’s his message to the readers of Prime Insights Magazine:
  • “We are here to guide the brands- start-ups or established, with our expertise to bounce back during and post pandemic we are always on our toes to help our clients!”
~ Akshae Golekar, Founder of Optiminastic Infomedia Pvt. Ltd.

18 thoughts on “Optiminastic Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. – A “Go Getter” In India’s Digital Marketing Space

  1. optimanistic is truely the solution for all the digital problems ,digital solutions to companies across the globe and Optiminastic aims at helping organizations reach their maximum potential as a business

  2. It’s a great initiative taken by optiminitstic and it can reach great heights through this!! Well done!!

  3. I guess a journey has up’s and down’s . Optiminastic’s journey has been mind blowing as well as inspiring.
    Being among the top 500 start-ups is not that easy !!

  4. To accompany the four Ps of classical marketing, marketers would do well to instil the digital four Cs, around conversation, collaboration, culture and compensation.OPTIMINASTIC has helped many people grow digital . A solution to all digital problems.As you go about creating new customer engagement programs and direct marketing packages for your brand, look for opportunities to give rather than to get. Whoever makes the first kind gesture, as studies show, tends to gain the most this is what optimanastic is.

  5. Digital is the new world. Rightly said, that 95% people are going digital nowadays thus an initiative like this could actually benefit people who are seeking for some promotions in their business and want professionals to do so. I personally feel Optiminastic has been doing a great job by providing such a service that’s so unique and innovative in its own. Especially during the pandemic where dependency on technology has become a need it’s a great Initiative that could help businesses expand and grow. Way to go!!

  6. That’s a very positive vibe that you are sustainable in this situation also. This can lead to very much impressive in the marketing industry. Keep it up!!

  7. Optiminastic is an digital marketing partner , which can grow your brand presence on web . It is fact that India is one of the largest Internet consumption . By growing web presence , Optiminastic directly Increases your brand value and also increasees your sales , thus Optiminastic play an major role in brand value and Increases brand value .

  8. Hey!! That’s really interesting , Such an inspiring journey 🙌 .And yeah digital marketing plays a vital role in expanding any business and also after reading this content i know this organisation will expand more day by day.

  9. I have a certificate for digital marketing and I love the course by google they provided me this e-certificate and I think everyone should participate.

  10. AKSHAE GOLEKAR was the person who started the most useful Marketing space. I wondered that this optiminastic was very nice and useful. I loved this alot.

  11. Inspiring journey till now! The way Optiminastic has expanded their network with big brands in so less time is really very commendable and looking at this growth rate of company its sure that Optiminastic infomedia pvt.ltd will become one of the leading player in digital marketing .

  12. The leaders of this organization demonstrate integrity and are committed to making this a great place to work.

  13. Digital marketing truly plays an important role in this digital world.also Mr. Akshae Golekar and Mr. Ashitosh Wadkar did great work to establish the optiminastic platform for digital marketing.and in this pandamic situation it is truly helpful.

  14. Optiminastic has become better and better in not only in the field of Marketing but also in the website, SEO consultant. In this era, marketing has been an important factor and also a difficult one but Optiminastic has made it look easy and also provided successful marketing solutions.

  15. Digital Marketing Services at Optiminastic are as good as one could envision. You individuals are capable, driven, committed, imaginative and aspiring, which is the most significant part of one’s association.

  16. This pandemic is legit taking a toll on our minds, businesses etc. but seeing optiminastic being so creative and over the top makes me really believe that nothing is impossible. We know now that digital platforms are a super important part of our lives and optiminastic is making sure how to make the best use of it.
    Cheers to all the hard work and creativity. I’m sure there are many more articles coming out way!

  17. Give your business a boom, connect with Optiminastic Infomedia Pvt Ltd. It is one of the best digital marketing services providing company with a team of great enthusiasts. Optiminastic is even working on its best in this lockdown period and progressing a lot more day by day. Optiminastic is growing, inspiring and providing services around the globe and renowned many top brands in recent time. Optiminastic is there to guide the brands and startups and help them to progress and for developement of their organisation.

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