Good News for One Plus Fans! One Plus 8T Starts Receiving OxygenOS With Improved Camera Stability, Gaming Experience

If you’re a One Plus Fan seeking anupgrade to his mobile experience, then there’s good news for you. OnePlus 8T is receiving a fresh OxygenOS update that improves camera stability and brings system improvements, such as an optimised gaming experience, improved power consumption, etc. The update,. viz., Oxygen is currently rolling out to a limited number of handsets in India, Europe, and North America, and will have a more widespread rollout in a few days.Last to last week, OnePlus 8T had received the OxygenOS update.
As per the announcement on OnePlus’s Community Forum, the updates would have different variants across the regions. In India, The OnePlus 8T update in India comes with version, while in Europe and North America, the update for the smartphone comes with version and respectively.
The update’s numerous system improvements haveoptimizedall facetsof OnePlus’s functioning. The most striking ones are its camera enhancements. Not only doesOxygen OS better camera stability, but also optimises the imaging effect to provide a better shooting experience.Furthermore, the update includes an improved system power consumption performance to reduce heating.
Apart from the new gaming tools box and three modes of notifications(found in earlierOxygen OS 11 updates), Oxygen OS improvesmis-touch prevention and optimises the user experience with some mainstream games to reduce lagging risks.
To further enhancethe user experience, the update will use the Alert Slider to add toast messages while switching among the three modes. It also fixes a Google Play issue and addresses the problem of the status bar hovering on the screen in landscape mode.
In addition to the above-mentioned system upgrades, OxygenOS alsosupportsa stronger mobile network connectivity. As per the changelog, the update optimises the mobile network connection so as to improve the network intensity with signal. This would enable seamless streaming of online games without any network interruptions.
On the displayside, the update includes an Always-on Ambient Display function that can be activated by going to Settings>Display>Ambient Display. It also features an Insight clock style and 10 new clock styles.
Unlike Google’s Android 11 update, which doesn’t entail any significant changes,One Plus has made severalsignificant changes to its OxygenOS 11.You’llget to see a fresh new UI, more customisation options, additional game spacebenefits, among a host of other enticing features. 
Beforeinstalling theOxygenOS11.0.3.4update, the user must ensure that the battery level is above 30 percent and that a minimum 3GB of storage space is available on thephone.
As with the earlier OxygenOS 11 Updates, One Plus is rolling out the OxygenOS update in stages. It might take some days for your One Plus 8T Handset toreceive the update. To check whetheryour device has received the update yet, you can go to Settings > System > System updates.

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