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Oath Organic

Our country is the largest consumer as well as the largest exporter of exquisite spices. The true essence of Indian cuisine lies in the elaborate array of spices, which are not only an integral aspect of our culture but also embody the ethereal connection between humans and mother nature that has been continuing for ages. It is a profound pride for each one of us that today the whole world knows the mettle and unending benefits of Indian spices.
Over the past few decades, India’s spice industry has undergone a series of rigorous developments that have made this sector more organized, more sustainable, and more adaptable to incorporating technology. The sole credit goes to the eminent leaders who have contributed their part in meticulously empowering the Indian spice industry with sustainable ideologies.

Prime Insights has brought before its readers the story of one such brand that has fulfilled the purpose of providing people with top-notch quality Indian spices in the most authentic form. As elated as we are to feature Oath Organic on the cover page of the enticing edition, “Company of the Year 2023,” knowing the company’s journey in detail was a blissful opportunity for our editorial team. Under the stalwart leadership values of its founding duo, Mr. Tarun Tej Donepudi, Founder and CEO, and Mr. Shanker Raj, Founder, Oath Organic has emerged as a reputable sustainable spice brand in the country.

The Seeds of Inception

Starting with a brief introduction about the company, Oath Organic was born in the heart of a small town in southern India named Sirsi. Sirsi, which lies in the Uttara Kannada district of Kannada, is known for its breathtakingly glorious temples, religiously imperative pilgrimage locations, and serene waterfalls.

Sirsi’s tropical climate adds more to its charm, making it a revered hotspot for the production of flavor-filled spices. In the medieval period of India, Sirsi was known as Kalyanapattana. Referred to as “The Town of Welfare” under the rule of the Sonda dynasty, Sirsi has evolved into a dense hub of bustling businesses. Hence, Oath Organic, carrying a small chunk of the etherealness of Sirsi, brings to its customers’ spices that are cultivated in the quilt of mother nature.

The Motivation Behind the Company’s Inception

Entrepreneurialism always has an ardent passion and purpose attached to it. The founders of Oath Organic, Mr. Tarun Tej Donepudi, and Mr. Shanker Raj, found a common force between them: their love for organic farming!

So one day, these two exemplary entrepreneurs decided to quit their high-paying corporate jobs and devote themselves to laying the foundation of an ethical and organic spice brand. The idea held a special meaning in their lives as it also connected them to their roots. The reason to start this journey from Sirsi was because the founders knew that, despite being a conducive place for spice cultivation, its potential was not discovered on a broader canvas.

The vision was clear, and hence the next target was to scrutinize the entire production model. The duo consciously nurtured every production process under strict compliance and cultivated spices from certified fields only. To retain the freshness of every spice, the founding duo ensured that only organic processing and packaging in compliance with international food safety regulations were followed. Continuing that vision, Oath Organic has come this far in its journey towards excellence!

A Legacy of Transformation

The journey to achieving perfection starts on the farms of Oath Organic. The farms have undergone numerous transformations to adhere to the regulations of organic standards. Oath Organic has completely vanquished the concept of using hazardous chemicals in any form whatsoever. The soil of the farms is free from pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and any type of pesticide that could degrade the quality of the soil. Placing organic farming at its core, environmentally friendly methods bring the best of nature to customers.

Oath Organic’s products do not have any artificial shine or high-contrast colors, which are generally found in excessively processed or refined alternatives. Instead, all the products of Oath Organic come with the promise of providing genuine nourishment, authentic flavors, and a natural aromatic experience.

The company adopts completely organic practices, whether it is using natural manure as fertilizer or promoting a cultivation process that is free from GMOs, harmful insecticides, and pesticides. This dedication ensures that the entire production cycle remains wholesome and untainted.

The final products are free from artificial colors, preservatives, and acidity regulators. The shelf life of the spices is increased using an age-old sterilization process in which only clean water is used to sterilize the spices with steam. This sterilization process kills the microorganisms, thereby preserving their nutritional values as well. Another remarkable fact to mention here is that Oath Organic only uses 100% biodegradable or 100% recyclable materials for its packaging to provide hassle-free customer experiences and the best convenience.

Oath OrganicLet’s Know About These Trailblazing Entrepreneurs

Mr. Tarun Tej Donepudi, who is particularly adept at solving problems and harnessing advancements, holds formidable expertise in the food and beverage sector. In 2020, when everybody was struck in their homes because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Tarun also visited his grandfather’s house in Sirsi. Awestruck by the beauty of this undiscovered region, he also gathered knowledge about the importance of home-grown spices. It was then that he saw a big business idea coming up that could bring together his interests—organic farming and entrepreneurialism, in a nutshell.

Mr. Tarun’s grandfather suggested that he set up the manufacturing base right here in Sirsi, as it would keep them closely connected with the experienced farming community. It was another cherry on top for him as Mr. Tarun got the reason to detach from the strenuous virtual world, spend time in nature’s lap, and enjoy the earthy aromas of the farmlands, and that’s the first part of the story from his end!

Oath OrganicNow, coming to the second part of the story, Mr. Shanker Raj hails from a business background and pursued his diploma in industrial electronics. Later, he realized that marketing and sales were the domains that would help him proceed in his entrepreneurial journey. It was when he was pursuing his degree in business development in Singapore that he was exposed to sustainability.

Intrigued by the entrepreneurial ideas around sustainability, he came back to India and joined his family’s business in construction. He soon realized the space was limited and could not provide employment opportunities to women on a significant scale. So, he sailed out on a search to find new opportunities to pursue his vision, and with fate’s decision, Mr. Tarun called him about his idea of starting an organic food venture. He knew that this was what he was searching for, as organic farming would fulfill Mr. Shanker’s vision of supporting women’s employment in the country.

That’s how they met, and the rest is what we are reading about through this narrative!

A Responsibility Towards Elevating Communities

Oath Organic, as mentioned above, is backed by a commitment to social responsibilities. The lush and fertile land of Sirsi not only serves as the background for their organic endeavors but also weaves a passion for sustainability. As the architects of the brand, Mr. Shanker and Mr. Tarun have given a testament to their corporate ethics by establishing a circular ecosystem for spice-farming tribal families.

Through this initiative, women coming from tribal communities are given employment opportunities and financial independence. Every purchase from Oath Organic contributes a portion of its sales to providing a sustainable income source to these tribal families in Sirsi. Indeed, it is a commendable initiative, and Prime Insights truly wishes that Oath Organic continues to flourish in the Indian spice industry. We collectively desire that Oath Organic propagate the agenda of lighting the lives of tribal communities on a widespread basis.

Another fact to be mentioned here is, that Oath Organic is a people-first business organization at its core. Their production factories are equipped with stringent quality control processes. So the workforce enjoys holistic and healthy working conditions.

The Mission in the Mind

The mission of Oath Organic is to become the most trusted brand in the spice industry while walking steadfastly on the path of conserving biodiversity, revving the quality of soil, and strengthening the livelihoods of tribal farmers and communities. The team is on the front lines to promote the auspiciousness of authentic organic spices and motivate people to switch to sustainable chocolates.

A Bouquet of Inspiring Words

Prime Insights is grateful for having Mr. Tarun Tej Donepudi and Mr. Shanker Raj join us for this feature. We are equally grateful for the opportunity to explore their illustrious entrepreneurial stories through the conversation. To close the narrative with an intent to inspire the young minds out there, we requested that the notable entrepreneurs kindly share a few words of intellect. Here is what they have to say:

“Our commitment to foster happiness and prosperity in the lives of tribal communities reminds us that no matter how challenging the situations become, it is their faith and hope that will keep us going ahead. Each time, we will emerge better than before and more perseverant than before to support these communities. We hope the young minds reading this narrative will support our vision and mission. We welcome consumers to choose Oath Organic products and contribute towards this wave of creating positive impact. Invest in a self-sustaining organic spice cultivation system where the soil is worshipped as sacred and nurtured like a child. Together, we are the change-makers, and our cohesive efforts can do the wonders our planet needs!”

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