Birth of a new technical era: Apple launches Vision Pro

Apple confirmed at WWDC 2023, the launch of Vision Pro that is sure to give birth to a new computing era, as per India Today news. This particular virtual reality gear, which combines virtual and actual worlds, was introduced by Apple on Monday. Apple CEO Tim Cook called it the beginning of a new technical era.

Apple Vision Pro is a new virtual headset from the iPhone maker and the pricing starts from $3499. Apple has always been on the verge to innovate and it is always burdened with the stress of creating something new to compete with this advancing period. It has always been relentless and persistent. Years after the company launched iPhone, it kickstarted the touch-screen era that we see around and people have been beginning to ask what is next on the platter. Several companies are seeking an answer to it and some say that it is crypto while others put their hope on AI or rather AGI (Artificial Generative AI). Mark Zuckerberg at Meta earlier had already ventured into the virtual reality space.

The Vision Pro by Apple, a perfect blend of reality with virtual is a new kind of tech gadget and Apple has clearly emphasized its use and utility, about how it is going to change the world in the same way its previous products like iPod, Mac and iPhone did earlier. At WWDC 2023, Tim Cook announced that Vision Pro is the new type of computer that will let its users merge reality and virtual spaces seamlessly. Apple is not pitching the Vision Pro as just a regular headset in virtual reality but the company desires to call it the beginning of spatial computing. According to the company, Apple uses a natural interface created around the hands and eyes of a user. A representative for Apple said that the company utilises the Mac mouse, that the iPod introduced the click-wheel, and that the multi-touch interfaces of the iPad and iPhone revolutionized technology. This version of Vision Pro is going to be controlled by hands and eyes.

Users will have to wear like other headsets but Apple is trying to solve the problem by improving the design of the device as well as through several key features that will enable users not just to look into the virtual space but also monitor their real-world surroundings.

The evolution of this gadget will occur slowly like the usage pattern and technical features and Apple believes that the Vision Pro will be a powerful entertainment and communication tool. Once someone wears it, they will be able to watch movies, play games, see photos and videos and scroll through a virtual space to play 3D games. It is a gadget with serious thought behind it. Apple has also introduced Disney CEO Bob Igor on the WWDC 2023 stage.

Igor revealed that Disney Plus is already coming to this gadget and the programs will be available to users to watch in virtual spaces. There is also a chance that Vision Pro users may be able to watch the next Marvel movie directly into immense virtual surroundings. For communication needs, the Apple Vision Pro will offer its users the ability to do video calls in virtual rooms that would be more immersive and feel really closer. Apple has shown a demo of the device already where a user wearing it witnessed a person enters a room on their Visor and then he could interact with them without taking off the gadget.


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