NETSTAIRS – Revolutionizing Digital Economy in Real-Time

A company with an experience of over 2 decades and with excellent online Video-First Strategies, NETSTAIRS has earned a global name. It manufactures Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for “Real-Time Digital Economy”. It offers an ecosystem with interactive broadcasting, collaboration and communication (iBCC-PaaS), VPV to meet the need of its clients. The fourth generation time tested mesh enabled WebRTC and HTML5 private cloud service of NETSTAIRS, PIXEL is an intelligent media and video streaming platform.
ZIMZIM is an infrastructure based on Selective Forward Unit (SFU) of NETSTAIRS that has been highly optimized to function for 5G services. Its videos are being streamed out for both desktop and mobile secured cloud group web conferencing.
Another video platform called LETSCAST.VIDEO shows artificial intelligence to be functional on one player per viewer. Any sort of scheduled event, own selected channels network, live streaming and such other volume chat promoting contents can be setup by publishers working with NETSTAIRS with all protected rights.
iCDN.VIDEO allows users to experience a sorted out interactive content delivery networks (iCDN), connected to the leading CDN providers with multiple building players. The DMR or Digital Media Room platforms come with built-in intelligent media streaming with advanced configuration. Group Video Conferencing go in live with meetings and events that are copy-paste embeddable. This makes sharing of content ideal and easier with better team collaboration and communication. Thus, NETSTAIRS provides its users either with consulting (Know-How), Technology (iBCC-PaaS), and or both.
  • The Onset of the Next-Gen Video Creator and Broadcaster

NETSTAIRS.COM is a dream-come-true software that was launched with the purpose of video streaming on the Internet in March 2000. There was a time when such things were not possible on the Internet. So, NETSTAIRS’s prime motto was to develop the most innovative video strategies and its services are based on interactive broadcasting with collaboration and communication.
CYBERMARCIAL in 2000 was the first introduced service product of NETSTAIRS which was an email video service that formed chains of networks joining all prime global ad agencies with luxurious consumer brands. 2 years later iV8 was introduced with the advent of streaming. Probably, the company’s growth took a toll after discovering this world’s first intelligent media middleware. Furthermore, the company’s growth accelerated on a multi bit-rate encoder server to deliver obstacle-free videos called C-iV8. NETSTAIRS further improved its content delivery service with the advent of mobile streaming even before Android and iOS were launched in the market. Some prominent leading partners for which they have been serving for are Level3, AKAMAI, etc. At present, they provide Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for Real-Time Video-First Broadcasting.
NETSTAIRS has come up gradually with a wide-spread channel network with outstanding digital media rooms that are highly specialized for sharing content and media. Working as a pioneer VPC service provider, today NETSTAIRS has secured a global rank by serving Telecoms, Industries, Publishers, Producers, Enterprises, Exhibitors, Entrepreneurs, TV Affiliates, Governments, Event Promoters, SMB Market and Studios.
The spontaneous, self-disciplined and a man pioneered with excellence – Ahmad Moradi is the Founder and CEO of NETSTAIRS. The years’ long deliverables with accuracy and the management of the pillars of this organization have been possible by the seamless hard work and time management of Moradi. Today, in the era of Covid-19, group watch entertainment and remote work are the new normal. He has maintained a predictive timeline and has been managing between the corporate and client’s vision to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. The concept of remote result-driven management has become the key mission of NETSTAIRS.
  • The Unmatched Struggles that Made Ahmad Moradi Unique Amongst Others

Certain character traits based on knowledge, experience, industry and engineering vary amongst various CEOs of the world. Each CEO has a different story to tell that has clarified his vision towards making something innovative. Based on the company’s size, culture, market value, ethics and business, the role and responsibilities of a CEO varies. He has to cater after some morale responsibilities.
Moradi as a CEO has carried out all morale responsibilities to manage the overall growth of the company. Some of them includes – meeting stakeholder’s expectations, work in close association with executive team management, the satisfaction of board members for their support and last but not the least, serving an efficient client base over decades. He has always remained calm, cool, focused and calculative at any perspective. Being aware of the current market trends, the changing technological phases and the impact of technology keeping a fast pace in the ongoing business of concern, he has always been working strategically with prominence.
Unlike most CEO’s, he has always set a future framework for NETSTAIRS by introducing incomparable products and launching innovative services that has accelerated the rate of ROI.
  • Offering Secured Client Service across the Globe

NETSTAIRS has signed mutual NDA with agents, channel partners, suppliers and various clients. The company does not disclose its details so as not to lose the integrity of their data. The working partners are always aware of what is getting published and whether they are in consent with the rights management obtained from the source. Currently, NETSTAIRS has been serving diversified client projects at a successful rate for having been working for the last 20 years. The clients from various corners of the world along with their projects and works have been kept confidentially private and secured under the portfolio of NETSTAIRS.
Probably, this is why NETSTAIRS has developed an unbeatable phase in securing a range of diversified clients, some of which are given below:
  • Nivea
  • Avon
  • L’Oreal
  • Coca Cola
  • Mountain Dew
  • Hilton
  • Pepsi
  • Malibu Rum
  • VYPA Corp
  • Garnier
  • Proximity and so on.

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