Mr. Viresh Keshri: Merging Blockchain and Carbon Footprint Reduction elements on a single platform


Mr. Viresh Keshri  | Offset Global Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Many companies are enjoying the top ranking in the industry. However, it is not always the company that becomes popular but the mind that started it and ran it efficiently. Viresh Keshri started Offset Global Technologies Private Limited to establish the first Indian carbon marketplace. His vision is to help many companies reach zero carbon efficiently and strategically. OffsetGo has numerous services, from the carbon footprint arsenal to reporting tools for developing and trading SDG-based carbon credit on a Blockchain platform.

How It All Started?

OffsetGo began using carbon credits to reward poor Indian waste management and recycling practices. It established an innovation lab and hired people from top universities like DTU, IIT, etc., to conduct research and conceptualise the business model. As a result, the Indian carbon markets rose to the top value chain of desirability due to their enormous and untapped potential. Early in the journey, Mr. Viresh’s vision helped the company receive honours from organisations such as Harvard University, Celo, and UNDP.

The Collaborations

The company’s employees are hardworking towards OffsetGo’s goal of rendering services to other companies in reducing carbon footprint. Mr. Viresh has helped his employees garner a long list of clients, including large corporations, climate projects and global governments in rural areas. OffsetGo questions who do not emit CO2 in this world? It is how the company defines its market. Therefore, Mr. Viresh’s idea is to connect those entities with mandates for taking sustainable action with those who can.

Employees’ Satisfaction

Employee motivation is crucial for OffsetGo because both the company and the employees benefit from their enthusiasm. The company takes great care to ensure that its staff members remain motivated and goal-focused. Mr. Viresh has established a flat hierarchical organisation where everyone has lunch and converses about everything. The people who bring success to the company are generously rewarded and given access through various channels. When Mr. Viresh says that his company’s and employees’ growth are two sides of the same coin, OffsetGo is confident that its employees believe us. More importantly, the initiatives the company launched and the work the company do have an impact on saving the planet and lifting people out of poverty and misery. In the initial interview rounds, Mr. Viresh is clearly seeking individuals committed to fighting climate change rather than working a job to survive.

Trends Boasting OffsetGo

Following market trends and reports becomes an indispensable part of any company wanting to do business in the vast and developing field of carbon in India, as per Mr. Viresh. OffsetGo views itself as a researcher, and its WhatsApp group is constantly buzzing with news reports or stories released worldwide. He suggests that one must stay current with trends in OffsetGo, whether working on the business development side, the operations side, or the project development side. Mr. Viresh encourages the younger members of his team, who obviously have a stronger connection to sustainability as a way of life, to keep bringing in pertinent information and materials so that everyone on the team can see this as both work and a potentially life-changing acquaintance.

R&D In Carbon Footprint Reduction

R&D is the cornerstone of OffsetGo’s business model. Since Mr. Viresh started the company as an innovation lab, the company has been innovating. The company has the freedom to keep developing its products and services iterations thanks to its asset-light infrastructure and tech foundation. Although OffsetGo has talented engineers, nothing is ever considered final. According to Mr. Viresh, it is something where the larger family gets to contribute in numerous ways and create something scientific/marketable in line with the evolving industry trends.

What the OffsetGo’s Future Holds?

Mr. Viresh states that for people who have already dipped their toes in the water, the opening up of compliance-based Indian carbon markets due to the paramount law change is significant. OffsetGo only sold carbon credits to customers abroad up until this point. However, it would be the first time that Indian businesses would be required to purchase carbon credits, exponentially increasing the number of Indian carbon credit projects. According to Mr. Viresh, it is good news for OffsetGo because it wants to offer a transparent sourcing and trading platform for carbon credits. The company want to make the most of its early market position. In addition, the company want to offer credibility and quality because it is aware of its importance, particularly in the sustainability field.

Rewards for The Work

The Lok Sabha speaker and the environment minister were present when OffsetGo’s youngest co-founder, Mr. Sankalp, received the National Youth Icon award from the Parliament. Apart from the co-founder, the company has also received many awards throughout its history because of the positive impact the company can have on India’s struggle with climate change. OffsetGo received a prize from Harvard University, the Institution of Engineers, and The Times Group. In addition, many organisations have invited Mr. Viresh to present his concept at venues like UNDP.

Motivation for Other CEOs

Mr. Viresh’s advice is clear for other leaders that the decisions should only be made by the leader and not by anyone watching them from a distance. According to him, challenges are always present because OffsetGo started during COVID-19 when everything was shutting down. Even so, Mr. Viresh would advise going along for the ride because he thinks everyone can steer the ship through any water, and the journey develops them somehow.

Message To The Readers

Mr. Viresh took Prime Insights Magazine’s opportunity to discuss climate change and how it affects modern society. He says that the world committed to limiting temperature increases to 1.5 degrees by the end of the century in Paris in 2015. According to him, people will surpass this target in just 8 years or in 2023, leading to an enormous 4-degree rise. Food insecurity, the refugee crisis, pandemics and flooding are just examples of this catastrophic situation. The time for taking any effective climate action is closing and small. Mr. Viresh states that Indian agricultural productivity has drastically decreased, and temperature variations cost India billions of dollars annually. Hence, OffsetGo is aware of Joshimath’s predicament and that the story is not over yet. Mr. Viresh adds that we must act immediately. He suggests that all employees and consumers can influence corporate climate action. In addition, he hopes that people will actively participate in protecting the environment by adopting a tree, recycling waste and riding in a carpool to work.

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