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We, as laymen, always admire the sports accessories of cricketers and other professional sportsmen. When it comes to footwear, admiration is no different. Our sportsmen are always in need of incredibly tough-performance, comfortable, and agile footwear to excel in their sport. What if we tell you that there is a brand that hears to the aforementioned and fuses a cricket spike with a running shoe? Without any doubt, it has to be Payntr for many specific reasons. Our editorial team had an informative conversation with Mr. Shantanu Gautam Sharma –CEO of Payntr. He has more than 25 years of experience in delivering business transformations like never before. Brand management and sales leadership concocted by implementing sustainable processes are his qualities! The luminary shared many meaningful insights about the company and how the team has come a long way in stamping its excellence. We shall be touching upon all these facts about Sniper India in this article.

Prime Insights: Please give us a brief introduction about the company and its offerings.

Mr. Shantanu Gautam Sharma: Payntr is a performance footwear brand offering its technically designed shoes for the cricket and golf fraternity across the globe. The company is headquartered in the UK and has its office in India. The distribution network is spread across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, South Africa, and India amongst other subcontinent countries. The brand is also active on classic e-commerce platforms in India and UK, the brand caters to the exquisite needs of various athletes. Additionally, the finest t-20 leg spinner Mr. Rashid Khan is the brand ambassador of Payntr. We cater to all levels of cricket players and professional athletes of different kinds, like Rashid Khan, Dimuth Karunarathne and Dhananjay D’Silva, Quinton De Kock.

Prime Insights: Please throw some light on the driving force behind the company’s foundation.

Mr. Shantanu Gautam Sharma: The main person behind the company’s inception is David Paynter, who grew indignant by the fact that cricket was lagging as other sports enjoyed the specialist footwear design. He also comprehended the needs of his fellow cricketers who wanted a shoe that amalgamates the finesse of a cricket show along with the comfort of a running shoe. David took this seriously and carried out extensive research into the trends of modern-day sporting footwear and gave it over to testing until he had developed the game-changing solution.

Prime Insights: How have you kept a balance between your personal and professional life?

Mr. Shantanu Gautam Sharma: To handle this, the key is to follow the basics, create SOPs, follow the process & routine, inculcate them in your company’s culture, and now and then things will fall in place. This will avoid unnecessary pressure at the workplace. Afterward, you reach home then switch off your phone and relax. No matter how much you work, it is never going to end. So give the best of your efforts and then once at home spend time with your dear ones. The next day, resume your work with fulfillment. Taking occasional offs from work is also an essential factor of the work-life balance. I also try to go on family holidays at least twice a year.

Prime Insights: How do you align with the ever-changing market trends?

Mr. Shantanu Gautam Sharma: We are capable enough of maintaining the pace via product innovation based on research and feedback from international players. Our network partners are our biggest strengths and they motivate us to stay relevant. We also believe that Research and Development form the backbone of our company’s growth and we invest profoundly in it.

Prime Insights: How does your company ensure employee contentment?

Mr. Shantanu Gautam Sharma: For us, our employees form the core of our success. They are an important cog in the wheel of the brand. If you want to witness an increasing trajectory then their contentment becomes inevitable. We ensure it by taking care of their financial fronts via good pay and perks. Furthermore, we also constantly involve them in imperative processes and make them feel like a part of the family. Entrusting them with diverse opportunities and ardent responsibilities is an integral exercise for employee serenity.

Prime Insights: Who do you look up to for motivation? What would you like to convey to the ones who look up to you?

Mr. Shantanu Gautam Sharma: For me, Jack Ma is my ultimate source of inspiration. For folks who look up to me, I always fetch passion and attitude. One may have a fancy degree in hand but without the needed attitude and passion for work, it’s not much of use to me.

Prime Insights: Kindly share some words of enlightenment for those CEOs who give up on their dreams.

Mr. Shantanu Gautam Sharma: CEOs are valuable assets of the entrepreneurial world. They’re the bridge between a founder and a team. The team traverses the thoughts and vision of the founder. A CEO has to pour in their mentorship to make it run into a successful stroke. So follow your dream as they do come true. One needs to trust the process of making and stay transparent to your confidence. Learn how to innovate and improve with time.

Prime Insights: What plans does the company anticipate for the future?

Mr. Shantanu Gautam Sharma: Our Company aspires to become the world’s best technical and performance-based footwear brand across multiple sports.

Prime Insights: Please tell us about the accolades and milestones of your company.

Mr. Shantanu Gautam Sharma: We are proud to elaborate that our company Payntr has carved out a captivating legacy by being in the same league for years now. We are competing with colossal giants like Adidas, puma, Asics, etc at a momentous speed. For us, it is a privilege to be counted amongst these giants. We are now in the top 3 in this category of cricket footwear.

Prime Insights: How are you exhibiting a ray of hope in society?

Mr. Shantanu Gautam Sharma: We always believe in giving back to society with our actions. For this, we support underprivileged kids with sports equipment. We acknowledge the real talent of kids coming from humble backgrounds with our footwear sponsorships.

Prime Insights: Is there any message you would like to give to our readership panel?

Mr. Shantanu Gautam Sharma: I would like the readers to know about the importance of following your passion and working with efforts in the same direction. Whether it is education, professionalism, or any other field, once you have mastered the art of giving your 100%, nobody and nothing can stop you from achieving what you manifest!

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