Durian, a plywood manufacturer since 1985, now offers quality home/office furniture, robust laminates, elegant veneers, commercial plywood, solid doors, and institutional sales. Since its founding, Mr. Sajjan Dokania has led Durian to success. Under his guidance, the company has grown to 8000 dealers, 47 furniture stores, a central storage/logistics arm, and 9 manufacturing divisions, allowing it to serve customers nationwide. Durian sells products through its website and other marketplaces with a youthful and motivated workforce. Durian Projects has executed over 8000 projects in India for notable government, corporate, and media firms. Durian’s world-class furniture has an unequaled 5-year warranty and ISI, FSC, and ISO certifications for comfort and quality. The company wants to make daily areas beautiful with elegant and comfy furniture.

Sajjan Dokania

Sajjan Dokania is Durian Industries Ltd.’s Chairman MD, Previously working as a business analyst in Kolkata. He founded the Mumbai-based corporation Durian in 1981. Over the last four decades, he has dramatically evolved the company into a fully-fledged interior solutions enterprise over the previous 4 decades. Having recognized the market requirements, Mr. Dokania established nine production units over 40 years to make Plywood, Laminates, Veneer, World Class Furniture, and Doors right here in India. Leading by example, Mr. Dokania looks into every business vertical, occasionally selecting materials and products from global.

The Durian History

The company strives to produce exceptional experiences with its products to enrich lives. Durian furniture blends its passion for client happiness with business processes and industry experience to make superior products. Laying the initial strides toward plywood’s retail and wholesale commerce in 1981, the company delved into the furniture sector in 1985 to create beautiful environments for offices and homes. After importing them, Durian began manufacturing ergonomic beds, sofas, chairs, and tables. With the modular factory, the company became a leading provider of quality office desk and storage systems, small and big orders, and several turnkey projects throughout India’s private and public sectors. The brand pioneered home-to-office, veneer-to-plywood, project-modular, and workplace solutions after 40 years of designing everyday places.

Sajjan’s Balanced Life

Sajjan Dokania’s passion and work are his life’s driving force after 40 years. He tries not to bring work home. Inculcating his philosophy of no shop conversation while with family and keeping every individual’s function in the firm without interference helps Sajjan build and maintain balance.

CEO Story

Manufacturing superior products and outstanding rendering service have been Durian’s mission since the first store opened in 1999. As Sajjan went forward, a shared commitment to who the company is, how it will get there, and where it is heading will enable it to carry on this heritage. Since 1985, Durian has designed stunning offices and homes. After importing furniture, the company started making sofas, chairs, beds, workplaces, and more. With many factories, the company grew enormously. The company’s constant pursuit of being the top furniture solution supplier has made the brand what it is today.

Durian Clients

Durian manufactures high-quality products with business and industry process experience. The company’s client base comprises seasoned homeowners wishing to acquire things that merge comfort and aesthetics to create a luxury lifestyle. Durian’s pan-India presence enables it to reach customers nationwide.

Race With the Trends

Durian believes that when someone acquires a piece of furniture, they create a memory and an experience. It is these experiences that the company aims to create for its essential customers. The company’s timeless designs improve modern Indian lifestyles with shape and function. Durian invests in its resources and people to help customers live better! The company’s catalog offers Durian imported and factory-made furniture with a selection of 700+ pieces renewed twice a year.

A Steady Growth

Durian strives for creative excellence. Besides, challenges bring new perspectives and ideas that spark business innovation. The company is cooperating with the best in the industry to apply a broader understanding of people—how they are motivated, think, and create—to a holistic account of work today.

CEOs Competition

According to Sajjan Dokania, new CEOs face different problems but more expectations. He argues that existing leaders can solve these difficulties more efficiently with managerial skills and top-notch education. Sajjan adds that CEOs solve industrial problems well and should be emulated for their go-getter mentality.

Staff Satisfaction

Durian creative thinking requires an open flow of thoughts, ideas, and dialogues with a common aim. The company’s employees must feel like they are part of the greater picture to foster action and ownership.

Sajjan’s Inspiration

Sajjan Dokania’s decade-long journey has several incidents. He’s learned from everyone- From other entrepreneurs who cooperate and work with Durian day in and out to vendors that have developed from small-scale businesses to impactful entities. H has also learned many aspects, From the company’s young employees who keep up with new market expertise to its reputable clients who have been with the company since the beginning.

Sajjan’s Thoughts on CEO Participation

Sajjan said, “It’s excellent and necessary to build the economy to our goals. Today’s CEOs have the knowledge and base to try something new, which would be difficult in larger corporations. Today’s entrepreneurs may take far more chances and excel at it as well.”

The Future Plans

Durian creates customer touchpoints in brick-and-mortar stores and experience centers to expand across India. The goal is to become India’s foremost interior solutions provider. Expanding the brand’s online presence and product offerings is crucial in the following years.

The Milestones and Achievements

  • In 1985, Durian started making plywood in Palghar.
  • In 1988, a timber-peeling plant was established in Wada, Maharashtra, to ensure quality throughout.
  • Within four years, Durian plywood demand increased. Palghar had 4 plywood factories by 1991.
  • The company opened India’s first ornamental veneer factory in Palghar, Maharashtra, in May 1995.
  • In 1998, Durian opened a state-of-the-art plant in Wada, Maharashtra, to make PVC door laminates and model doors.
  • In 1999, Durian opened an Ahmedabad home furnishings showroom with handpicked imported furniture.
  • In 2001, the company opened its largest store in Mumbai.
  • In 2006, Durian began modular workstation production at its first modular furniture facility.
  • In 2010, the company’s upholstery business began selling couches and other upholstered products due to consumers’ shifting tastes and need for branded furniture. Durian products were excellent that year. It was FSC-certified.
  • Durian’s Modular business expanded in 2012. The 52,000-square-foot facility contains cutting-edge gear for the board and household furniture. In 2012, the company commissioned a secondary ETP Plant to recycle over 10 lac liters of water/month, making the laminate unit zero-discharge.
  • Durian Furniture created a user-friendly, well-curated, and ready-made furniture website in 2015.
  • In 2017, Durian introduced leather sofas after customer demand.
  • Durian launched Wink Mattress and Beddings, a wide selection of Décor goods and interior design advice services in 2018. It was delivered to 7000+ pin codes nationwide in 2018.

Durian’s CSR

The company has always prioritized Durian community investment. Its CSR projects spread happiness and celebrate people, promoting society socioculturally. The company furnished around 1000 poor households to improve their lives.

  • Health Camps: Rajasthan-wide health/medical camps are organized by the company. Over 1000 people receive free medical drives monthly.
  • Sponsorships: The organization recognizes and sponsors 500 young architects and designers each year to empower them.

Message to New Entrepreneurs

Sajjan advises budding entrepreneurs to stay positive, trust their marketing skills, have confidence, and keep an open mind as they grow. He further says,” Believe in your decision-making capacity and take chances. Skepticism has accompanied me throughout my trip.”

Message to The Readers

Sajjan believes, “A true-to-purpose vision is crucial in the expanding entrepreneurial climate. Set new goals and dream big. Work together to achieve a goal with trust and accountability. Challenges lead to new perspectives and ideas that inspire corporate innovation, sustainable efficiencies, and greater product offers.”

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