Mr. Pukhraj Sethiya: An Industry Maven Upholding a Legacy of Innovation in the Indian Mining Industry

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Mr. Pukhraj Sethiya | ReVal Consulting Private Limited

ReVal Consulting Private Limited was established in April 2022 by industry veterans to provide comprehensive solutions to overcome technical, financial, and commercial challenges in the mining and mineral sectors. ReVal Consulting, the brainchild of two dignitary entrepreneurs, Mr. Kumar Rajesh Singh, and Mr. Pukhraj Sethiya, is etching new benchmarks of excellence in redefining the Indian mining industry. The vision cemented in the roots is to curate innovative and sustainable mining solutions at large through resource conservation, enhanced recovery, and the least cost to reduce carbon footprint.

The company synchronizes the entire life cycle of the mining business. Whether it is locating the potential mineral zone, feeding minerals to the plant, or dispatching the minerals, ReVal Consulting Private Limited intends to bring together strategic, management, commercial, financial, and technical skills to operate mining projects in various geographies and across different minerals.

ReVal Consulting is collaborating with renowned business conglomerates, mid- to small-size mining clients, government agencies, and companies that are planning to enter the mining sector both in India and overseas. At present, ReVal Consulting serves over 20 clients across diverse business sizes and profiles, including most of the major Indian companies in the mining sector.

To unveil many lesser-known facts about ReVal Consulting and explore the realms of the Indian mining industry, our editorial team invited Mr. Pukhraj Sethiya, founder and COO at ReVal Consulting Private Limited, to have an illuminating conversation. Our team had so many inquisitive questions to explore the entire brand journey of ReVal and gain valuable lessons from his entrepreneurial stint so far. We are elated to feature Mr. Pukhraj Sethiya’s entrepreneurial journey under the enticing release “The Most Inspirational Leaders in Business to Look Out for 2023”.

Back to the Inception Roots

The inception of ReVal stems from a fundamental idea: “Revalue and revalidate the business landscape and extract more value.”
Both the founders observed that existing consultants would bring their specialized skills in management or technology, but few effectively connected the dots by integrating various capabilities and delivering comprehensive solutions to clients. The responsibility of connecting the findings and recommendations from various experts across different fields fell on the shoulders of management. However, Mr. Kumar Rajesh Singh and Mr. Pukhraj Sethiya noticed numerous areas where competency and capability were lacking. Motivated by the need for a more integrated approach, they established ReVal.

“We aimed to bring together the combined competencies of technical, management, financial, and commercial expertise under one roof. Rather than tackling problems in isolation, we sought to provide holistic solutions that would deliver the best value to our clients. Roughly 15 months ago, we embarked on this journey, and within a year, we had the privilege of working with nearly every major client and company in our sector. We’ve initiated multiple projects with our clients and worked on them simultaneously, demonstrating our agility and commitment to detailed execution,” says Mr. Pukhraj Sethiya.

Prioritizing a Healthy Work-Life Balance

We asked Mr. Sethiya about his tried-and-tested mantras to maintain a healthy balance between professional and personal fronts. He believes in the integration of personal and professional lives.

“I have always attempted to align my work with my passion, which I believe is necessary to enjoy a professional life. So I prefer to diligently schedule my professional and personal priorities together to find ample time for both sides of life. I also plan my actions before starting the execution of work, which allows me to keep track of my daily goals. Lastly, as a senior person in the organization, I focus more on delegating, empowering teams, and guiding my workforce for effective execution. I show faith in the potential of my workforce and let them work under the necessary guidance and freedom.

While it is important to organize one’s professional life, I also prefer to set the right expectations with my family and make them understand my professional commitment. I have been very grateful to have a supportive family to help me manage my professional work as well as my personal life.”

Confronting Entrepreneurial Challenges

As the business ecosystem is competitive, every business leader, irrespective of their domain, has to face different kinds of struggles that are generally known to the person himself. Mr. Pukhraj Sethiya’s 15 years of professional life working as an employee taught him indelible lessons of success:

  • Exhibiting perseverance while exploring opportunities.
  • Setting high goals and keeping low expectations.
  • Avoiding early celebrations. and having patience until the end goal is reached.
  • Learning from failures and moving on with valuable lessons.
  • Building a high-performing team who is always ready for new challenges.
  • Building a supportive circle of friends and having the guidance of dedicated mentors in life.

Exploring and Learning New Trends is the Only Constant

For a consulting firm, having sound knowledge of the brewing market and continuous learning are the keys to continued success. While Mr. Sethiya emphasizes pouring in conscious efforts to learn new areas, most of the learning he does is an integral part of his organization’s work.

To understand market trends, the dignitary’s trusted source regularly connects with industry leaders. Their thought processes and ideologies give him insights into accepting and incorporating the latest market trends in business operations.

Feathers in the Cap

ReVal is emerging as an acknowledged name in mining sector consulting in India. The company has endorsed over 50+ engagements in under 15 months and has worked with almost all the leading companies in India. Solving complex engagements with the utmost proficiency has elevated ReVal’s position in the market. There are many other success stories to be talked about, and ReVal is grateful to its dedicated team, which is always ready to face and overcome numerous challenges.

Progressive Planning for the Future

Talking about ReVal Consulting’s future, Mr. Pukhraj Sethiya affirms his organization’s bright future.

“India as a country has many opportunities, and the younger generation is more energetic, brighter, full of ideas, and courageous. In such a sweet spot, I see the future of ReVal as bright, and we are already on the path to being the preferred consulting organization in the mining sector in India. We are gearing up to explore other industries. We see ourselves working with our clients not only on conceptualization but also on the implementation of projects. Further plans are to explore crucial opportunities to go global and spread our horizons!”

Empowering Words from the Luminary’s DeskMr. Pukhraj Sethiya

As we approached the wrap-up of our conversation, our editorial team extended a serene gratitude to Mr. Pukhraj Sethiya for sparing his valuable time and joining us. We asked the luminary to share some words to inspire and fuel the motivation of our extended family. Here is what he quotes:

“My message to upcoming industry leaders and Prime Insights readers would be to be open to listening and learning from everyone. It is important to understand that there are no shortcuts to success. The process itself is integral to growth, and setbacks and challenges are inevitable. It’s okay to encounter setbacks, losses, or unmet expectations. Instead of becoming disheartened, embracing these experiences as opportunities for course correction and learning is crucial. Rather than dwelling on what didn’t work out, focus on understanding what went wrong and using that knowledge to improve. Results take time, and short-term achievements don’t always guarantee long-term success.

It’s essential to remain grounded, humble and committed to achieving long-term goals and aspirations. Being open to different perspectives is crucial, as not everyone may share the same views or opinions. Lastly, but most importantly, prioritize the needs of your customers, clients, team, and family above your own. Success is interconnected with the support and satisfaction of those around you. At the end of the day, it is the collective effort of the team, the support of family, and the happiness of clients that contribute to personal success.

To walk difficult paths, one needs to be focused, which reminds me of the quote,

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.

So let’s not get distracted by stereotypes or the opinions of others and march staunchly towards our ambitions.”


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