In Conversation with Mr. Kailash Desai: Carving An Epitome of Excellence in India’s Process Industry


Mr. Kailash Desai |  Endress+Hauser India

“With business ecosystem evolving by manifolds, a change-bringing vision, and ardent passion are enough to mitigate the adversities hailing from all directions.”

Endress+Hauser is a global leader in measurement instrumentation, services, and solutions for industrial process engineering. The company provides process solutions for flow, level, pressure, analytics, temperature, recording and digital communications, and optimizing processes in terms of economic efficiency. Catering to customers from diverse industries, including chemical, food & beverage, life sciences, power & energy, mining, minerals & metals, oil & gas, and water & wastewater, Endress+Hauser (India) has traced an unwavering path of excellence.

To have an interesting tete-a-tete about the company in focus, we invited the dignitary leader Mr. Kailash Desai. The industry-maven embraces the designation of the company’s Managing Director and has written impeccable chapters of serial business perfection. He was kind enough to share many insights about his company’s portfolio and vision ahead. Join us as we feature his impactful words under the enticing segment of “10 Most Innovative CEOs to Follow in 2023”.

The Tale of Beginning

Endress+Hauser India Pvt. Ltd is a part of Endress+Hauser Group AG headquartered in Reinach Switzerland. In India, the entity was established in 1994 with a Head Office in Mumbai and later, they set up nine regional offices in major cities namely Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Delhi. Numerous branch offices and sales channels across India were further set up in the following years. Endress+Hauser India’s local Production Centers are located at Aurangabad in Maharashtra serving Asia-Pacific, South Africa, and Indian markets.

Gaining expertise in the field of instrumentation, Mr. Kailash Desai understood the core of the industry and its allied diversified markets. India is a diverse country, and the needs and demands are different in each area. The dignitary further quoted, “Our company is from the process automation and instrumentation background. It is less known to the market. We know that the only algorithm to establish our rapport in the market is to curate exemplary products, services, and solutions on grounds of utmost authenticity. To penetrate the market, we have used diversification as a strategy, and with our end-to-end solutions we stay ahead of our competition”.

Thriving Amidst Volatile Market Trends

Being in the industry for decades, the organization has been a true witness to the drastic shifts in the market trends. The agility of the proactive team working behind has made it possible for Endress+Hauser (India) to successfully endorse projects with respectable tycoons in various industries. The team is also efficient in analyzing and strategizing well ahead about the market, to be ready for change.

Stalwart Corporate Culture

The spirit of Endress+Hauser (India) is what drives the culture at the company. Friendliness, Commitment, Excellence, and Sustainability are the organization’s values that are inherent in each employee on-boarded. The family-oriented culture ensures that employees have a serene workplace to work and grow along. Mr. Kailash Desai asserts, “Our guiding principles, values, and work culture provide us with a stable framework. At the same time, they form the basis of our long-term management approach. Our customers and partners benefit from this.”

He also shared how he ended up finding his source of motivation for his passion for entrepreneurialism. He said, “As I like simplicity, my inspiration or turning point towards life was when I first met Mr. Ratan Tata in the Swiss Alps. He was standing in a queue like an ordinary person though he is a renowned businessman. Also, Mr. Klaus Endress is a very simple person, who became my source of motivation. When we met for the first time he got two cups of coffee by himself for both of us. It was a life-changing moment for me as being in that position all you need is to be grounded and connected with people and society.”


Feather in the Cap

The group has recently completed 70 years of its existence and is enthusiastically partnering with its customer base. The team has dedicated itself to helping each of its clients in improving their processes. The growth is consistently exponential and the journey has been tremendous for Endress+Hauser (India). Since 1994, the company has been serving the Indian market across industries with its innovative solutions and products. They have provided solutions to major industries which have helped to improve productivity and efficiency.

Uplifting the Society Through its CSR Initiatives

At Endress+Hauser (India), the company is passionate about laying the foundation for the future by providing vocational training to students. At its Aurangabad factory, vocational training for students is conducted to provide them with industry know-how and streamline their talent in the right direction. Students are recruited for a year and given hands-on training at Endress+Hauser’s production site along with classroom training as well. The company’s association with various universities is built on the vision to ensure sustainable human development. The association has strengthened Endress+Hauser’s agenda of building a self-reliant and self-content society. The team also donated laboratories in different universities which now help the students to observe and learn the proof of concepts that they learn in theory class.

Mr. Kailash Desai further quoted, “We in India actively engage in three main sectors for corporate social responsibility- Health, Education, and the Water sector. We all know how India is shaping its future – we have set our course to be a developed country by 2047. It has demonstrated its potential economic growth in the last decade, becoming the world’s fifth-largest economy. However, the economy cannot define the journey of the developed country. Evidence has shown that most developed countries have invested more in Healthcare. A developed country needs a sustainable, elastic, and human-centric health system. We, as a responsible company, decided to support the government in this area. We actively participated in a vaccination drive during the pandemic and, as a responsible corporate, took the initiative to successfully vaccinate people from nearby villages in Aurangabad. We also took the initiative to support the needy by supplying Ventilators, O2 concentrators, and bi-pap machines. We are also proudly supporting the government’s initiative of “Skill India’’.

Indeed, Endress+Hauser (India) is not only strengthening the realms of the Indian process industry but is also in the quest of positioning itself as a technology-driven pioneer. The company has marked decades of grand triumph on its magnificent streak. Being sought as one of the prominent names in designing high-performance and top-notch instrumentation products, the entire journey of Endress+Hauser’s spectacular growth is a testament to India’s dynamic potential in the process industry. The exclusive interview we had with Mr. Kailash Desai was nothing less than a surreal privilege for us. Under the stellar leadership of the dignitary, we are enthralled to witness Endress+Hauser (India) achieve greater heights of opulence in the future.

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