Mr. Jigar Sanghvi An Ambitious CEO Who’s Set to Transform India’s IT Infrastructure Scenario

Mr. Jigar Sanghvi | Sanghvi InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.

2021 has witnessed a surge of dynamic entrepreneurs in various industry segments. Driven by a vision to spark transformative change, these entrepreneurs have not only redefined their businesses but also their industry on the whole. The sheer passion and determination of these entrepreneurs have spurred newbies to courageously pursue their business goals. In addition, they’ve been conducive in creating a paradigm-shift for the entire Indian entrepreneurial space.
One of such dignified entrepreneurs is Mr. Jigar Sanghvi, an Ahmedabad-based entrepreneur. His company, Sanghvi InfoTech Pvt. Ltd, is among the most renowned IT, ITeS, and telecom Solutions providers of India. Sanghvi Infotech aims to connect multi-vendor computers with enterprise-wide networks. In turn, it integrates them into customer environments and provides on-going training, support, and value-added services. The highly-experienced team of the company handles the most challenging and demanding inter-network requirements effectively and effortlessly.
Thus far, Jigar has helped umpteen clients in radically transforming their IT architecture. Consequently, he has also garnered widespread recognition for his brand across a multitude of industries.
From brand versatility to reformative leadership, there are various elements that’ve constituted success for Jigar and his company. We’ll be unravelling some of these elements in this article.

An Overview of Jigar’s Brand

Sanghvi InfoTech is a Telecom and IT Infra company that offers a broad array of high-end software and systems integration solutions to clients. Some of these solutions have been listed below:

  • Connectivity Solutions
  • Telecom Infra
  • Smart City solutions
  • Web Casting
  • Home Automation
  • Audio Video solutions
  • Blockchain and IOT
  • End to End media channel solution
  • Facility Management
  • Cloud Infra and Banking solutions
  • Data Center Solutions

The company actively integrates these solutions into the client’s environment, whilst offering on-going training and support. By providing high-speed network, advanced designs, and effective implementations, the company intends to upgrade the client’s infrastructure. CEO of Sanghvi InfoTech, Jigar Sanghvi elucidates, “We are a software solution company working extensively into block chain and AI projects. We are also a media solution company that provides end-to-end set up and services to establish TV channel. Overall, we are into the domains of Voice video data software and security.”

The Brand’s Inception & Success Story

Sanghvi InfoTech was established nearly two decades ago by Mr. Jigar Sanghvi. It was around that time when the Internet and dial-up connections had gained popularity across the globe. Grabbing this opportunity, Jigar decided to come up with Sanghvi InfoTech Pvt Ltd and venture into the digital network.
Every start-up has to face challenges in its initial days. Due to lack of knowledge and skilled manpower in technology, the company too faced some daunting challenges initially. The employees that the company did hire were engineering students who had just cleared BE computer. “They were unaware of the internet technology. How this data technology can be used for business was also a question for users. It was a huge transformation for the world,” recollects Jigar.
With a zeal for technology and a passion to transform the Indian IT sector, the company has progressed consistently over the years. Today, it maintains an excellent client retention ratio and an even better clientele record. “We have almost 100 percent retention ratio for all the corporate where we are serving them since the last 20 + years,” adds Jigar.

What Sets Sanghvi Infotech Apart from Its Competitors

A successful company often possesses certain traits that make it a customer favourite. In the case of Sanghvi InfoTech, it is the timely and highly effective solutions. “If your commitments are fulfilled, then the bond of trust starts gaining its momentum and then it’s a marriage,’ affirms Jigar.
Jigar likes to refer to his client as “A God whom we serve our workmanship”, a truly unique take in today’s money-obsessed business world. He also describes Sanghvi InfoTech as more of a technical and less of a marketing company. This is primarily because clients consider it as a reliable digital partner as opposed to a “vendor”.
Being a solution-oriented company, Sanghvi prefers to get to the root cause of the problem. This enables its team to provide the best, most-effective solutions to clients.

“By providing them support in the worst scenarios like natural calamities and problems from their internal network. We indulge in root cause of the problem whether that particular installation was done by us or not, we are a supportive industry and we behave like that. Very simple way to win the hearts of client.”
                 – Jigar Sanghvi.

Jigar on his Entrepreneurial Journey & Goals

Every entrepreneur has to undergo a different journey. For Jigar, his has been a rather “exciting and ambitious one”. “Technologies attract me and I feel like a learner all the time. That’s the best thing,” he highlights.
On being asked what he plans to accomplish as an entrepreneur, he expressed his desire to support his team unconditionally. “The Pandemic has affected many and yet we have grown. I want to give a good life to my team who stood by me unconditionally. I love to work for my people and like to contribute the happiness. It’s their company, not mine,” he added.

Jigar’s Future Plans for the Company

Being the CEO of a rapidly growing company, Mr. Jigar has many ambitious plans in the pipeline. His company has recently started its own digital virtual studio,, that offers high-end VFX solutions. This is a great accomplishment for the company, as many social media influencers and celebrities have been visiting the site to shoot their content in a virtual environment.
Talking about his other plans for the company, Jigar says that he is focusing on acquiring more and more clients. His ultimate goal is to create a TATA-like group, which works on ethical and altruistic activities.

A Message for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Having been in the industry for a long while, Jigar acquired some timeless wisdom that he’d like to impart to new entrepreneurs. He shares this in his message to our readers: “Work clean, no short cuts, focus and comply with the regulations. Trust your team and share responsibility, make strategic partners and deliver what you commit.’


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