Mr. Divyesh Bhagvati: Offering Reliable and Premium PLC Systems, DCS Systems, and HMI Panels for Prompt Automation


Mr. Divyesh Bhagvati | Hema Automation India Pvt. Ltd.

A well-recognized leader in the industrial automation industry, Hema Automation is one of the most trustworthy exporters and suppliers of PLC and DCS systems and human-machine interface (HMI) panels. Hema Automation is Authorised system integrator of Rockwell Automation. The company offers industrial automation services for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Food, Beverage, Water Processing, Wastewater Management, and Metal Industries, among others. The journey started in 2010 under the leadership of Mr. Divyesh Bhagvati in a rental office at the World Trade Center in Surat with a very small team, and today Hema Automation has established its manufacturing center at Sachin, Surat, catering services to reputable businesses.
Prime Insights happened to grab the opportunity to interact with Mr. Divyesh Bhagvati, Director of Hema Automation India Pvt. Ltd. An inquisitive explorer of new technological advancements and innovations happening across the business ecosystem, Mr. Divyesh Bhagvati ardently believes that structured integration of technology within every business operation is vital for securing a sustainable trajectory of growth in the coming years.
During the conversation, he walked us through many lesser-known facts about the company’s decade-long journey, corporate values, team-building initiatives, and so much more. We are elated to feature all these insights through this cohesive narrative, under the edition “Most Ambitious Leaders of the Year 2023.”

The Core Strengths

  • Core competence in PLC and Drives customized solutions to customers
  • Manufacturing Excellence for Electrical Panels Like PCC,MCC,APFC & IMCC Panels as well as PLC & VFD Panels.
  • A variety of installation bases with major segments of industry coverage
  • Total Customer Service Support is centrally located.
  • Qualified and experienced professional engineers

Structured Training Programs

With a vision to empower fresh engineers, working professionals, and technicians, Hema Automation also provides hands-on training on PLCs, SCADA, HMI, Motion control (drives and motors), DCS, industrial networking, process control and instrumentation, panel design, etc. All the training is endorsed by the company, and learners are paid stipends for their consistent hard work. To date, Hema Automation has trained over 600 working professionals at its in-house, fully-equipped labs and facilities. The training is provided for domains like:

  • PLCs (Allen Bradley, Siemens, Schneider, etc.)
  • SCADA/HMI (Allen Bradley, Siemens, Schneider)
  • Variable Speed/Frequency Drives (Schneider)
  • HMI (Allen Bradley, Siemens, Schneider)
  • Panel Designing/AutoCAD/E-Plan
  • Process Instrumentation, Panel Control Circuits, and Industrial Networks.
  • Interviews and HR training

Divyesh Bhagvati

Walking Through the Unseen Roads

When asked about the struggles Mr. Divyesh Bhagvati had to overcome during the initial years of his entrepreneurial journey, he shared that there were times when he felt like giving up his entrepreneurial journey. Let’s hear his part of the story:
“When I started my business, after some time, I felt that I had taken the wrong decision and just should have done the job as usual. But after getting complete support and rock-solid motivation from my family, especially from my uncle, I again became motivated and understood the business rule: to set up any business, we need at least 1000 days and don’t think anything during those days, and after that, you will start gaining profit from your business. So never give up and believe in your actions.”

The Future Ahead

Hema Automation started as a proprietary company, and recently it was converted to a private limited company. In the coming years, Mr. Divyesh Bhagvati plans to list it as a public company and expand its presence in different parts of India.
“We are determined to expand our influence across India and quickly showcase the superior technical expertise of our country. The continued support and encouragement from our esteemed customers serve as the ultimate fuel for our ambitions. Hema Automation has been involved in the PLC & VFD based Automation, Electrical Power Panels and Industrial Drives & PLC Panel business since 2010 and anticipates taking the legacy forward.”

Divyesh Bhagvati

The Concluding Words

To conclude the draft with compelling words, we requested the dignitary impart our readers with influential advice and propel them towards the path of continual persistence. Here is what he said:
“I am sincerely grateful to the Prime Insights team for providing me the platform to contribute to their esteemed magazine. I am delighted to share my perspectives with the brilliant minds reading this draft. I hope that through my story, readers can understand that there is no substitute for hard work. The prospect of offering insights that may positively impact individuals on both personal and professional fronts is a privilege I deeply cherish. Witnessing a transformation in someone’s life through the influence of my thoughts would bring me immense positivity. I would like to wrap up my words with one piece of advice: Don’t lose faith in your vision and stay committed to your ambitions despite any challenges that come your way.”

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