Mr. Ayush Aggarwal: Catalysing Businesses with Seasoned Investment Strategies and Innovative Wealth Management Services


Mr. Ayush Aggarwal | SMC Private Wealth

“In the canvas of India’s financial landscape, Chief Investment Officers paint vibrant strokes of wealth creation and foresight with utmost precision.”

SMC Private Wealth, a part of SMC Global Securities Limited which is a comprehensive financial services company in India offering services across broking (equity, commodities, and currency), investment banking, wealth management, financing (retail and corporate funding), real estate advisory services, insurance broking (life and non-life), clearing services, depository services, mortgage advisory, and alternate investment fund (AIF).
The company brings together a comprehensive knowledge base with over two decades of experience to design customized solutions. The dedicated wealth managers at SMC are acknowledged for developing personalized wealth management strategies for the company’s clients by closely understanding their financial needs and goals. SMC Private Wealth’s investment solutions cater to the financial needs of high-net-worth individuals, retail clients, corporate houses, and financial institutions.
Prime Insights had the enticing opportunity to interact with a leader who is harmonizing people and processes and creating a symphony of excellence with his progressive ideology. Mr. Ayush Aggarwal | Director – SMC Group, who is currently serving as the CIO (Chief Investment Officer) – SMC Private Wealth (Division of SMC Global Securities Ltd.), joined us for an interactive conversation about his inspiring entrepreneurial stint over the years.
Mr. Ayush Aggarwal ventured into the investment field under the shadow of strong affluence and personal experience. Growing up in a family with a deep financial background exposed him to the world of business as well as the integrities of finance from an early age. His inclination towards capital markets and their potential to transform lives, motivated him to analyse more about well-thought-out investment choices. Mr. Ayush Aggarwal decided to pursue his aspiration of creating a place that not only adapted to the changing dynamics of the investment space but also provided personalized solutions.
His bouquet of knowledge is worth admiring and inspiring for numerous brilliant minds out there. Hence, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to feature Mr. Ayush Aggarwal’s story under the brand-new editorial release, “Youthful Visionary: CIO of the Year 2023”.

SMC’s Investment Philosophy

SMC Private Wealth’s investment philosophy revolves around a holistic and personalized approach. Just as every individual is unique, so are their financial needs and goals. The company adheres to the principles of asset allocation. Asset allocation involves distributing investments across different asset classes like equities, bonds, FDs, real estate, and cash to optimize the risk and returns of an individual. It’s about creating a tailored investment plan that aligns with the client’s goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon.
SMC Private Wealth considers the client’s financial objectives, age, fixed expenses, and risk appetite. A younger client aiming for growth might have a larger allocation to equities, while someone focused on capital preservation might lean more toward bonds and fixed-income assets.
To achieve this, the team employs a rigorous process that begins with Risk Profiling. By analysing client responses and assigning scores, a categorization of their risk appetite as moderate, aggressive, or defensive is performed. This provides a foundation for open communication, allowing the team to understand the client’s specific needs and preferences. In a nutshell, with these insights, a tailored asset allocation strategy is crafted. This strategy aligns with the client’s objectives, ensuring that their financial journey is guided by their requirements.

Mr. Aggarwal’s Tried and Tested Mantras for Success

“First and foremost, staying curious and always learning has been vital. The investment world is like a puzzle that’s always changing, and you need to keep up. Plus, having discipline and patience is huge for sticking to strategies. Risk management is another imperative approach to understanding and managing risks carefully.
I would also like to add that being open to innovation is a must. Markets evolve, and so should our approach. Being client-centric helps build trust and lasting relationships. Also, it’s a rollercoaster out there, so having resilience is the key. Lastly, ethics matter immensely. Transparency, honesty, and doing what’s right no matter what—that’s the foundation of my journey.”

Relentless Pursuits for Building an Astute Workforce

When discussing the essentiality of investing significantly in building the right workforce, the dignitary agreed with the fact that a cohesive and motivated team is crucial for any organization. The first step in team building is to emphasize a shared sense of purpose. SMC’s team knows that the company’s goal is to provide optimal financial solutions while prioritizing client satisfaction.
Regular communication with the workforce ensures everyone is on the same page. Keeping the workforce motivated is a priority, and recognition plays a significant role in it. SMC acknowledges achievements, whether big or small, fostering a culture of appreciation. Training and skill-development opportunities are also provided to enhance their capabilities. The work environment at SMC is one where employees’ voices are heard and ideas are valued.

Evolving to Stay Relevant in the Investment Market Environment

In today’s ever-changing market, it’s crucial to remain agile, and SMC Private Wealth achieves this by integrating several strategies. The team leverages the power of advanced analytics and algorithms to extract insights from massive datasets. This helps the team spot trends and market anomalies.
The second action plan is to analyse market shifts, economic indicators, and global events. This feat is accomplished by combining quantitative and qualitative data to fine-tune the existing strategies. Risk management is another vital aspect. SMC places adaptability and continuous learning at its core and designs its strategies to pivot when circumstances change.

Plans in the Pipeline

SMC Private Wealth is currently registered as a portfolio manager with SEBI and is already serving as an investment manager. Looking ahead, the company aims to expand its portfolio management services by obtaining a license to manage global funds under the entity of SMC Global. This aligns with their existing license from IFSCA to manage AIF Category 3 funds.
Furthermore, SMC is picking up its pace to enter the realm of Fintech by introducing an online platform through SMC Private Wealth. This platform will enable the clients to invest in mutual funds and AIFs, purchase insurance policies, and make other investments in real time. This technological advancement is in line with SMC’s commitment to providing seamless and accessible financial solutions to its clients.

Mr. Ayush Aggarwal Knowledgeable Nuggets for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Nearing the end of the conversation, we asked Mr. Ayush Aggarwal to quote some affirmative words that could fuel the aspirations of entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about exploring opportunism in the investment sector. The dignitary shares,

“My advice to budding entrepreneurs entering the investment sector would be to cultivate a strong client-centric approach and leverage the power of cutting-edge technology. Continuous learning is crucial in this ever-evolving field, enabling you to stay ahead of market trends and regulatory changes. Remember that setbacks are merely stepping stones towards growth. Embrace them with resilience and determination, for they often hold the keys to long-term success in the investment landscape. A well-structured, diversified investment portfolio not only manages risk but also opens doors to varied growth opportunities, enabling you to achieve your financial aspirations effectively.”

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