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MOBLOG MEDIA: A Visionary Digital Marketing Endeavour Of Mr. Dharmendra Singh

  • As the digital marketing industry in India booms, a few brands have managed to carve a niche for themselves in the industry. These “power-players” stand out in the game because of their top-notch service quality, a proven customer satisfaction record, and their variety of features. One such agency is MOBLOG MEDIA, which is a subsidiary of Shaurya Enterprises Solutions. Established in 2016, the company has claimed its spot among one of the most renowned digital marketing firms in the country.
  • Based in the city of Pune, MOBLOG MEDIA gives utmost priority to providing its clients with balance in their digital marketing. In the past 3 years, it has helped dozens of businesses create a strong brand presence and achieve their unique goals. Its range of services include Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, White Hat Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Brand Creation, etc.

MOBLOG MEDIA: The Brainchild Of Dharmendra Singh

  • Founded by Dharmendra Singh in 2016, MOBLOG MEDIA helps companies interact with their audience at a human level to accomplish business goals through engaging content. Mr. Singh got the urge to start MOBLOG MEDIA while he was doing a sales job in B2B Marketplace. He realized that offering the same solutions to every business is not a good strategy. It doesn’t provide the flexibility that’s needed for achieving different goals that are unique to each brand. After gaining experience and diagnosing more core problems that were present in the industry, Mr. Singh established MOBLOG MEDIA to help businesses achieve their unique marketing goals.
  • At present, MOBLOG MEDIA is catering to clients from Pune, India, and Sydney, Australia, and has more than 100 + satisfied clients onboard.

MOBLOG MEDIA’s Comprehensive Approach Towards Digital Marketing

  • MOBLOG MEDIA is founded on the belief that quality content establishes trust, creates authenticity, and provides readers with true value. It believes that the way to create this content is through working with experts and extracting their knowledge.
  • MOBLOG MEDIA believes in adopting a comprehensive, methodical approach towards digital marketing. When consulting with clients, it helps them identify the various gaps and opportunities in their approach, and accordingly generates a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with a timeline of cost analysis. Its individualised plans are made up of quality services that help clients attain their goals in a quick, hassle-free manner.
  • MOBLOG MEDIA’s process is designed to empower a brand and outfit its business with the marketing tools that are needed to succeed. It provides them a systematic plan to support their growth, limit their turnover, and put them on the right track for attaining success and profit.
  • MOBLOG MEDIA has a team of passionate marketing experts who have years of experience in the field. They adopt a comprehensive, analytical approach towards digital marketing.
  • Being hell-bent on delivering customer satisfaction, MOBLOG MEDIA adheres to the motto “Your Success Is Our Success”.

How MOBLOG MEDIA Is Different From Other Digital Marketing Agencies

  • After years of experience in the industry, Mr. Singh realized that many companies in the market wanted to hire digital marketing agencies, however, they refrained from doing so because of low budget and trust issues. To serve such companies, MOBLOG MEDIA has come up with monthly, quarterly, half yearly, and yearly digital marketing solutions.
  • For MOBLOG MEDIA, the successful business ingredients are Knowledge, Technologies, Market Trends, Customization, ROI, Transparency, and Trust. It firmly stands by these golden virtues.

The Work Culture At MOBLOG MEDIA

  • MOBLOG MEDIA’s main focus is to maintain high work life balance among the employees. For this reason, it only has 5 working days in the week.
  • The work culture in MOBLOG MEDIA places great emphasis on strong leadership. To ensure the company’s continual growth, it encourages both existing and upcoming leaders to take responsibility and inculcate the qualities needed for powerful leadership. Existing leaders can put their subordinates in positions to succeed and the best-performing employees are put on the fast track for leadership positions of their own.
  • Owing to its ingenious corporate structure, it has been able to foster a strong culture of leadership.
  • To ensure that the employees get sufficient time to unwind and refresh themselves, it also takes them for recreational activities on a quarterly basis each year.

How MOBLOG MEDIA Ensures Stringent Quality Standards

  • MOBLOG MEDIA adopts rigorous measures to ensure that there’s no compromise with the quality standards. They do this by ensuring that the company and departmental objectives are aligned. The coordinated efforts help in churning out maximum results.
  • To further prevent the comprising of service standards, the company’s team checks its annual, quarterly, and monthly objectives during the Management Review meeting.

Overcoming Digital Marketing Challenges in 2020

  • According to Mr. Singh, the very first problem they encounter with Indian clients is the negligence of Facebook Marketing. Many clients feel that Facebook is just used for “time pass”. They fail to understand the importance of Facebook marketing in growing their business. The second problem faced by the brand is clients’ trust issues. Mr. Singh believes that unless an Indian brand is established, nobody believes in the quality of their products/services, no matter how good they actually are.
  • After facing such challenges for almost 6 months, MOBLOG MEDIA has started offering Free Facebook Marketing for one week to overcome customers’ inhibitions. Ever since the launch of this offer, the company has seen a significant increase in business.

How MOBLOG MEDIA Harnesses Technology To Expand Its Clientele

  • MOBLOG MEDIA is constantly striving to adapt to the latest technological trends and patterns. To keep up with the rapidly growing technological demands, the company deploys a range of cutting-edge tools. It has developed an in-house tool to manage its operations and deadlines, while also overlooking its customer relations through monthly reports. It works as an analytical tool which the company regularly updates.
  • The company also ensures that all staff members are up to date with all the technological advances. Furthermore, it ensures that its team keeps up with new tech vocabulary and Internet Jargon. It helps them in using relevant terms and effectively communicating with people, both inside and outside the company.

The Industries Served By MOBLOG MEDIA

  • Currently, MOBLOG MEDIA has 100+ clients across multiple different industries. Its clientele includes Startups, SMEs, Schools, Individual Innovators, Spa & Wellness Centres, Builders, Real Estate Agents, Ecommerce Websites, Export Oriented Companies, Finance Management, Manufacturers, Travel management agencies, etc.

MOBLOG MEDIA’s Vision For The Future

  • Being an evolving and growing company, MOBLOG MEDIA has ambitious plans for its expansion with its successful business model. It plans to expand its reach in all semi-urban cities of India and get more international clients.
  • By delivering state-of-the-art services, MOBLOG MEDIA aspires to become the most trustworthy organization for its existing/ future clients and employees.  As new grounds mean new opportunities to the company, it seeks to extract the maximum out of each domain by expanding its customer base across multiple different industries.
  • MOBLOG MEDIA is also the pioneer in providing an all-encompassing solution to academia with respect to research and innovation through its E-Suite package. This package has greatly increased the company’s revenue and it foresees progressive growth through this offering in the future as well.

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