Mitarsh Energy Pvt. Ltd: Moving Towards an Ebullient and Value-Driven Business of Solar Energy


Mitarsh Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Solar energy has empowered the backbone of India’s power generation and has helped us to fabricate prosperous chapters for the coming generations. This sets the tone for today’s read, as our Prime Insights team has brought the brand article of Mitarsh Energy Private Limited. The company has been committed since 2017 to achieving excellence via its solar energy services. They ensure not to deviate from their vision and mission of transforming energy to make continuous developments for the people. Consistency and perseverance led Mitarsh Energy to its present. Today, they are providing services to leading tycoons and maintaining solar power plants totaling over 4500 MWp. Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Naresh Patel- Director at Mitarsh Energy Private Limited, the company is unfurling the vibrancy of solar energy. The leader joined us for an interactive session and scattered light on many crucial chapters of his company’s journey so far.

Combatting the Challenges

In the initial stages of venturing into the industry, many challenges were waiting for them. Finding the best-suitable employees, building clients’ trust, getting new orders, working under a strapped budget, time management, and using the local resources judiciously were the major challenges the company faced. The company knew the robust potential of solar energy for India’s sustainability. The largest motivation behind its inception was to leverage solar abundance and mitigate the pollution. With hope for a cleaner and healthy environment, Mr. Naresh knew the immaculate growth, solar energy production will witness in the coming decades. But with their practical approach and adaptability to the conventional shifts in the industry, the company has traced a long yet inspiring journey amidst all the obstacles.

Having the Competitive Edge

The state-of-art services and solutions are MWp Scale Solar Plant-centric. These include-

  • Comprehensive Operation
  • Maintenance Services
  • EV Charging Station
  • Inspection and Testing of all critical electrical systems
  • Annual Tests Faults Rectifications
  • Technical Analysis
  • Critical & Consumable Spare Supply.
  • Offering skilled manpower supply for O&M of solar power plants.

The company has turned the tables to success with its strategic problem-solving attitude. The team guarantees that their efforts are executed with the right methods and astute mannerisms.
With this, they have shaken hands with prestigious firms like TATA Power, NTPC, Hero Future Energy, Avaada Renewable, Renew Power, Enerson Power, Greentech Renewable, Bosch Ltd, Torrent Solar Power, Gujarat State Electricity Corp Limited, IOCL, Virescent (KKR Group), Aditya Birla, Honda Motorcycles & Scooters India Ltd, Honda Cars (India)Ltd ReNew Power, Adani Power Limited, Greenko, BOSCH, Welspun Energy Ltd, Sieman Gamesa,and ACME to name a few.

Unmatched Ideology for Building Customer Trust

As simple as it sounds, customer trust is directly proportional to the quality and transparent efforts made by a company to serve them with the best. Mitarsh Energy always chases for quick actions, dedication to maintain the same quality, commitment towards enrichment, and delivering promised services on time. The solar power generation delivered by Mitarsh has a rich legacy of converting commercial benefits for their clients. The team has the ideology of achieving the maximum output for their clientele.
With the focus being laid in the direction of improving the safety norms of the plant areas, introducing modern landscaping and beautification in all aspects, the team leaves no stone unturned in grabbing the interest of their clients and investors. The commitment to standing with customer interests has made Mitarsh’s mark in the industry and the heart of the customers. The team honors the realms of trust at all costs and takes every opportunity coming their way for making further improvements in the services. The team offers round-the-clock assistance for evaluating clients’ demands and suggestions. Moreover, the company also recommends the best economical solutions for any major breakdown at the quickest pace possible. They are also looking to develop a stronger quick response team to achieve the goal of customer satisfaction. Their reliability, perseverance, and authentic work ethics have made Mitarsh a true torch-bearer in solar power production.

Making Ardent Alliances

Customers are the supreme source of inspiration for their business. Mr. Naresh says that customers are the reason for their existence and they are the ones providing Mitarsh a space to serve the purpose. The team connects with its customers through customized interactions and active responses. The efforts made to make customers feel like an integral part of the organization are robust and seamless. The team also collects elicit feedback from their customers via surveys to incorporate the same in their service portfolio. When a consumer sees Mitarsh as a brand, an immediate image of being the indomitable leader in operating and maintaining the Solar Mega Projects with efficiency is fabricated. Leveraging the power of social media, direct marketing, mouth-to-mouth publicity, and references given to many by existing clients, the alliances and leads have become immaculately fruitful.

Upcoming Chapters to Unfold

Along with the expansion in the existing business of Solar Power production, the company is aiming to enter the business of electric vehicle and Charging Infrastructure in the coming years. They are also working relentlessly in the field of E-Waste recycling. They aim to expand the horizons of Energy Management, Reduce Carbon Footprints, and conserve Mother Nature’s finite natural resources for future generations.

Words of Wisdom

For all the young enthusiasts reading this, Mr. Naresh says that one must find their passion, study about their industry and acquire sound knowledge about various start-up firms. They should also follow the start-up leaders who’ve created an emblem of excellence with their hard work. Personal development is also quintessential to becoming an optimistic leader and so one must be prepared to make sacrifices. Get the finances prepared, find a mentor for yourself and tune up your business acumen.

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