Michael Collura: A Stalwart Entrepreneur Rephrasing the Homecare Industry

Michael Collura

Our home is the only place where everything condenses down to peace. No matter how much hustle we face, being at home, at the end of the day makes us enjoy our freedom. The home care industry has witnessed a significant boom in the past couple of decades and a plethora of customized services are being offered to make homes enigmatic to another world.

Michael ColluraCEO and President of In Home Personal Services have made everyone’s dream of enjoying admirable home care services come true. Let’s unfold the chapters of Mr. Michael Collura’s successful journey of building such a versatile brand.

In Home Personal Services is a non-medical senior care service provider and provides all-around care services to both corporate as well as operating franchises across the United States. Mr. Michael started his company back in 2004 and his legacy initiated by him continues to prosper with flying colors.

The Initial Phases of Brand Building

Mr. Michael shares the inspiration behind starting his entrepreneurial journey which is more about the growth and development achieved by a brand. Starting a business can be a spontaneous idea but only those who have got the potential and determination to excel and thrive in this competitive world. No one starts to witness failures, right? Thus the hunger to chase success shall always continue, says Mr. Michael. However, as far as franchising is concerned, the entrepreneur has a pool of opportunities to establish great things because the original brand is still here today and made those mistakes. In franchising, one can learn from the previous mistakes and correct them on calculative grounds as well.

Embarking a Balance between Personal and Professional Fronts

Upon being asked about the ultimate secret of maintaining the right balance between personal and professional life, Michael Shares that surrounding oneself with a team of individuals who’re professional and dedicated towards life does the job wonderfully. Building a team and watching them get better with you as time passes is a wonderful way to witness professionalism.

The inventiveness of Struggles in Entrepreneurship

Struggles are a pivotal necessity for creating something exceptional. Everybody has their saga of struggles and the differentiating parameter lies in the attitude to face them. One may think that he/she has a plan to hold on to things but in reality, everything can’t be controlled. Your journey is expected to take some unexpected turns which are oftentimes out of control. Adapting to these struggles and learning how to walk on those tough roads makes us unique, says Michael. During the COVID pandemic, we had a close experience of the aforesaid.

Aligning with the Contemporary Tone of the Market

Michael continues to say that keeping pace with the changing market trends is difficult but important as well. Thinking carefully about what we do and questioning your inner conscience about the chances of improvement can surely be a game-changing technique. He doesn’t compare the journey of some other company with his brand. He always believes in maintaining the unique factor of his company and standing true to the business ethics. Bringing their ideas of authenticity and innovation defines his company in a true sense.

Entrepreneurial Competition amongst the CEOs

The entrepreneurial competition is leveling up with every passing day. Moreover, every CEO is not an entrepreneur. Both the roles are different from each other in respect to various parameters and are often mistaken to be the same. Michael says that many CEOs don’t even attempt to accentuate the field they’re working in. Neither will they strive to do something out of the box for others; neither will they contribute anything to other people’s progress. If you’re a well-established CEO, you should consider giving back to society and investing in the people who’ve contributed to your journey. Once these pillars are made, the growth of a brand becomes unstoppable. So, a responsible CEO must know how to care for people first then the numbers and titles.

Being Grateful for Imperative Employees

Ensuring the overall well-being and contentment of the employees is necessary for a brand’s success. The employees who downpour their sincere efforts into building bricks of the company must be valued from the heart. A true CEO proves from their actions how much he/she values their employees and respects their hard work. Without the employees, a brand can stand nowhere, says Michael.

Helming a Hope of Prosperity for the Society

Michael is a leader with a vision of investing back in the people. Talking about the activities that are undertaken by his brand to give back to society, he explains that his company has taken a step ahead in improving the quality of those who’re under their personal care services. His company always falls for making long-term and sustainable professional connections to provide happiness with a sense of security.

Setting Charismatic Goals for Future Growth

In Home Personal Services has already taken the initiative to track a marvelous number of upcoming franchises joining their team in 2023. Michael says that the company has already achieved so much. A leader is always the one who has the power to shine brighter than before and turn every pessimistic situation into an optimistic one. The aura of positivity his brand has helmed in the lives of people is the most delicate recurring achievement out of all. They are thriving to expand their company’s business model via franchising across the United States in the coming years.

A Bonafide Essence of Motivation for Readers

Michael says that the upcoming CEOs who doubt the potential of their dreams must understand that all these thoughts come from the ignorance of other people. He advises all emerging young entrepreneurs to stop themselves from bothering their potential because of other people’s unsolicited comments. If one lets that happen, then it will profoundly affect the chapters of future success that are yet to be outshined. So get up, gear up your conscience, and don’t let anyone decimate your focus from your dream.






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