Meet Mr. Lalit Mohan Gupta: An Industry Maven in the Interior Designing Landscape Creating Greener, Turnkey, and Iconic Workplaces


Mr. Lalit Mohan Gupta | CEO | Aeiforia Constructions 


It all began for Aeiforia Constructions with a dream to provide exceptional Design and Build Solutions for sustainable architecture. In India, eco-conscious interior designing projects are attracting everybody’s interest and Aeiforia is one brand that understands the eminence of well-furnished interiors but not at the cost of the environment. The entire workforce focuses on curating sustainable corporate infrastructures all while maintaining top-notch standards of quality. We had the opportunity of having a detailed conversation with the company’s CEO Mr. Lalit Mohan Gupta who holds the chords of leadership for Aeiforia Constructions Private Limited. After working with JLL India for 15 years, he joined Aeiforia Constructions as the CEO. Witnessing the marvelous entrepreneurialism of Mr. Lalit Mohan, we now know the primary reason behind Aeiforia’s supreme legacy. Drawing motivation from the years-long experiences of his father, he is spearheading the path of perfectionism. Through his story we have the opportunity of bringing a surreal dose of inspiration to our global readership panel and our team couldn’t be more excited for the same.

Glimpses of Mr. Lalit Mohan Gupta’s Journey

It was quite natural for us to be intrigued to know about the different phases of his entrepreneurial story. He shared, “Honestly, it is quite a long story, and wrapping it into a few words is a little challenging. Aeiforia’s inception was laid back in 2005 and it took us almost six years to cement its potential. But all I can say is that my journey has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride, it is filled with new enthusiasm every day. I have witnessed so many ups and downs. Project-wise, there are lots of times when we have to spend days and nights continuously on sites. If I look at the overall picture, it has always given me the enthusiasm to move forward. I have been in the industry for more than 20 years and my family has stood with me like a strong pillar. I look at my father as my motivation and I feel he is still more energetic than me.”

Aligning with the Marketing Trends is Fundamental for Aeiforia

“Changing yourself with the ever-changing market trends is always a versatile thing to do, as it is necessary to align with what people need and look for. If a business doesn’t have the agility to change with multi-disciplinary drifts, one would never be able to succeed in the market. First is the technical way, where we talk about upgrading all the systems and incorporating efficient technological/technical tools/machinery. To bring everything under the roof of efficiency and creativity, we hire a lot of young, enthusiastic, and idea-creating individuals. These young talents always come up with modernistic ideas, new technology, and significant solutions to existing problems. We have fostered a work culture where everybody has the freedom and confidence to bring their ideas to the table. With their ideas, the entire environment keeps on vibrating with an essence of innovation.”

Essentiality of Research and Development

“Technology and R&D have brought so much exposure and strength to the business fraternity that their imperativeness can’t be expressed enough. R&D is so important for evolving with new activities and involvement. Acknowledging the same, on weekends we always organize virtual meetings with our associates from different cities in India and talk about new products, and technologies entering our industry. We discuss imparting the training to our people and empowering them with robust skills to handle various complexities. Our success story has grabbed attention across the business community and R&D has played a persuasive role in that. Some of our mega-successful collaborations have been with tycoons like Sony, Bharat Petroleum, BPCL, IOCL, HPCL, and other dignitary PSUs.”

Mr. Gupta’s Thoughts on CEO’s Competition

“There is always an equal call for competition among CEOs of today’s corporate world. I have always looked forward to learning new things from our industry’s fraternity during various seminars. This way I can incorporate improvisations in myself also. Competition is brewing at an exponential rate and in order to stay ahead of the competition, a brand must have its secret sauce to win its customer’s trust on grounds of authenticity, transparency, and integrity. Not only CEOs, but top management also plays a vital role in giving the right direction to the workforce. I believe that work culture doesn’t come from bottom to top; it is the other way around. It comes from top to bottom and CEOs should know how to channelize their employees’ potential and take the best out of them. The behavior and thought process of the top management become the ultimate source of enlightenment for finding the correct path. For those leaders who doubt their entrepreneurial passion because of some downfalls or stereotypes, I would like to let them know that the beyond-beautiful phases of success come only after passing the challenges. Many new opportunities are opening for you. The only thing you need to have is the grit to face and learn lessons from them.”

Guaranteeing an Enthusiastic Facet of Employees

“There are different HR activities that we perform for our employees other than academics and training. We take them out offsite once or maybe twice a year across cities for at least a week. We also conduct a lot of site visits within different cities to shuffle their regular responsibilities. This gives them a full-fledged ground to exercise and experiment with their capabilities. We also celebrate even the smallest of their achievements, birthdays, work anniversaries, personal occasions, and other moments of ebullience. This creates a sense of togetherness amongst our employees and keeps them motivated inside out. From a target perspective, we set up two kinds of targets namely Personal Development Target and Financial Growth Target. We give equal opportunities to our employees for their career advancement path. We give them small targets to improve their lagging perspectives and appreciate their achievements after the successful completion of those targets. It creates healthy competition for other people as well to constantly improve. Their empowerment is our empowerment!”

Plans for Future

Mr. Lalit plans to turn his business venture public by 2025. The background activities to pursue the goal were already initiated last year. Being a service-based company, Aeiforia Constructions is also planning to enter the facility management domain. After venturing into facility services, the team will work with a 5X business model. Aeiforia’s services are flag-bearers of green endeavors and promote the agenda of environmental conservation in all horizons. The team will also be coming up with many strategic initiatives to take this agenda on a broader footprint and create more energy-efficacious workplaces for the corporate industry. Technology will be a profoundly exemplary feature of Aeiforia’s upcoming services. We also support the education of children of the tribal area and workers as a token of giving back to society and we will continue performing many noble endeavors for the betterment of society.

Mr. Lalit Mohan Gupta | CEO | Aeiforia Constructions

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