Meet Mr. Arjun Anil Indulkar: Creating a Gleeful Oasis of Aquatic and Adventurous Merriment paired with delicious food for People to Weave Ever-Lasting Memories


Mr. Arjun Anil Indulkar, Diamond Parks

Reminiscing about the good old memories of visiting water and adventure parks gives everyone a sense of pure nostalgia, doesn’t it? These recreation trips rejuvenate our soul and body from the constant hustle and bustle of our lifestyles, especially when we don’t have much time to go on frequent vacations. Our brand in focus today comes straight from the city, which is regarded as the entrepreneurial spotlight of Maharashtra. Situated in Pune, Diamond Parks is a recreational hub that offers fascinating and unforgettable experiences to people with its line of verticals, namely: Water Park, Adventure Park, Carnival Games, scenic Fine-Dining Cafes, and Copa D’e Colina (HillTop Restaurant and Bar). The journey began in 1999, when Mr. Anil Indulkar and Mrs. Gauri Anil Indulkar decided to build Pune’s first and largest Water Park to fulfil the demands of its people.
The editorial team of Prime Insights invited Mr. Arjun Anil Indulkar, M.D. & C.E.O at Diamond Parks, and Mrs. Gauri Anil Indulkar, Founder and Director for an elaborative conversation, as we were eager to know the lesser-known facts about their respective entrepreneurial journeys. Mr. Arjun Anil Indulkar inspired by his proficient words and his influential charisma, we are elated to feature the unparalleled business acumen of Mr. Arjun Anil Indulkar under the enticing release “The 20 Most Inspiring CEOs to watch in 2023”.

A Quick Glance at the Company

In 1999, Mr. Anil Indulkar and Mrs. Gauri Anil Indulkar launched “Splash Mountain Water Park”, Pune’s first ever water park. Now known as Diamond Parks, it’s evolved with verticals like Adventure Park, Carnival Games, HOP A Little (indoor Kid’s play area), and stunning restaurants like Pure Vegetarian Jungle Cafe, Snack Shack, and Copa D’e Colina, (a HillTop Restaurant and Bar). The exquisite beauty of the crystal-clear blue pools and lush green ambiance that can be enjoyed through Copa De’ Colina is absolutely surreal.
Diamond Parks has become a prominent feather in the cap of Indulkar Group, by creating a niche of excellence by articulating a vibrant bouquet of serene experiences. Being a trend-setter in leisure and adhering to its customer-centricity, Diamond Waterparks continues to bring innovations to the family entertainment industry and create phenomenal moments. It is evident to witness that Diamond Parks stands tall as a living testament to the indomitable spirit of its founders and the dedication of the entire team behind them. The strategic vision has set a prime objective of developing the right product for the guests and offering the best hospitality services.

The Five Segments of Adrenaline Rush

The standards of hospitality offered by Diamond Waterparks shine across all dimensions, and it continues to serve people with the same quality of ebullience. The company predominantly serves five niches of clients: Walk-In, Families and Friend Groups, Corporate Teams, and Educational Institutions. Here are the five segments that fall under the company’s amusement umbrella:

1. Entertainment –

  • Diamond Water Park: This water park comprises 20 International Water Rides and Attractions, more than 6 gigantic water pools, a family play station, and a multilane, where people can capture the excitement and thrill as they immerse themselves in a wide array of jovial water-based activities and attractions.
  • Diamond Adventure Park: The Park hosts about 20 international adventure attractions like Rocket Bungee, Zipline, Zorbing, Archery, Rock-Climbing, and Sky and Ground Rope courses. Around 12 activities are specially curated for kids, like Tarzan Swing, Pirates Bridge, Spider Web, Commando, and much more.
  • Hop – A – Little: The dedicated section with nostalgic activities, adding fun elements as far as kids & toddlers are concerned. Kids can have a blast with clay, swing, and slides of many sizes. Hop-A-Little ignites practical knowledge of kids by introducing them to the world of business in an innovative manner.

2. Food and Beverages –

  • Copa D’e Colina: Our zeal towards innovation led us to provide mouth watering and finger licking multicuisine appetisers with the fusion of authentic mocktails and cocktails. The cozy restaurant nestled amidst nature’s beauty with a tailored menu has gained a lot of recognition from our visitors within a short time. The cup of hill, named in Spanish is getting identified by serene view, calm and natural breeze, aromatic food, and foamy cheers. What else one needs to spend the quality time with dears?
  • Jungle Cafe: The delicious aroma of vegetarian and Jain food is in the premise. The cafe is located in the laps of the hills, offering scenic pleasure and eternal peace. The menu is designed in such a manner that, the guests have acclaimed its authenticity. The connectivity of Jungle Cafe with Adventure and Water Park is in the midst.

3. Camping:

Bringing to people the experience of American-style camping, where one can indulge in the majestic view of hills, the serenity of a river flowing nearby, find themselves in the quilt of nature, and refresh their minds from the inside-out. With an exciting array of 8+ outdoor activities like valley crossing, treasure hunts, and ultimate Frisbee, amongst others, there is so much to keep people engaged!

4. Banquets:

Blessed with natural surroundings, we are well equipped with two outdoor lawns with the capacities of 200 & 300 pax respectively. We are having music system, mic ,projector facility ready with us. As per the nature of program,the fascinating services are availed. For corporate meetups, we have AC banquet with the capacity of 100 pax.

5. Events:

Our iconic themes and sections for kids, families, and corporates help the guests to choose the best for them. They cherish their unforgetable memories with us and we can witness their amazing “moments”. Party-Blast-Cake cutting-Music & Lights create goosebumps. Our premise is suitable for both formal and informal functions.

Flourishing in Multiple Manifolds

Being within Pune’s boundary, Diamond Parks attracted every citizen and served them as a perfect family destination for jovial times. As the years passed, the team periodically introduced necessary changes to rub shoulders with international standards of quality and safety. People started sharing the enigmatic experiences they had at Diamond Parks, and it slowly started gaining immense popularity among the neighbouring districts. The two decades of meticulous efforts and unwavering commitment to bring the best services to the table have borne fruit by creating millions of smiles, laughter, and long-lasting memories.
Diamond Parks finds its core strength in its reliable staff and associated workforce, who are relentlessly committed to improving the guest experience via constant training and growth. The team is unique in its focus on giving the absolute best and finding opportunities to foster continuous improvement. Diamond Parks emphasises recruiting a local workforce in order to provide equal employment opportunities. Even relevant training and product knowledge are offered at regular intervals to keep employees up to date with the company’s strategic upbringing.
“While striving towards professional excellence, maintaining personal and professional equilibrium is of uttermost necessity”, affirms Mr. Anil Indulkar. “Continuous upbringing, zest towards eternal calmness and the capacity to keep ourself in the shoes of others are the key factors, which guide us to keep professional and personal equilibrium,” he adds further.
“Continuous improvement is in our DNA, and delivering the best-in-class guest experience is the cornerstone of our success. Based on the feedback of our guests, we gain valuable insights to swiftly adapt to changing consumer trends. Thriving in this cutthroat environment requires the right mindset to navigate it. A cohesive team forms the backbone of success in any competitive landscape, and Diamond Parks is committed to the same thought process. Hence, we devote sharp focus to maintaining the holistic well-being of Diamond’s adroit team by acknowledging their umpteen contributions and motivating them to push their creative boundaries to achieve multiple feathers in their professional spheres.“asserts the C.E.O, Mr. Arjun Indulkar.

The Arms of Social Responsibilities

Diamond Parks embraces the concept of contributing towards the upliftment of society by participating in a variety of CSR activities. The company encourages free park admission for orphanages, tree plantation initiatives, and distribution of umbrellas, raincoats to the needy. The company’s dedication extends over 23 years, with numerous efforts such as free water and tea distribution during Ashadhi Wari (an annual pilgrimage and the most significant aspect of the Wari Yatra to Pandharpur, Maharashtra) building a meaningful connection with the community.

Mrs. Gauri Anil Indulkar, founder and Director of Diamond Water Parks’ Message to Women Entrepreneurs

“Women are regarded as one of the most important economic factors. We have witnessed women entrepreneurs rise like phoenixes and make their way through societal predispositions. Diamond Parks strives to encourage women’s empowerment by providing them with an equal opportunity to demonstrate their aptitude and talents. We have approximately 28% of the female workforce, and they have outshone their potential to new heights.
You should be bold enough to hold on to your ambitions, clearly define your boundaries, gain clarity on your entrepreneurial vision, and follow your inner compass. While making a pathway towards successful entrepreneurship, one will definitely hear about some stereotypes. But, as per my beliefs, stereotypes are created by people. What we take from it determines our perspective. Introspection and self evaluation boost us to overcome those stereotypes.
In addition to it, the stark quality of an assiduous entrepreneur is that he or she never stops learning and actively seeks out help. Hence, I always advise entrepreneurs to benchmark themselves against industry leaders and learn under their shadow. This will alleviate your decision-making capabilities by drawing inspiration from business leaders who possess the same values as you.

The road to entrepreneurialism already has so much to explore, so render the world’s unsolicited opinions irrelevant as you embark on a path to greatness.

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