Online marketing is another name for digital marketing in today’s terminology. Using the internet and other digital communication mediums promotes brands to make contact with potential customers. However, learning the media and skills necessary to market a brand or company online can be challenging. CEO of MDS Digital Media Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Abhishek Singh, exemplifies the 2022-23 era’s stereotypical “know-it-all” business leader. As the digital world is consistently expanding, every business seeks a way to break into the digital sphere with a big bang. This has increased the demand for digital advisors and consulting firms that helped companies to assimilate into the digital world. Mr Abhishek’s experience, abilities, and professional development will surely motivate up coming leaders in 2022 and 2023.

An Overview

MDS Digital Media locates potential customers for the benefit of their business strategies and clientele. The company focuses on helping other businesses find the best possible platform to expand. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Mr. Abhishek Singh spent 2012 interning in the United States, where he learned the value of digital and mobile marketing. When he returned to India, he started working with Value First digital media. SMS platforms held greater promise to him, and he eventually gained the necessary experience to appreciate that fully. Mr. Abhishek decided to enhance his knowledge in digital and mobile marketing in 2014. It is where the seed for his company, MDS, was planted.

Life Stability

Mr. Abhishek believes business leaders must be able to turn off and turn on their personal life to maintain a healthy work-life balance. He says “When you are running an organization, you cannot get completely disconnected from your work life or vice versa. All you have to do is take up situations as and when they come. When I am in my personal space I try to spend my time in peace but that doesn’t mean if I get work-related calls I will completely ignore them. I just try to balance between the professional and personal life as and when required.”

Behind The Scenes

Mr. Abhishek believes that the journey of being a CEO is not really frustrating, it’s a journey of excitement and enlightenment which has taught him a lot. There have to be lows and highs in our lives to understand and tackle the situations.
The objective of starting MDS Digital Media was not just to run a normal money-making organization but to create opportunities in the current market and gather a number of people who has passion and creativity in their minds.

Serving the Customers

Almost every industry is represented among the MDS clientele, whether BFSI, Travel and Tourism, Banking and Finance, Real Estate, or Health Sector.

Adjusting to Market Trends

Recently, it has been recognized as one of the Top Most Google Partners. The company is expanding its research department to understand better what areas of technology need to be developed. Since its inception, MDS has placed a heavy emphasis on technological advancements. Its goal is to provide its customers with useful applications. As a result, it plans to provide individualized services and software for its clientele. The leading team makes an effort to instil the experience of using various skill sets they possess. They coordinate the team’s internal demos and have been putting money into new technology. Mr. Abhishek says,

“There’s much to do with technical progress outside this. Hopefully, we will achieve it soon.”


The most important thing for a business to accomplish is research and development.
Mr. Abhishek says, “if you don’t research, you’re going to tumble.” MDS’s depiction of the trends indicates that it is actively seeking new ways to do things. To speed up the process MDS has been actively recruiting and accumulating further information using the resources at its disposal. Mr. Abhishek agrees that to survive in the future, MDS is taking every possible step to adapt to new technologies and welcome innovation.

Stand on CEOs Competition

Mr. Abhishek Singh believes that today’s CEOs confront greater competition on a global scale.

Insights on the Leadership

It is not just that we are issue solvers; we also empower our team members. At MDS, we ensure that every employee is empowered and capable of making their own decisions. Just be the kind of leader your followers want you to be and be a good
listener. While providing services to our clients, our personnel are completely free to exercise their own judgement. Because we think our staff members are mature and capable of making the best decisions for our clients. We just let them soar; we do not limit them in terms of abilities or way of thinking.

Inspiration to Others

Mr. Abhishek has always looked up to those who strive to be the best in all aspects of their lives. We learn from each other in our day-to-day life, Every member of his team, from the housekeeping staff, and administrative assistant to the CEO picks up something new every day through working with the rest of the company. He has always valued those who make every effort to succeed. His advice to those who look up to him is always to put up your best effort and be truthful in your dealings with others.

Thoughts on CEO’s Participation

According to Mr. Abhishek,

“you need to participate in every conceivable method to meet new clients or people, no matter what designation or tasks you are assigned.”

To keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing profession, he says, one must maintain a strong network, learn the market, and get to know one’s, future coworkers.

Advice For Businesses which didn’t take off

According to Mr. Abhishek claims,

“I am not wearing the shoes of those who are about to give up on their aspirations, but I can encourage them to give it one last try. You may have gone through a lot, but making one more attempt could help you learn and bring you one step closer to success.”

Future Plans for MDS

The business growth is predicated on cutting-edge technology. To better meet the needs of its varied clientele, MDS is exploring novel approaches and areas of service. It is actively working on expanding its global network. The company can accomplish its goals because it has the potential to do them.

Achievements and Milestones

Given its recent successes, MDS is now regarded as one of Google’s premier partners.
MDS was able to keep all of its jobs through the pandemic. Also, it was able to expand during the phase of the pandemic.
MDS growth rate is between 70% and 80%. Its staff is also expanding at a quarterly rate of 40-50%.


Mr. Abhishek is confident that even the smallest business can affect positive change through charitable giving. MDS is making small efforts toward CSR goals, including Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. Additionally, the company prioritizes the education of children from low-income families.

Message to the Readers!

The mission of MDS is to foster kindness. In his final words, Mr. Abhishek states,

“We just want to spread the phenomenon of being compassionate. All you need to know is you cannot rise unless and until you don’t let the people below you rise. Be more team-focused, and team-oriented rather than being alone or restricted. Take good care of your people and value them.”

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