Mass-Tech Controls Pvt. Ltd: A Seasoned Bigwig in the Bastion of DC UPS Manufacturing


Mass-Tech Controls Pvt. Ltd.

Mass-Tech Controls Private Limited is the flagship of The Mass-Tech Group of Industries. The company was founded in December 1993 in Mumbai by the inspiring pioneer Mr. Subhash Narayan Patil. Hailing from an academic background in electrical engineering, Mr. Patil serves as the Chairman of the Mass-Tech Group of Industries and holds phenomenal expertise in the Industrial Electronics and Microprocessor industry. As we sat down for a tete-a-tete with the company’s founder Mr. Subhash Narayan Patil, our editorial team got the opportunity of exploring the diverse aspects of Mass-Tech’s business model with him. The article is all about their exemplary triumphs, enthusiastic drive to make a difference, and benchmarks of quality.

Preface of the company

Mass-Tech is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and a leading manufacturer of industrial battery chargers and control panels. The brand offers a plethora of DC system like Battery Charging Equipment, DC Distribution Boards, Polarization Rectifiers, LV Switch Gear Panels, Cathodic protection equipments DC-DC Converters amongst others. Their services guarantee uninterrupted DC Supply Systems to high-octane clientele in the sectors of power station applicants, petrochemicals, telecommunication, Infocom, Cement & Steel, refineries, and other process industries. The brand fosters comprehensive solutions beginning from Battery Sizing to the installation, commissioning, and handing over of the DC system. The product portfolio comprises ice-breaking categories like-

  • Battery Chargers with ratings from 12V-1000V and currents up to 2000A
  • Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Panel
  • AC and DC Distribution Boards
  • AMF Panels
  • Metering Panels
  • Cathodic Protection Equipment
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers
  • Solar Inverters
  • Engineering Consultancy

With such star-struck acknowledgment both on the national and international level, the products of Mass-Tech have now reached several countries across global boundaries. The dedication exhibited by the Directors, Executives, Engineers, and the entire workforce of Mass-Tech has etched its name in golden letters. As of now, Mass-Tech deals with three different areas namely- Power Electronic Electrical Engineering and Electric Vehicle Charging Systems.

Seeds of inception

Moving ahead with his inner call of entrepreneurialism Mr. Patil started his business venture from home. For the first six months, he carried out Mass-Tech’s manufacturing processes in his friend’s factory. Soon the quality spoke for itself and Mr. Patil realized that his business venture had the potential to bloom with flying colors. He decided to establish his manufacturing unit. Afterward, the brand collaborated with numerous clients; intricately examined their requirements, completed small trial orders, and delivered services within a stipulated time frame. The zeal for serving clients with creative and future-ready services became the source of inspiration for Mass-Tech and since then the journey has traced an exponential trajectory of growth.

Highlighting the graph of achievements

Mass-Tech has entered the EV Charger field for the last six years and is making AC and DC chargers as per the requirement of the customer. Among the clients are all the tycoons of automobile manufacturers like Eicher, Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, Volvo, Mahindra, Hyundai, PMI Electromobility Force Motors, Renault Nissan, Siemens, Panasonic Life Solution, and Honda Cars BYD, Photon to name a few.
Mass-Tech Controls Pvt. Ltd has added another feather to its cap by bagging a big order for the supply of Motor Control Centers , LCPs and SIC Panel (Heat tracing panel). This order has come from International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, France which is Nuclear Fission Power Plant, is a consortium of many nations like US,UK Germany, China, Russia, South Korea and India..
It has been a moment of extreme pride for Mass-Tech, as they are the sole introducers of SMPS-based Industrial Battery Chargers, way back in 2004. Mass-Tech is also the first company to manufacture and commercially sell EV chargers from 30 KW to up to 300KW in India. The brand has successfully supplied a Dual Float cum Boost Charger with an Integral DCDB of 220V, 800A.

Dynamism comes with research and development

It’s very essential to keep evolving to keep ahead of the competition. Mass-Tech has a large R&D center in Jalgaon, where product development takes place. Mr. Patil said that he also has a joint venture in Germany, USV POWER GmbH, where he owns a 50% stake in the company. There, all the agendas of research on cutting edge technology and developmental strategies are done elaborately. At the moment the team is working on development of Fuel Cells.

Organizational culture

“From my years-long entrepreneurial stint, I would like to emphasize the essentiality of keeping your employees content as an utmost priority. It is happy employees that translate to higher outputs. I also ensure that all my employees are encouraged to keep elevating their skill sets. Their professional growth is our aisle to success. There are ups and downs in everyone’s career and one should take them in their stride, and face any adversities that come their way. Never give up on your dreams as they are what keep you going. Keep creativity in one hand and hard work on the other”, asserts Mr. Patil.

Initiatives for better tomorrow

To give back to society, Mr. Subhash has started scholarships for deserving students coming from rural India, around Jalgaon. What magnetized us right at the moment was Mr. Patil’s humanitarian notion of adopting a nearby village in Jalgaon where, along with a few like-minded friends, ensure that the children have access to get a good education and the girls also get functional literacy. Indeed, this truly reflects the aura of a responsible and visionary entrepreneur like him.

From the desk of luminary

“I started my life in a small village, Erondol, in the Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. After doing my engineering from VJTI, Mumbai, I joined my cousin’s company as an engineer. After working there for 10 years, I started Mass-Tech Controls Pvt. Ltd. Mass-Tech has successfully executed export contacts to various countries like the U.K. Indonesia, Egypt, Malaysia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc. We also have CE certification compliance as required for exports. With gigantic technological proliferation in every sector of the economy, there is an ardent need of staying updated about the latest drifts in the market. To constantly improve the standards of Mass-Tech services, I educate myself by attending seminars in India and abroad. I leverage the opportunity of meeting various experts from the technical fields and source knowledgeable insights from their experience.”

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