Masayoshi Son – An Incredible and Influential Billionaire Banker

Masayoshi Son
Masayoshi Son – An Incredible and Influential Billionaire Banker
  • Masayoshi Son is the founder and CEO of the telecommunications firm, SoftBank. His life’s journey is an inspirational one. After SoftBank, he went on to work with Yahoo and BB Technologies. Presently, he is the head of the Sprint Corporation Mobile and Telecom sector.
  • Son was born in Tosu, Japan on 11th August 1957. He graduated in economics from the University of California. From a very early age, Son developed an interest in computer chips. Gradually, he realized that computers would become the revolution of the commercial sector.
  • In 1981, the most turning point of Son’s career came when he founded SoftBank Corporation. It was an internet and telecommunication organization. 5 years later, he became the company’s Chairman and CEO. Later in 2000, he joined Yahoo Japan as its President and CEO. Furthermore, he joined the BB Technologies Corporation, currently known as the SoftBank BB Corporation.
  • By 2001, Son was successfully establishing Yahoo BB. 5 years later, Vodafone was sold to SoftBank for around 1.75 trillion Japanese Yen. Today, Yahoo BB leads the Japan’s broadband networking under Son’s leadership. About 76% of the Sprint Corporation has been also bought by Son.
  • Under Masayoshi, SoftBank has become one of the most influential organizations. Its reputation has spread worldwide. The firm takes up stakes of Supercell (Finland) and Bright Star (USA). By 2014 April, Son had already acquired a net worth of $19.7 billion and was reported to be the richest man in Japan and one of the most influential bankers of his time.
  • Masayoshi has always catered the art of taking calculated risks that pays off later. His methods of establishing the banking norms and strategic business standards is highly aspiring for young entrepreneur across the globe.
  • At present, Son’s net worth is $23 billion. He was ranked at #43 on the Forbes list of The World’s Billionaires 2019. Around 29.5% of Alibaba shares is owned by SoftBank. It was because of Son that BB has acquired Japan Telecom and made it the third largest broadband and landline provider with approximately 170,000 commercial and 600,000 residential subscribers.
  • Son had a plan of acquiring Arm Holdings and so in 2016 July, he acquired the same for around $23.4 billion, making SoftBank the largest European Technology company. About 76% shares in Sprint is under the holdings in SoftBank.
  • Around March 2018, Son made a big contribution by investing in a solar project, a 200GW development planned for Saudi Arabia. Recently, SoftBank has launched its investment vehicle, Vision Fund of about %100 billion, that will invest in advance technologies of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Robotics. Not only this, Masayoshi’s power of reach has helped launch a $100 million “Opportunity Growth Fund” to spend money in entrepreneurs of color as a mode of protest over racial injustice.
  • Son is probably the first Japanese conglomerate who has been known to invest millions in some of Silicon Valley’s biggest tech companies such as Uber, Slack, WeWork and DoorDash. His continuous series of achievements show a truly inspiring story that is itself enough motivational towards other rising business-oriented bankers across the world.

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