Ma Huateng – The Master of Technology-Giant, Tencent Inc.

Ma Huateng
Ma Huateng – The Master of Technology-Giant, Tencent Inc.
  • Ma Huateng, often nicknames as “Pony Ma” is the founder of one of the biggest internet firms in China, Tencent Inc. According to statistics of October 2014, he was the second richest person in China.
  • Ma was born on 29th October 1971. He was not only a Chinese business magnate but also a politician, philanthropist and an efficient investor. China’s biggest mobile instant messaging and other services such as media, entertainment, value-added services, online advertising, internet related services, payment systems etc. are the creations of Ma.
  • At an early age, Ma shifted to Shenzhen. He studied software engineering and graduated in 1993 from Shenzhen University. He then started to work for various companies such as Shenzen Runxun Communication Co. Ltd. and China Motion Telecom Development Ltd. He always worked as a Researcher and Developer for internet calling and paging systems.
  • Ma founded Tencent Inc. along with his 4 friends in 1998 by investing money from the stock market. The initial few years was a very tuff journey for them in terms of firm management. However, Ma kept on playing various roles for his company starting from janitor to web designer so that his firm remains consistent with other growing businesses.
  • His firm initially offered internet paging and email services. Tencent launched its internet messaging service called QQ in 1999. Ma began to offer free download services for common people to seize a large portion of the market share. This resulted in the joining of 5 million users within just a year.
  • Soon, QQ got developed so much that it added more benefits and services such as memberships and ringtones. Some more products were customized and more services were available for cellular phones.
  • Under the leadership of Ma, by 2004, Tencent became the largest instant messaging service in China. It was in June 2004 when Tencent launched its first public offering on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Other than keeping the core instant messaging business intact, Ma continued to expand his business globally. Slowly, by the end of that year, games were added to Tencent.
  • This announcement attracted more than 1 million online gaming people in China. Thus, Tencent’s eCommerce background started to flourish along with its other services. Ma signed a partnership deal with Google but did not sell out his creation.
  • WeChat, Tencent’s mobile messaging application came to the market with more than 200 million active users in 2012. By the next year, the market shares of Tencent rose so high that it was listed under Forbes Asia Fab 50 list of the region’s best companies. In 2015, Ma was honoured with the title of “Innovative CEO of the year”.
  • Ma also plans to launch an internet hospital facility aiding patients with long-distance diagnosis and 24×7 medicine delivery services on a priority basis. Not only that, but Ma also serves in the 12th National People’s Congress in China. Not only in China but in the entire whole world, Ma is a successful tech entrepreneur to transform a dream into reality.

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