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LUXE Digital Now: An innovative approach in the world of digital marketing

Out of the top 50 leading companies under “The Silicon Review”, LUXE Digital Now is the most lucrative driving energy for both digital marketing and technology solutions. It always takes us to a step ahead in the dimensions of a technology landscape. LUXE Digital Now pledges to strategically design and deliver to the clients with effective digital marketing and technology solutions. Apart from executing the best brand value, it is also a management platform that creates campaign and content that moves the world. Starting from building ecommerce campaigns to content management platforms, it designs technologies through which data can be executed and elevated by mobile apps. It is not just a leading face of digital marketing but is a thorough expert in the field of fashion, beauty, luxury and other tech services as well.
In the industrial field, LUXE Digital Now stand by their unique integrity and maintain their code of conduct with sheer professionalism. Selected experts are hailing from top tech marketing areas. This company is based on the pillars of trust, which has accounted for its continued success. Along with growing in the business environment, this organization helps to grow its clients as well. In the world of the technical explosion, this company holds a dynamic face of integrity because of the range of services offered by it:
  • Digital Marketing
  • Software Development
  • Technology Solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence
Additionally, they offer an array of digital marketing services like content marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), UX/UI design and analytics. Apart from these, they also conduct data targeted technology solutions coupled with luxury travel, mobile apps and smart mirrors system software.
  • Harsh challenges during the pandemic of Covid-19

The Covid-19 circumstances have created new challenges for the initial setup of LUXE Digital Now. The challenges have come into the areas of how they conduct themselves and cope up with the new changes in the working environment. Apart from re-strategizing, this company has also made changes in the staffing structure along with talent acquisition. However, after a tough time of making changes, LUXE Digital Now has been constantly conducting better with its clients through every thick and thin.
  • Gaining trust through uniqueness

As a leading digital marketing agency hailing from the west coast of the US, the company works with top global brands. It collaborates on various business platforms to transform itself every single day. To make a mark in the ever-evolving industrial fields, their motto is to offer the best to their clients and customers. Their established brand value is a result of their loyal customer service and support. An aptitude towards transforming the world on a digital basis and venturing into the market with an effective marketing strategy are the reasons behind their revolution.
  • Branded client base    

There is a lot of passion instilled in LUXE Digital Now about helping brands find their creative value. Founded in 2018, this company’s one-stop Luxury Digital Marketing Agency strives to help its clients work in a changing Omni channel world and execute their unique strengths to develop a desirable roadmap towards success.
  • Highlighting strategies to sustain client base

Companies like LUXE Digital Now, after the completion of 2 successful years of business have made a global face and a progressive client base. Few key strategies that are further globalizing them from a variety of perspectives, both nationally and globally are:
  • Making digitally prepared clients
  • Keeping client unity consistent
  • Utilizing technologies for project enhancement
  • Developing a key for every structure and solution
Added to these, the company is working exclusively with foreign governments to sponsor their technologies and ensure complete corporate growth. LUXE Digital Now has also provided to their clients a discount facility on their services for continuous sustainability.
  • Imprinting its effectiveness in the hearts of their customer

LUXE Digital Now has made a mark through its technologies and definite innovations in the hearts of many. In the industries of beauty and luxury, this company has made a new face amid several consumers who are still on a buying spree of cosmetics and household amenities in a post Covid-19 world. It defines moments that require both data control and automation and associates itself with deep tech roots. They consider any client or a vendor not only just as a customer but they worship the work they deliver for each of their clients. While offering their services, it is first the customers they prioritise and later considers the success of the firm. All the clients of LUXE Digital Now have established a good connection with the brands they work for. This has paved an easy way to sustain both loyalty and trust between the company and its clients based on service and support.
  • Associating with brand corporates for better optimization

Both the digital marketing services as well as the technology solutions of LUXE Digital Now have been their effective marketing initiatives. They work with corporate beauty companies to maintain an aptitude towards the evolving digital transformation and also establishes their digital presence through this. The KPI performance is the principal aspect that they perform and deliver to their best. Recently, it has developed a stronger presence using artificial intelligence and related technologies on the platforms of the data performance of the company. No doubt why they deliver splendid results.
  • The extent of consumer trust on their brand value

By introducing newly categorized changes in technology and artificial intelligence, they have secured an assured brand value on which the consumers can easily levy their trust. LUXE Digital Now, nowadays, conducts market research and survey to understand the principle behind their audience support and the consumerism behavioural patterns. This, in turn, helps in better understanding of the requirements of its customers, the market and establish better platforms for the future. They plan to establish as leaders and purveyors of technology solutions for both cases of luxury and beauty industries, including the space technology sector. As a developing entrepreneur, their journey has been unique throughout. It has also been enterprising, educational as well as challenging. They have established themselves as experts in every field they work in.
The primary motto of LUXE Digital Now is completely based on professionalism. Their main lookout is to perform the best in support of their projects. They enable businesses to expand visibility and amplifies them across the digital space. Every work is completely based on their software platform and services they deliver to their clients. Upon creating compelling digital presence on social platforms and websites, they have proved and paved their way to touch any milestone in the field of digital marketing. Their awards and affiliations are themselves the voice behind their success. Some of their most appealing awards and recognitions include AMA awards, VIVA technological awards; they have also been listed in the top 50 Elite and featured in the top 100 magazines.
Let us peek into some of the advanced technologies that LUXE Digital Now work with:
  • AiDAS – It is an artificial intelligence cloud program exclusively made for global corporations. It gains complete autonomy of their entire digital marketing, digital technologies and ecommerce data.
  • Premier Jet App – It is a private jet charter app which is the world’s first and leading one in digital marketing. It can be easily installed in Android and iOS phones and can find any luxury brands with its exclusive global mapping system.
  • Liquid Beauty AI – In the beauty sector of LUXE Digital Now, it is the leading speciality AR/AI system for the retailer in the beauty sector. It utilizes a new 3D augmented reality mirror on a user’s face photo-realistically by simulating cosmetics in real-time. It expects to transform how women shop for cosmetics.
LUXE Digital Now delivers value at any entry point recognized by their client. Their project methodologies depend on the scope of the project, brand management, appropriate technologies and best practices. Seeking guidance from the industrial partners, they work per knowledge-based forums to stay current on their selection of consulting partners and project management deliverables. Some prime services on which the brand value of LUXE Digital Now is based on:
  • SEO Management – The firm’s core competencies are digital marketing, digital communication and content management drivers consulting.
  • Digital Solutions The Company’s services are innovative as it makes the use of the best of digital communications and remote consulting devices.
  • Strong ROI The firm’s core competencies are also based on the set of 3 aspects viz. artificial intelligence, technology solutions and software development.
  • Innovative Consulting – The Company’s consulting services are remarkable since they are based on the platforms of digital communications and remote consulting devices to work with their clients, seamlessly across the globe.
  • The multifaceted pillars of LUXE Digital Now

For a company to reach the heights of stardom requires not just advanced technologies but also efficient and talented minds to implement innovative strategies. Such is a case of LUXE Digital Now, which is what it is today because of the multifaceted pillars who have constantly upheld the company’s dimensions towards unparalleled success. Leading the organization, are – the award-winning digital marketing executive, Jacqueline Hudson, who is also the CEO and founder of the company along with Steven Thorsen, who is an award-winning marketing and advertising executive along with being the strategic leader partner of LUXE Digital Now.
  • Future goals of LUXE Digital Now

The prime target behind the renowned digital marketing setup of LUXE Digital Now is to achieve technical integrity, leadership in the industry and the ability to widen their technology solutions to levels of space explorations. Additionally, they believe in education and establishing solutions for the digital marketing industry. Also, they empower their aspirations as an emerging entrepreneur in the world of artificial intelligence. The services of LUXE Digital Now includes comprehensive technologies that enable them to seek opportunities and identify gaps. This results in making a comprehensive report that includes a concrete project plan designed with optimum cost analysis and strict timelines. The services of digital marketing are based on quality and advanced technologies that will spontaneously add immediate ROI, as per requirement.
  • Why LUXE Digital Now is the only splendid choice for digital marketing and technology solutions

Owing to the rampant outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, the world right now seems to be in absolute terror. The economic side has been succumbed to a lot of chaos due to the number of positive cases and death tolls. Normal lives have been disrupted due to social distancing and hindered travelling. However, amid such a catastrophe, there are only a few organizations that have ensured to perform with such consistency. One such company is LUXE Digital Now, which is the only current global organization with a wide variety of digital services under one roof, including Digital Marketing, Software Development, DATA Science, Technology Solutions, ecommerce Solution, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Its broad range of marketing concepts has brought several industrial banners like beauty, fashion, luxury and technology industries under diverse marketing fields.

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