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Marching Staunchly with a Firmer Sense of Environment Consciousness in the Indian Transportation Industry


Lord’s Automative

Imagine a scenario where transportation becomes sustainable, greener, significantly more cost-effective, and promises longevity. It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it isn’t a dream for us anymore. In the past few decades, people have understood the imperativeness of sustainability. But when it comes to the transportation industry, making sustainable choices in vehicles is either not cost-efficient or doesn’t promise impeccable quality for the money.
But here is where today’s company in focus, Lord’s Automative, has created a disruption and taken center stage for revamping the Indian transportation industry with its line of remarkable products. The journey of Lord’s Automative began in 2020, when the company understood that transportation needed to become more resilient and greener for the unprecedented growth of India’s economy. They introduced avant-garde, eco-friendly 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers that continue to exhibit an emblem of Sustainability, Cost Efficiency, Energy Intelligence, Exemplary quality, and Comfort.
The 5-A’s—Adaptability, Awareness, Availability, Affordability, and Aftersales, guide the company’s actions and motivates the team to go an extra mile for the customer base. It is through these 5As that Lord’s Automative has positioned itself as a credible and trustworthy Indian brand that delivers the best electric vehicles to the nation.
With that already being highlighted, we are excited to tell our global readership panel that our editorial team delved into a free-wheeling conversation with Dr. Veer Singh, CEO of Lord’s Automative, to discuss many lesser-known facts about the company’s supreme mission and vision ahead. With an ardent passion for sustainable transportation and a deep understanding of the industry, Dr. Veer Singh has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the future of transportation.
Through this interaction, we also got to witness his marvellous standards of quality leadership and future-sightedness. His entrepreneurial journey is one of a kind and exudes excellence at every turn. Hence, it was a mandate for us to feature his words along with the entire journey of Lord’s Automative under the enticing edition “Most Innovative Company of the Year 2023”.

Standing Strong in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Just a month after its inception, the brand encountered the COVID-19 lockdown. But as it is said, “When there is an iron will and passion in your spirit, then nothing can stop the wonders from happening”, Lord’s Automative continued to work with their vision, designed vehicles by intricately examining the Indian market and ongoing demands of the people and achieved success.

A Glimpse of the Product Portfolio

Lord’s Automative is predominantly engaged in manufacturing and supplying 2/3-Wheelers, the L3/L5 Vehicle category, and Hybrid Electric Scooter Retro kits through its own dealer network across India. Currently, the company has:

  • 6 variants in L3 E-Rickshaw/E-Loader/E-Garbage Products 3-Wheeler Category
  • Lord’s Zoom and Lord’s Zoom Plus L3 Models in the 2-Wheeler Category
  • Lord’s Automative is also coming up with a high-speed electric two-wheeler, a Loader/Cargo, and an L5 Auto/Loader to meet the various demands of the country for last-mile connectivity.

Lord’s Automative Lord’s Automative Lord’s Automative

The company believes that indigenous products are more promising both in terms of quality and cost. Lord’s Automative relentlessly conducts various experiments and inculcates strategies that align with diverse customer expectations on the grounds of reliability and availability. In addition to that, the line of services comes with zero tolerance for quality and compliance set by the government of India.
To provide clients with end-to-end services, the brand believes in imparting the required knowledge. The R&D team examines a plethora of queries from its clients and dealers and curates tailored solutions. The pivotal USP lies in maintaining high levels of transparency with clients and delivering commendable returns with low investments.

Implementing a Customer-First Approach

Building unshakeable alliances with the client and securing their trust across all lengths and breadths play an essential role in positioning the market reputation of any organization. Lord’s Automative stands on the front foot to assist customers at any time of the day. The teams’ support ensures that each client receives best-in-class quality deliverables. Elucidating this further, Dr. Veer Singh says,
“Our customer-support services are agile and revolve around the contentment of our customers. We provide them with swift assistance regarding part replacement, vehicle delivery, DIY videos to maintain the vehicle, running in all kinds of weather, taking care of the batteries, etc. In addition to it, we also offer convenient doorstep service, business promotion, dedicated marketing, and sales support. Our vision aligns with all our clients, i.e., to keep our environment healthy without affecting our transportation needs.
It is important to remember that customers pay more attention to what is listed on the price tag. They are vigilant for time, energy, and emotional costs. These factors have a significant impact on their decision to purchase products. Concerning all these things, we try to keep our customers happy by entertaining even the smallest of their queries and helping them grow with our products that are made to sustain a long life in an affordable price range.”

Fostering an Inclusive Employee-Centric Work Culture

Lord’s Automative is committed to enforcing the equal opportunity policy during every phase of recruiting and selection. Unless legally permitted for certain specific roles, shortlisting, interviews, and selections are always done without consideration of gender, marital status, color, ethnicity, nationality, religious belief, or age.
A healthy work-life balance at Lord’s Automative involves giving equal importance to one’s profession, family, and the activities the employee enjoys doing on a personal level. The company pours in its unwavering commitment to motivating our workers to divide their time between professional and personal spheres for a perfectly balanced existence.

Upcoming Goals for the Future

As mentioned above as well, Lord’s Automative is coming up with a high-speed electric two-wheeler, a loader/cargo, and an L5 Auto/loader to meet the various demands for last-mile connectivity.
The team envisions its electric vehicles in every lane of the country, thus standing true to its tagline, “Har Ghar, Har Gali Lord’s ki EV”. With more than 16000+ vehicles sold in 22 states with 267+ dealers, the company’s dream is pacing towards reality. As Lord’s Automative penetrates deeper into rural areas, it has become the most loved EV for SMEs’ daily commute needs.
“Our mission is to constantly produce top quality electric 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers for country’s citizens that will give them a delightful experience every time. In this fiscal year, the company is looking to expand its dealer network up to 500 dealers, hence looking for entrepreneurial people to join hands for long-term growth and betterment for the country. Lord’s Automative aims to go global by sharing its expertise in the field and co-creating products for the global market.” Says the CEO, Dr. Veer Singh.

Words of Wisdom for the Readers

Intended to raise awareness, evoke thoughtfulness, and encourage a deeper level of acceptance towards sustainable transportation, here are some words that Dr. Veer Singh shares with our global audience.
“Today’s hazards of pollution, both to human existence and the environment, are unavoidable. As responsible descendants of our future generations, we need to inculcate imperative sustainable choices to reduce the footprint of pollution. The scenario of eco-friendly vehicles has gained immense attention with the invasion of technology and automation in the transportation industry. To make the planet more sustainable and promote the adoption of eco-friendly green technology, we are proud to say that Lord’s Automative Pvt Ltd. has brought the best to the table.”

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