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Librari App

An Inspiring Beginning: How the Birth of Librari was conspired

The best ideas are never a result of accident. While to an extent this might hold truth, later on it’s a blend of ingenuity & computational thinking that gives birth to a true masterpiece.
This is all the more true with regards to technology – which is beyond a doubt the most life-changing aspect of man’s modernized existence . Even more striking are the geniuses behind the aforesaid masterpieces.
They not only inspire younger entrepreneurs – but also in the process spark a whole new thought revolution.
The inception of Librari – a novel app that’s taking the Edutech space by storm – is exactly a testament to this. An entrepreneur’s wholehearted vision for touching the lives of young kids.
With the technology for avant-garde thought, Librari has extended its micro learning platform to thousands of students ever since its conception during the pandemic.
There’s a strong “why” behind Librari’s ideation that the co-founder & CEO, Mr. Rengarajan M, himself would like to elaborate.

Rengarajan On His Brand Purpose: What Led To It?

The inspiration of Librari came to me from my sons. The pandemic gave me an opportunity to spend time with them and understand their learning styles and patterns. I found some unique ways of learning/ understanding the concepts. I extended my research to a larger network and found similar learning styles and patterns.
To fill the ever-conspicuous gap in the current market, Librari was started to help with what current students are facing.

Librari – the study buddy app for every student provides the students with a quick micro learning platform. Over the past few months, we have been making the platform itself, its content, and working on a marketing plan. As a result, we now have our APP on the Playstore with academic concept videos from Class 1 to 12 based on NCERT syllabus.
It is not money that drives us, but the unequivocal hunger to master trends and help hundreds of millions of students become better.

Prime Insights: Is there a Specific Reason Students Gravitate Towards a Platform Like Librari?

Mr. Rengarajan: It would be an understatement to say that mobile learning is right now an all-pervasive trend. Not only does it make learning flexible and accessible, but it also makes it available Just-In-Time.
Microlearning courses go hand in hand with this approach. So, you get to deliver bites of content, which can be quickly accessed by the students For example, you can empower students to learn a academic concept easily. Or rather, you may want to help them improve their extra-curricular, like dance, music, yoga, etc.
Above all, such bite-sized mobile Learning videos will bring higher engagement while they’ll also increase completion rates as well.

Quite frankly, the possibilities are endless – thanks to the avant-gardism of such tech.

Prime Insights: What does the Membership of the App look like?

Mr. Rengarajan: We operate on a subscription model both B2C and B2B2C.
We are also providing Librari as a revision tool to K12 schools.
At present, we have 25 schools currently using Librari APP for their students learning. Currently we have 80K installs on Android with 5k Paid users.
In the long run, we are on a mission of making learning affordable for Gen Z students and target Tier 1,2 & 3 cities across India. We also are distinguished for our remarkably affordable subscription price of only INR 99/month (for the B2C model).

Prime Insights: What Are Your Thoughts on the Anxiety Experienced By Kids Nowadays? As you Seem to Place a Special Focus on the Same Through the App

Mr. Rengarajan: It’s an unequivocal fact that kids nowadays are at a greater likelihood of experiencing anxiety & restlessness. Mostly due to the sedentary lifestyle they experience. That being said, I believe it’s our responsibility to help in the aforesaid matter through whatever technological means possible.
Librari harnesses a Distraction-Free Micro-Learning Platform focused on both academics as well as extracurricular activities. There’s all in all a harmonious and complimentary blend of both to facilitate the maximal mental wellbeing of students.

The salient features of the app include:

  • Byte-sized animation videos & practice tests: Animated Videos for CBSE and ICSE Class 1– 12.
  • Fun Questions & Quizzes: Various engaging quizzes on various topics.
  • Redeemable Librari Coins: Collected Librari Coins can be redeemed in the app’s Bazaar for an extensive list of products for students.

Prime Insights: Any milestones that the company is proud of?

Mr. Rengarajan: In a relatively short period of time, Librari has created a powerful altar for its services through its immense market impact:

Thus far, these are the metrics garnered by the app in the online space:

  1. 138 5-Star Ratings
  2. Overall 4.8/5 Star Ratings
  3. 80000+ Downloads
  4. Tens of thousands of satisfied & long-term associated students as well as parents.

These metrics are seeing an incessant rise day after day. In some course of time, they’re likely to achieve a more defined presence across multiple online avenues.

Prime Insights: With the schools reopening, there’s quite conspicuously a decline in the use of Edutech apps. In this context, do you see a dismal trend for apps like Librari?

Mr. Rengarajan: We are a unlimited fun & learning app for Gen Z students with academic concept videos curated by experts. So we don’t compete with their school learning or other learning modes rather we compliment their learning process. In this scenario, we simply give them a spur and aren’t a learning substitute.
We help them maximize their academic performance through the utmost holistic use of their cognitive faculties. Mental, emotional, visual as well as auditory senses.

Prime Insights: What Is The Greater Vision You Have For Your Brand?

Mr. Rengarajan: Overall – in the greater avenues of our business proliferation, we wish to be the next big thing in online education. Our hallmark being short, engaging videos that one can watch anytime & anywhere.
This format will likely take a fair portion of the educational market, forming an entirely new niche in the Edutech space. It’s very likely that Librari will become a market leader in that segment – with an impact that’s nationally and also internationally palpable.

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