LG’s Slide Trademark Suggests a New Name for Your Rollable Smartphone

LG filed a new types of trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) under the name LG Slide.And its all about the LG development of level and This is comes just two days after the South Korean electronics maker had filed a trademark for the name LG Rollable.
Here is The new technology gives way to more speculation about what LG’s upcoming rollable OLED smartphone, expected to launch in March next year, will be finally called. it is clear that LG is working on a rollable smartphone expected to launch in March 2021, more details are likely to be revealed soon. Here is recently, the upcoming rollable smartphone by LG was referred to as ‘Project B.’ As per the same report by LetsGoDigital, the company had filed a trademark last year for the name LG Roll.
Apart from the LG Slide point of view and LG Rollable have both been described as “ smartphones ” and do not offer further details. And Since the smartphone in question is expected to have a roll-up screen that can be extended to either side of the phone, it is possible that the phone could possibly be named by LG as LG Rollable or LG Slide.Recently the development leaves room for speculation on the name of LG’s next rollable OLED smartphone. The smartphone is complete to launch in March 2021, more details will likely be revealed shortly. Until recently, LG’s future roll-up smartphone was called “ Project B.
And here is the main factor about this. And According to the like same report from LetsGoDigital, the company filed a trademark last year for the name LG Roll.Apart from respect to this patenting several rollable smartphone designs, LG even teased a smartphone with an extendable display during the LG Wing launch. Consider about of these two newly trademarked names, the company might use one of them for its second smartphone under the Explorer Project.
Theall about improvement offers solution to hypothesis  and  what LG’s upcoming rollable OLED smartphone shall be known asThere can also be hypothesis that LG Slide and LG Rollable may become two totally different smartphones, though nothing has been talked about by the corporate for now. Since it’s all about clear that LG is engaged on a rollable smartphone anticipated to launch in March 2021, extra particulars are more likely to be revealed quickly. 
After all, both the development and trademarked names could be used for two completely different smartphones. LG submitted the application for registering “LG Slide” as a trademark for its new smartphone on November 4. Here is no other information is available about the device. Its generate, the listed categories suggest the device might even come with support for a stylus.The analysis about some company and Even Samsung might add S Pen support for its upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 launching in 2021.
Before some time back the company has also trademarked several other names, including LG The Roll, LG Double Roll, LG Dual Roll, LG Bi-Roll, LG Roll Canvas, LG Flex, and LG Duplex there are many types of options available. And the current-gen foldable devices, modern features, the rollable devices won’t create the crease. Moreover, created a successful doing the business and the device with a rollable display can also be a lot slimmer than foldable smartphones. Apart from the  LG, China’s TCL is also working on a couple of rollable devices. And this is recently demoed the vertically and horizontally expanding modern smartphones featuring flexible OLED displays. And Apart from modern teasing during the LG Wing announcement, there is no any other substantial information regarding the rumored Project B smartphone.

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