lessburn: Mr. Ramesh’s Initiative To Help Companies “Burn Less” Operational Capital

  • Consulting firms play a pivotal role in the overall growth and development of any business. They not only help the business overcome challenges and difficulties, but also in the re-establishment of their brand in the market.
  • lessburn is one of the fastest growing consulting firms in India that provides top notch growth and development solutions to businesses. Based in Coimbatore, India, the company provides a broad range of services like Business Information Services, Digital Marketing & Business Support Services to multinational companies as well as start-ups.

lessburn: A One-Stop Business Consultancy Solution Provider

  • lessburn is a Growth Consulting firm that provides highly accurate Business Information with a stipulated turnaround time. The company has an SLA & TAT driven team serving leading Data Service providers from across the globe.
  • The company has also partnered with renowned companies across PAN India, helping them with their Branding and Digital Marketing needs. Founder & CEO of lessburn, Mr. Ramesh Srinivasan says “With a penchant for the result-oriented businesses, capitalizing the market research capabilities and coupling it with creative and strategic approaches, lessburn, true to its name, ensures that you ‘Burn Less’ of your Operational Expenditure of your business, while still reaping maximum profits.”
  • The company also specializes in Lead Generation, User Acquisition, Growth Hacking, UI/UX, Inside Sales and Marketing Support, Virtual Assistant, Virtual Recruiting, Business Development, etc.

“Burn your Operating Capital Less with lessburn”

  • The company prides itself in reducing its clients’ burden associated with high operational costs. It stands by the slogan “Burn Your Operating Capital Less with lessburn”. As of recently, lessburn has enhanced their Business Support Services by partnering up with a few companies from the UK, US, and Europe. Their intent is to deduct the operational cost by 60% by recruiting a virtual support team instead of setting up an In-House team.
  • With a team of 60+ experts, the company aims at serving end-to-end Digital Marketing, Business Support and Market Research services through Digital marketing campaigns.

Mr. Ramesh’s Inspiration Behind Starting lessburn

  • After completing his tenure as the Director of Data Operations and Marketing Support at a leading business information company, with a leading team of more than 90 researchers, Mr. Ramesh decided to launch lessburn. His idea was to help budding businesses with Digital marketing services, and SaaS businesses with Growth Hacking, Marketing Automation and User Acquisition strategies.
  • Mr. Ramesh felt that most of such SaaS based start-up owners were hardcore Techies having little to no knowledge about real marketing strategies, which is why offering such services to such start-ups would be helpful. “The inception of lessburn was a boon for many businesses then to evolve their marketing strategies with a creative plan proposed by lessburn to supercharge their sales funnel.” He added.

lessburn’s Challenges As A Growth Consulting Firm

  • When asked about the initial challenges faced by lessburn, Mr. Ramesh said “To go an extra mile in the industry, initially we worked on stabilizing our Unique Selling Proposition to differentiate us from our competitors. We made it by offering various Digital Marketing services under one-roof. The fact that we surprise our clients with what all we can do makes us outstanding.”
  • Mr. Ramesh started the company single-handedly, from zero. He dedicated his time and energy in finding like-minded team members whom he could travel with for the next few years. “It’s been three years since inception, still we have zero employee churn-rate. Since we value each one’s skills and knowledge, lessburn provides the platform to implement everyone’s idea to build a better plan.” He added.
  • Today, with a team of over 60 members and an annual turnover of almost Rs. 2 crores, Mr. Ramesh feels that the growth of lessburn has been an organic one. The company is very particular about their team and the overall growth of each member. He says, “Every member of our team has undergone a brilliant evolution after beginning their journey with lessburn. That is what matters the most, is it not?”
  • Mr. Ramesh truly believes that lessburn’s success should be credited to the sheer talent and creativity of its team and the relationship that the brand has maintained with its clients.

lessburn’s Customer-Centric Approach To Consulting

  • Mr. Ramesh feels that in today’s day and age, it is quite difficult to grab the customer’s attention, however, its easier to gain their trust by delivering results that exceed their expectations. That’s why the company follows the slogan “You Grow, We Grow”.
  • “We don’t aim to acquire more clients, but take pride in serving the limited one to give full concentration on a leveraging particular brand. At the same time, we don’t work with clients from the same industry to prevent conflict of interests. With carefully structuring the promotional calendar right from the plan to execution, we do it with due diligence to meet the requirements.” He stated.
  • The company acquires most of its business through Word-of-Mouth by their existing clients. The company firmly believes in setting up its customers for massive success, which in turn helps them gain more recognition and business.

Mr. Ramesh’s Vision For lessburn

  • The company plans to make lessburn a ‘Premier Digital Marketing Partner” in India and also emerge as the “Backbone of the Data Industry” in terms of providing Business Information services. The company wishes to develop as a comprehensive data hub that fulfils every organization/entrepreneur’s data needs.
  • “We want to provide start-ups that have a good idea with maximum support; We want to provide SMEs with cost-effective market research & amp; Digital Marketing solutions; We want to reach the fortune companies to every nook and corner of the country!” stated Mr. Ramesh.
  • Also, amidst the global pandemic situation, lessburn has emerged with new ideas and services in place. These include offering employment engagement plans like virtual training sessions to motivate employees, recognition, awards.
  • The company also plans on growing into a multi-million-dollar company. “We have recently moved to a new office location with a dedicated 4 storey building for lessburn, where we hope we will expand into a team of 240+ members. Innovations regarding our business operations – there is always something cooking. But for now, we are going to hustle hard as always and enjoy the fruits of our talent. We are in that phase – a phase of consistency!” he added.

Mr. Ramesh’s Message to Young Entrepreneurs

  • Taking inspiration from some of the most impactful visionaries/billionaires of our times, Mr. Ramesh has some golden nuggets for young entrepreneurs seeking to make it big in their industry. He says, “‘Leadership doesn’t have a secret formula; all true leaders go about things in their own way’. These words echo in my mind very often to lead my professional life to my fullest efficiency. Treating your workforce in a way that they don’t leave your firm. Having found my true ability to bring out the most from my assets A.K.A my team lessburn, his words made a real impact in my business to lead a team in a positive environment. Also, I admire to live a simple life inspired by Warren Buffet. His “Set it, forget it” ethos stems to idealize the right strategies for any business to play a long game! Never Back off from what you have started. There might be hustles, struggles in the pathway to success but the only motto should be reaching the destination irrespective of the unplanned and uninvited situations. Keep Going!”

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