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Lemma a pioneer in programmatic digital out of home came into being in 2017. Programmatic digital out of home is a novel space with Lemma being the first and the sole player in the APAC region. Gulab Patil (CEO and Founder at Lemma) along with the three co-founders namely-SharadGadsing, MayureshPhadke and Aditya Kulkarni,are spearheading the revolution in the OOH realm with Lemma.
Gulab Patil Founder and CEO Lemma, the brain child behind this revolutionary idea, decided to use his extensive knowledge & expertise in the AdTech space to build a platform that connects digital signage to mainstream digital media ecosystem. With Humble beginnings in India with a team size of 35 people the office has expanded its operations in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, US, Middle East , Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore.

What Problem are we solving?

We are a team of programmatic experts building solutions that are changing the way in which the OOH industry functions. Every team member is an active contributor, making Lemma the ultimate solution that brings in transparency, automation, digital connect , measurement and data-driven ad serving in out of home, a missing link in the current times.

The work culture at Lemma

A small and well-coordinated team best describes us. Every team member is equally invested in the growth of the company & their actions prove the eagerness to make Lemma a global name. As a company we celebrate all achievements big or small, as we ensure that the entire team is made aware of the contribution made by individuals in closing deals, winning awards, on boarding new screen owners, leading new partnerships or simply resolving problems in record time.
Additionally the management is very encouraging when it comes to participating in awards for individual recognition for the work done. Recently itself we had two of our employees nominated for 40 under 40 and superwoman 2020. We provide all support needed to ensure that our teams work in recognized both within and outside the organization.
Our team works remotely from various parts and we ensure we meet at the start of every quarter at our head office in Pune. A two day interactive session is conducted ensuring team members get to know each other and build relations. In the current times however, this has come to a halt so in this scenario we make use of video calling as an alternative to stay in touch.
Team lunch, casual catch ups, celebrations are all a part of how we function at Lemma. Nothing out of the ordinary, except an extraordinary team.

How the team tackles the challenges?

Lemma encourages individuals to have discussions across teams to come up with solutions through individuals experiences in different aspects.
Depending on the task at hand the brainstorming sessions are organized and the each individual member can suggest possible solution to effectively tackle the challenge at hand. These conversations aren’t limited to mere team leaders but we have an inclusive discussion where member at all levels are comfortable providing ideas to overcome tough situations.

Big Wins of Lemma

Lemma has won several accolades in the last year and a half. Some of the prominent wins include Codestudio winner for Best Technology provider for Programmatic advertising services followed by our win at Techtors under the Media tech category. A very recent win was at Foxgloves awards for the Asian Paints campaign wherein team Lemma bagged in a bronze.
Our CEO has won several individual recognitions as well the most recent being 40 under 40 at NEONS 2020 and Most influential individual in the OOH ad space.

The Future Goals

Lemma as an organization believes that as the company progresses the benefits of the progress should be shared by all and not limited to a few. In this respect the company has something planned for everyemployee associated with us. As we grow across countries we intent to build in-market teams as well to strengthen our local presence. We’ve begun this in Philippines and soon would brand out in other regions well

Words that describe our team

Dynamic , Young, vibrant , experimental trailer blazers ,

What Makes Lemma the best places to work?

The welcoming and inclusive nature at all levels and the fact that the team is made of individuals from various backgrounds with vast experiences makes it one of the best work culture experiences there is. Every opinion, every employee is a crucial part of our organizational structure and we value their presence & constant dedication towards work.
Quotes from Lemma’s employees witnesses its great work culture and friendly environment

Quoting the employees at Lemma

  • “Lemma is an organization that is so unique that it enhances our knowledge and experience with it’s one of kind product offering. The people and the management here are exceptionally supportive making the work fun and enjoyable while also setting new benchmarks both in the digital and the out of home industry.”
  • “As my first job this organization is a great boost to my work experience. Even with minimum experience I am included in many of the discussions & given an opportunity to even share and suggest my thoughts. The comfort level created and the openness to accepting newer thoughts and suggestion is what sets this apart. I couldn’t have asked for a better first time work experience.”
    A Similar sentiment shared by every team member.

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