Lean Hippo Marketers: Grabbing The Spot of “The Most Innovative Digital Agency 2023”

The Most Innovative Digital Agency 2023

Lean Hippo Marketers

“The true dynamism of digital marketing resonates with the art of connecting via authentic stories and experiences.”

Justifying the words mentioned above is a company that has weaved remarkable excellence in the digital marketing industry. Lean Hippo Marketers is a data-informed and content-driven online marketing agency. The agency has more than a decade of experience in leveraging Social Media, Search Engines, and the Web to bring dynamic results for the business goals of its clients. The prolific team of Lean Hippo comprises a new age of enthusiastic marketers, engineers, creative designers, and storytellers. The platform is the hotspot where innovation meets creativity and drives substantial results.

Lean Hippo Marketers’ expertise predominantly resides in generating digital marketing solutions that bring strong revenue numbers. The sole target of the dart is to continue serving businesses with astute service assistance to all the clients and maximize their profits. The company also boasts a frolic, energetic and supportive work environment to ensure the overall well-being of its employees.

With that being the impetus for today, our editorial team arranged a virtual interaction with the serial entrepreneur, Mr. Abhinav Singla – Founder and CEO of Lean Hippo Marketers. It was a surreal opportunity to have the dignitary on board with us. He spilled many lesser-known nuggets about his firm and also unveiled secret mantras behind the company’s excellence. Join us as we feature Lean Hippo Marketers as “The Most Innovative Digital Agency 2023” on our platform.

Basking Opulence With Persistence

Having a strong and eye-catching digital presence has become an absolute necessity for businesses. Hence organizations are in a constant fetch for inventive digital marketing solutions that resonate with their mission and vision comprehensively. Lean Hippo Marketers has established a benchmark of perfection when it comes to curating digital marketing solutions that create and retain a strong online presence.

The company’s notion, “We believe in the leanest utilization of resources to deliver hippo-size results”, truly exhibits the vibes of a customer-centric ideology. The team at Lean Hippo Marketers thoroughly understands the diverse needs, budgets, and future goals of their clients and provides future-secure branding strategies.

Lean Hippo Marketers ventured into the digital marketing industry when only a few knew its gigantic potential. The industry was still sprucing up and brands were slowly getting adaptable to it. LHM carved a niche by committing itself to onboard its clients on grounds of integrity and commitment. The agenda was to handhold its clients and make them completely aware of the brewing potential of modern-age marketing.

Apart from India, the brand has spread its footprints to countries like the US, Canada, Switzerland, and Australia. The Founder and CEO quoted, “Each day is a new hustle for us! Our core call is to strive hard and deliver beyond what we promise.”

The Beginning

It was in 2012 when the high-spirit entrepreneur Mr. Abhinav Singla realized that businesses need to become brands to continue progressing by leaps and bounds. He also knew that without the support of a gilt-edge marketing model that fuels its energy from the expectations of the consumers, brands can’t stay relevant in the long run. Compiling his previous experiences as an entrepreneur, and marketer and an exemplary vision for changing the paradigms of the digital marketing industry, he laid the foundation of Lean Hippo Marketers.

Today the agency delivers services around Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Performance Marketing, Amazon Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web & Mobile Development, Creative Design, Video Production, and Influencer Marketing amongst others. The clientele includes tycoons like Carlsberg, FORMICA, Dalmia Group, Indiabulls Group, Osmosis Beauty, RP Sanjeev Goenka Group, and NCB, to name a few.

Turning the Tables with Technology

By leveraging various domains of Digital Marketing, businesses are now implementing efficacious and sophisticated marketing campaigns. Digital Marketing is swiftly mixing with technology to analyze customer behavior more accurately and expand business around it. For example, by amalgamating Digital Marketing and Data Mining & AI Tools Lean Hippo is getting an upper hand at campaign delivery, conversion and content.

Lean Hippo is always on the front foot to adapt to the latest technological advancements like the ones highlighted above. The agency creates solutions with an exclusive bandwidth of 8-9 proprietary tools to leverage technologies and return the maximum profits for their client’s investment. Their tech-driven work ideation has shorn off all the bars of being formulaic and old school!

Lean Hippo Marketers: Grabbing The Spot Of “The Most Innovative Digital Agency 2023”
Team – Lean Hippo Marketers

Ideology Creating the Difference

A prominent reason why LHM has become the ultimate preference of the brands is because of its early adaptations to technology & trends and deep understanding of not only digital marketing but classic marketing. LHM acknowledges that today brands expect a lot when it comes to being digitally prominent because the marketing industry has witnessed a whole heap of drastic changes in the last decade. Brands today want the trendiest content and modernized interfaces. These demands have become LHM’s driving force to evolve as a broad-spectrum and versatile marketing agency.

Mapping Milestones

Coming to the accolades, Lean Hippo Marketers has been awarded several notable titles for its services and contribution.

  • To begin with, Lean Hippo has been gracefully placed under the vertical of “Top 10 Digital Marketers in India” by The Business Connect Magazine.
  • The brand has also been featured as the “Best Boutique Digital Agency 2022”

Mr. Abhinav Singla said, “Innovation means polishing your creative ability. The right innovative techniques can give you a competitive lead in expanding a business. With every client we collaborate with, we learn about a new industry. Because of this, our team has gained valuable experience across different industries. For me, this is one of the most admirable aspects of entrepreneurship where we get to experience new things every day! ”

Expansion Binge & Journey Ahead

To wrap up the read with an essence of foresightedness, Mr. Abhinav Singla asserted, “We want to be at the forefront of technological innovation and adaptation in the fast-moving world of digital marketing, serving the best interests of all our stakeholders. We are in the process of setting up new offices in Gurgaon and Bangalore. We want to continue our journey of building a solid online knowledge bank that empowers our clients and non-clients alike to leverage the powers of digital marketing to the advantage of their business interests.”





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