The business world is immersing deeper in culminating stronger grounds of their internet presence. Companies today are leveraging digital marketing for understanding the purchasing behaviour of consumers and grow their businesses alongside. With a steady acceleration being witnessed in the demand for digital marketing across the globe, Leadmagnet becomes the legitimate solution satiating the hunger for attractive branding and strategic digital marketing services. Founded in the year 2018 by the esteemed entrepreneur, Dr. Joginder Singh Bedi, Leadmagnet is moving ahead continuously on the aisle of creating accurate marketing strategies and services for businesses to witness growth like never before. We had the opportunity to interact with Dr. Bedi and know thoroughly about his company.

Story of the Company’s Inception

A petite flair for inspiration is enough to begin the journey of creating excellence. The driving force behind the company’s inception came from the realization that many times connecting with people at a distance becomes a cumbersome task. Dr. Bedi shares that back then, the amount of productive time and energy that goes in manually connecting with people was and is quite unreasonable to date. So he started surfing the Internet and performed many tests and trials to find solutions that help businesses connect with people without any hurdles. With his constant efforts put to work, he started garnering clients and built diligent connections, and years later he landed up laying the foundation of Leadmagnet Pvt. Ltd.

Encountering Obstacles during the Beginning Chapters

Talking about the initial challenges faced by the company, the foremost challenge was the lack of awareness about the potential of digital marketing. Back then, businesses were slowly learning about it while many of them were skeptical of experimenting with their models with digital marketing. The next prominent hurdle was the shortage of skilled professionals in the field. Not many people were skilled enough to be aware of digital marketing’s depth and capability to transform businesses. This made the process of building the resilient foundation of the team laborious and time absorbing.

The Audit of the Clientele Served

As discussed above, Leadmagnet is a proficient digital marketing platform and agency which hold indomitable expertise in primary services like-

  • Strategy planning
  • Content creation
  • Video creation
  • Graphic Designing
  • Web Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • SEO and ORM Solutions

The reason for the company’s growing acknowledgement is its adaptability and sound knowledge of the aforesaid domains. They further commit to delivering services on time without any delays whatsoever. The quality of services offered by the company is top-notch. While other agencies are charging aggressive prices for the services, Leadmagnet furnishes cost-effective packages curated by their professional team members.
When a consumer perceives their brand, authenticity, quality and creative concepts conquer their minds and becomes the stark feature right at the moment.

Characterizing the Pointers of Illustrating Market Trust

Leadmagnet’s ardent commitment to serving the best of best to their clients and implementing result-oriented plans makes them unique. The company focuses on bringing modernistic social media trends and redefining the portfolio of its clients. The well-equipped research team and streamlined vision of working with dedication stamps their mark in the industry. With years of assiduous discipline and blueprinting with brewing industry trends, Leadmagnet has come a long way. They believe in customizing and executing work schedules and adhering to them has firmed their position in the market. They always have a vision of delivering client satisfactory results and the team of Leadmagnet ensures that every client is heard with the utmost attention. They connect with the clients to discuss fabricating perfectly built solutions and provide all the necessary guidance to make every project successful. A customer is a quintessential part of their corporate family and serving them with whole transparency is their algorithm of achieving unprecedented success.

Cementing the Alliances with Clients

The company surely shares a promising bond with its clients. The concerned authorities and designate people of their organization personally connect with the clients twice or thrice a week. They either conduct physical meet-ups or virtual meetings to know about the additions and whereabouts of the projects. The clients are captivated by the company’s analytics-driven ideology which helps not only to bring high-quality leads but also enhances the online as well as the offline presence of their client’s products.

Setting Goals for Future

As for now, Leadmagnet is operating in Ludhiana and Mohali and is also dynamically spreading its charm to countries like Dubai and Canada. They are profoundly looking forward to strengthening the roots of their worldwide presence. Within the next few years, the company wishes to build a platform for creators, influencers, and brands that act as a fruitful marketplace for them to promote products. The field of digital marketing is continuously hungry for new technologies and the company is brewing its focus on Metaverse.

Heartfelt Words of Wisdom for Prime Insights Readers

The Director of Leadmagnet, Dr. Bedi on behalf of the entire team gives some precious words of wisdom for all the budding entrepreneurs. He conveys that streamling your focus, passion and interests will become the strongest pillars of your journey and make it rewarding in the longer run.





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