Kenbox Technologies: Simplifying Decision-Making Via Ingenious HR Tech Solutions

Kenbox Technologies

Over the course of the last decade, there has been a noteworthy rise in companies that’ve spurred massive tech reforms.  A foremost focus of these companies has been on ideating avant-garde concepts, which’ve optimized and streamlined many tedious processes in their industry.

On the HR Tech front, this evolution has been especially remarkable with the surge of new visionary brands. Some of them have not only innovated novel technologies, but in the process, also redefined the dynamics of their industry.

Kenbox Technologies is one such ingenious brand that has ushered powerful changes through its HR Tech solutions. As said by its Chief Executive Officer, Rajesh Tripathi, ‘Kenbox is redefining HR with its soulful digitalisation’. Established in March 2020, the company has already garnered umpteen business and industrial milestones in a relatively short time period.

Kenbox’s success thus far has been the culmination of several defining factors, which we’ll be elucidating for the benefit of our entrepreneur readers.

The Vision Behind Kenbox

Like any leading company, Kenbox Technologies was founded with a staunch vision for making a palpable market reform through innovation.

Despite there being many players in the market, many HR challenges have still not been addressed so far. Kenbox holds the ultimate aim to resolve all those challenges within HR, and further, ‘Simplify Decision-Making’ through innovative solutions.

These solutions are characterized by a level of versatility & comprehensiveness that’s unprecedented in the industry.

The Versatile Solutions of Kenbox

As an illustrious HR Tech company, Kenbox is redefining the scope of HR software at large.

In line with its vision, the company has introduced a new software vertical with the name BES, i.e., Business Enhancement System. Under BES, the company is offering almost all new and those solutions which are capable of adding direct value to twin objectives of a business: Profitability & Growth.

Kenbox is the first company providing the largest Learning & Development System, having eight different modules under this segment. Additionally, it provides the Learning Management System (LMS). Put together, LDS & LMS make the platform most comprehensive & extensive in nature.

The company’s HRMS itself has been strengthened with many new unheard solutions, covering most of the HR processes & systems.

Kindling Trust Through a Holistic Approach

Since day one, Kenbox has tirelessly persisted in solving problems via an ingenious & all-encompassing approach. This can be well-corroborated by the fact that it has so far received three patents/copyright, and couple of more are in pipeline.

The company’s point of focus has consistently been on offering breakthrough solutions, which no other provider is giving in the market. Even its basic solutions that’re considered as core, are full of new features, enabling much broader scope of functioning to HR.

For example, Employee Database which is the basis of all other HR modules, has been embedded with many new features & dimensions, making it a full-fledged module solving many small to big HR challenges. Likewise, leave & attendance management have been given a different shape.

Trust can be conspicuously seen in Kenbox’s growth trajectory thus far, as MNCs and Large Indian Companies have put their confidence in its solutions and decided to go with it over many established brands.

Kenbox’s Marketing Initiatives

As opposed to purely promotional tactics, Kenbox adopts a very value-centric approach on the marketing front. The company believes in letting its products speak for themselves. Its customers – to which it refers as ‘Patrons’ – helps with this in a large way.

To keep pace with market trends, however, the company is leveraging all new-age ways & means of marketing to reach to potential customers in India and selected few international markets. In the coming days, various social media platforms will also be used extensively for this,

Kenbox is furthermore constructively using other conventional means to penetrate the market, both nationally and globally.

Shaping a Robust Growth Trajectory

Going forward, the company has some ambitious plans for expansion that it’ll fructify in an orderly, strategic manner.

The company has already revealed all three business verticals, namely HRMS, LDS & LMS, and also BES which is the new vertical. This year, the market will see newer products getting rolled out every quarter, mainly under HRMS & BES. The LDS & LMS is already introduced in the market.

Most of these new products will be patented products, by far the most innovative and unique in nature.

As part of its two-pronged agenda, the company will not only roll out unique products every quarter but also reach out to potential customers as quickly as possible, roping in all possible marketing means.

The company’s team is certain that it’ll be an unequivocal leader in its market segment next year.


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