KALON AGRO INDUSTRIES PVT LTD: Transforming the way the world Views Wellness Products

Our health is the greatest wealth we will ever possess. Despite our sincere efforts to eat right, we often fail to meet our nutritional requirements. This is mainly because the majority of food items we purchase are adulterated or loaded with sugar & preservatives.
Another glaring issue in the market is the misconception that high quality foods are expensive. This compels people to settle for less-than-average food items. There are, however, a few brands in the market that do sell quality food products at affordable rates.
One such brand is Kalon Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd, an upcoming wellness products manufacturer. Kalon offers a range of all-natural foods & beverages and beauty products, made with great care and good intentions. A trailblazer in its industry, it is one of the initial brands in India that emphasized the holistic well-being of its customers.
Kalon Agro’s cordon bleu products have earned it a spot in our list of “Brands to Watch Out for in 2021”. This article will further elaborate on the company’s brand values and success journey thus far.

The Company’s Nature-Centric Products

Being an immovable proponent of natural lifestyle, Kalon Agro ensures that it only offers all natural products with ingredients from ideal geographical sources. It specializes in the following:

All Natural Honey Products: These include Monofloral Pure Honey, Jams made with honey instead of sugar, etc.

Turmeric Products: Products like Organic Turmeric, Turmeric Herbal Teas, etc.

Supplements: All natural, plant-based Vitamin D2, micronutrients, etc.

Personal Products: Products like bees wax lip balm, honey lip scrub, honey body scrub, honey and wax body butters, honey bathing bars, bathing salts etc.
In addition to the above, Kalon also offers Spa Services at various Wellness destinations in its next phase.

The Brand’s Inception & Success Story

Kalon Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd was established in 2016. The idea was to promote their tagline “Wellness, Inspired by Nature” through superior quality products and services. The founders of Kalon also wanted to convey the idea of balance between inner and outer health. Their main agenda was to offer natural products that caused holistic and deep healing.
Being a niche company in the Food & Beverages vertical, Kalon faced numerous challenges initially. As the brand believed in offering only all natural products with no added preservatives or sugar, it had to endure many obstacles. “Most of our preoperative phase went in developing all natural products with a good shelf-life. All of this was done whilst maintaining international standards,” recollects Bharat Ashok Pandit, Founder & Director of Kalon Agro.
By and by, the company fought against all odds and made its mark in the industry.
Fast-forward to 2021, Kalon is one of the most sought-after all natural food & beverages brand in the market. This success can be largely attributed to the efforts of the directors – Vidya Herur Pandit, Bharat Ashok Pandit, and Elvis Gomes.
The relentless efforts of the Kalon core team, as well as their ability to stay mindful of the company’s core values, was a truly commendable feat in their journey.


What Makes Kalon Agro So Unique?

Trust, Transparency, and Accountability, these are the three main pillars of Kalon.
Trust: By offering only superior quality products, the brand aims earning the trust of its customers.

Transparency: Being transparent about the ingredients of each product so that the customer knows what they are paying for.

Accountability: Taking full accountability for all parameters that govern the functioning of the brand.
These three pillars make the brand more alike to nature herself, who is “Inventive, counter-intuitive, and insightful,” allegorizes Bharat.
Furthermore, Kalon is also characterized by it’s Good intentions, relevance, and differentiating factors. These qualities have been largely responsible for helping the company stand out from its competitors.

The Brand’s Approach to Customer Wellness
Bharat likes to describe Kalon’s customers as “Nature’s finest creations, and seekers of a spiritual sense in food.”
Kalon also believes in the ancient saying “Anna Hey Purnabramha” which translates to “Food is next to God”. This belief is what drives the brand to offer wellness products with utmost sincerity and respect.
In line with the brand’s wellness philosophy, it has envisioned a great diversification of products in holistic health. These would encompass a broader range of health needs from customers.

Shareholder Commitment
We owe our “Existence’ to our shareholders. Our Progress towards the implementation of the Vision is a result of Their Trust, Customer centricity, focus on understanding the evolving consumer needs and development of market relevant products

Kalon’s Plan for the Future

Kalon’s rapidly growing business has spurred several ambitious plans. For now, the company has introduced a new line of products, i.e, The Personal Products Range. It includes numerous all natural bees wax and honey infused products like body butters, body scrubs, lip balm, lip scrub, bathing bars, bathing salts etc.
For the future, the brand is focused on expanding all of its various verticles, namely:

  • Kalon’s Global/ cross border launch of its wellness products.
  • Kalon’s Plant based supplements like Vitamin D2 and micronutrients.
  • Kalon’s range of personal products like Honey and bees waxe infused grooming products.
  • Wellness through Kalon’s Spa & Wellness destinations.

In addition to the aforesaid, the brand is also striving to ruminate on new and more innovative ideas.

A Message to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Mother nature is undoubtedly rich in wisdom. Bharat, comes from a background of holding senior management positions in the corporate world in the past as Vice president & Director, Reliance companies and Senior Vice President, Business intelligence & Strategy, Tata Sky Ltd. He also is an ardent farmer and very well values the learnings from Nature, hence he not only centers his brand philosophy but entire life around natural values. Here’s his insightful message for our readers:
“There cannot be a better advise from anyone but NATURE herself. Work in sync with Nature, As Albert Einstein quotes, ‘Look deep into Nature and then you will understand everything better’. We are very privileged to be born as humans with all attributes necessary to be happy. This is the gift of Nature to us. Focus on understanding the evolving consumer needs and develop products to fulfil them better. Being aware is the secret to all things one seeks. In the end it is Happiness that everyone seeks.”






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