Judith Faulkner – The woman behind the self-made healthcare software company, Epic Systems.

Judith Faulkner

Judith Faulkner – The woman behind the self-made healthcare software company, Epic Systems.

  • An American billionaire and the CEO and founder of the Epic Systems which is a healthcare software company in Wisconsin, Judith R. Faulkner is often known to the world as the “the most powerful woman in healthcare”.
  • Epic Systems was initially named as Human Services Computing. Judith is the third wealthiest self-made woman with a current net worth of US $3.8 billion. Faulkner was born in August 1943 in the USA. Her father was a pharmacist and her mother was the director of Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility.
  • Judith was raised in the Erlton neighborhood of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. She graduated from Moorestown Friends School in 1961. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Dickinson College, she completed her masters in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Shortly after her masters, along with Dr Greist, Faulkner co-founded Human Services Computing in 1979. This company later came to be known as Epic Systems that began in a basement at 22 University Avenue in Madison. Around an investment of $70,000 from close ones, Judith started the company but never took investments from any private equity or venture capital. Epic Systems is pride in Faulkner’s life as the company’s fully homegrown. This company has never acquired any other company.
  • With a medical record of 200 million people in Epic Systems, Faulkner and her family hold 43% shares of it. In 2018, Faulkner was recorded in Forbes’, America’s Top 50 Women in Tech. Today, Epic Systems, a privately held healthcare industry owns around $1.5 billion. Judith’s top customers are from renowned medical centres such as Cleveland Clinic, John’s Hopkins and Geisinger Health Systems. The company has got enormous influence from other top medical healthcare industries of the world. Almost half the US population have their medical information stored in the digital record of Epic Systems after the hospitals finish installing them. Epic remained in Madison with its main office and 5 satellite sites till 2005, after which it was shifted to Verona.
  • Other than the headquarters at Verona, Epic has its offices in Dubai, Singapore, The Netherlands and Copenhagen.  Around 800 people are working under Judith employed in various jobs such as Project, software developers and technical problem solvers and user-experience designers.
  •  Judith has also launched the Epic Heritage Foundation, a charitable foundation where the stocks of Ms Faulkner goes into. Epic’s gross revenue has increased to $1.77 billion by 2014. Forbes has recently ranked Judith as her no. 6 on its “America’s Self-Made woman.”
  • Ms Faulker has recently also signed the petition of the single “The Giving Pledge”, an initiative started by Warren Buffet a bill and Melinda Gates. The pledge is a message to all the wealthiest people Utah there to donate the majority of their wealth to phalanx therapy. As a result, Miss Faulkner has unbelievingly pledged to donate 99% of her assets.
  • Epic KR, EMR plat from consistently receives top marks from Klass research and was named the best overall physician practice vendor in 2014.

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