Jen-Hsun Huang – The Prime Sculptor behind the Renowned Graphics Software; Nvidia

Jen-Hsun Huang ,Nvidia
Jen-Hsun Huang – The Prime Sculptor behind the Renowned Graphics Software; Nvidia
  • A person in the world who has never been afraid of failures and has always believed that it is okay to fail to reach your goals is Jen-Hsun Huang. To the world, along with being an American entrepreneur and a businessman, he is also the CEO and co-founder of the graphics-processor company, Nvidia.
  • Huang is an all-rounder in every sphere of life. Born on 17 February 1963, in Taiwan, he lived with his relatives in the US for around 10 years. He did his schooling from the Baptist School, a school for troubled students. His high school education was later completed after reuniting with his parents back in Oregon from the Aloha High School, outside Portland. He then received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Oregon State University in 1984. Six years later, he completed his master’s from Stanford University.
  • His work life began at LSI Logic as the Director of the company. He was also the micro-processor designer of the Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Knowing that the world of computers and gaming is based on the platform of graphics, he always knew that most of the revenue can be generated from this field.
  • It was then in April 1993, he founded Nvidia along with his two partners Chris Malachowsky and Curtis Priem. Nvidia was a semi-conductor and software developer company with a capital of $40,000.
  • Huang was made the company’s CEO and Curtis Priem was the Chief Technical Officer. The Senior Vice-President for Engineering and Operations was Chris Malachowsky. Nvidia deals mainly in four sectors such as professional visualization, gaming, auto and data centres. It’s another division works for Artificial Intelligence. The company’s $20 million funds were received from Sequoia Capital.
  • In 2018, a record of an increase of 40.6% in the company’s revenue was observed with a net income of US $3.047 billion. Huang deliberately donated $30 million to build the Jen-Hsun Huang School of Engineering.
  • In 1999, he was made the Entrepreneur of the Year in High Technology by Ernst & Young. He was also awarded the prestigious Dr Morris Chang Exemplary Leadership Award in 2003. Again in 2009, he got an honorary doctorate from Oregon State University, presently he stands among the world’s top 50 influencers according to Edge 50.
  • Nvidia was such a magical creation that evoked a new window for game developers and graphic designers. The ICs it creates, keeping only one goal in mind that is to make the games more realistic like movies.
  • Under Huang’s leadership, Nvidia’s chips have successfully made animated movies like Avatar and Tintin. From 2016 there was a 40% surge in Nvidia’s stock that has pushed Huang’s net worth upto $2.3 billion and still counting. His mind-blowing achievement in designing cutting-edge graphics for PCs has boosted the gaming market into the flourishing Artificial Intelligence field. For instance, Tesla announced its self-driving cars will work with the accelerators produced by Nvidia which will make it more versatile.

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