Jeff Bezos – The Architect of Amazon

Jeff Bezos – The Architect of Amazon

  • Today, the name Amazon is much familiar across the globe. Nearly 90% of the world’s population has made some online purchase from Amazon. This beautiful online shopping website that comes with a variety of customer satisfaction products was built by none other than Jeff Bezos, the mastermind behind it. He is the Founder and CEO of this platform and known to us as the third richest person in this world with a net worth of $66.7 billion. But, the road to success has not been that colorful.
  • Bezos is a native of Mexico. When he was 4 years old, he developed a strange interest in computer science. He got offers from Intel and Bell Labs, after completing his graduation but he denied them all. Around 30, he was already enjoying a 6 figure salary due to his profound knowledge about computers.
  • Perhaps, he had some other plans. He slowly started to realize that each day the world is developing because of internet surfing, so, resigning from his job at the age of 30 from DE Shaw & Company, he decided to start his startup.
  • He wanted to build a quality organization on the base of character strength, single-minded focus and something that could give him the highest consumer experience across the world. That’s when he started his own company, Amazon on 5th July 1994.
  • The key focus of Amazon was never to be competitive but to help consumers and build trust in them. Bezos decided to coin the name “” after looking through the words with A in the dictionary. But then he chose this as he liked the resemblance between the world’s largest shopping website and the planet’s one of the longest rivers.
  • On July 1995, after launching the website, Jeff told his users to ring a bell every time Amazon made a sell, but the bell did not stay for long as the sales burst around 50 states and 45 foreign countries in a month by September of the same year. The sales sprang up to $20,000 almost every week.
  • It was Jeff’s idea to create a 1-Click ordering process to ease the use of Amazon in the late 90s. The system was made top preload customers’ credit card information, their shipping address etc. On 20th September 1999, a 19-page application entitled Method and System for Placing a Purchase Order Via a Communications Network was approved and this 1-Click system was officially trademarked to, Inc. In the next year, Amazon licensed the patent to Apple Inc. to eradicate their new competitor
  • Clothing sales to the product line of Amazon was added in October 2002 and A9, a commercial search engine was launched that highlighted on eCommerce sites. Around that same time, several online sporting goods opened of about 3000 different brands.
  • In 2007, Amazon Kindle and Amazon Prime were launched. Amazon Kindle contained a series of ebooks whereas Amazon Prime offered consumers with free same-date-shipping. Thus, Jeff’s determination paved its way to build Amazon, the eCommerce giant it is today.



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